Until Crickets Guide You Back

Summary: When Claire is kidnapped, partners Peter and Sylar have to put aside their rivalry to rescue her. AU Post-Homecoming.

Rated: M for violence and sexuality in later chapters.

Pairings: Sylar/Claire/Peter and all of the various combinations of the three.

Spoilers: AU POST-HOMECOMING. Neither Claire, Peter or Sylar are related to each other. This story has a bit of an experimental timeline and large parts of it are told in flashbacks.

Mega thanks to my beta Akuneko42, and to Maddie for convincing me to finally post this.


New York City, Five Years Earlier

Only if you were extra careful with your due diligence would you notice that two of the men searching through the wreckage of New York City did not belong. They blended in perfectly with their heavy hazmat suits that covered their faces and obscured any distinction in their movements. They both clutched non-government issue nuclear readers in their hands. The meters, while reading at a much higher level than was safe, hadn't significantly spiked since they walked farther away from the twisted and melted metal statue that used to mark the center of Kirby Plaza. Together they dug through the fallen beams and pieces of buildings that once surrounded the vibrant plaza. The others were looking for survivors; they were looking for one in particular.

"The damage wasn't as bad as we had predicted," The slightly shorter man said. His foreign accented voice could barely be heard through their protective gear, but it was too dangerous to have this conversation any louder.

"INES is classifying it as a Level 5 disaster. Thousands of people have died and who knows how many more will be effected by the radiation exposure. I'd say the damage was severe enough."

"But it could have been worse." .07 percent of the world's population lived in New York City; the thought weighed heavy on both of their minds. A more powerful man could have made a crater out of the city that was still mostly standing.

They continued to search in silence, not wanting to draw any more attention to their presence. Around them, the only sounds that could be heard were the crunch of heavy footsteps. Not even cries from the few heavy wounded survivors broke the lull.

The first man pealed back a few panels of metal sheeting to reveal an unnaturally clean pocket in all the damage. "I found him."

The second man came over to verify, albeit slowly. The barely alive man did not stir as they both lifted him out. "Sure we can't leave him here?" His entire body was covered in third degree burns and a latticework of cuts and bruises that were nearly indistinguishable from each other. The worst of the injuries were on his out-stretched left hand. Both of the men had to smirk at that; it served the goddamned cockroach of a man right.

The first man sighed. He shared his partner's preoccupation, not that it mattered any. "Orders are orders. You know how Bishop gets when they aren't followed." The two of them packed the man in an empty body bag. It would be much easier to get a dead body away from the scene unnoticed than it would to get a live one. They carried the bag between them back to the awaiting van without any hassle. "Besides we'll need him on our side. If the paintings are true..."

"We've prevented what those paintings had prophesied before." They were standing right in the middle of the best example of that.

"And we'll do it again...with his help." They loaded him into the back of the van and climbed in after him. As soon as they closed the door, the van sped out of the rescue center toward the one remaining bridge out of the city. They quickly merged with the masses being evacuated from the city in a traffic mess that was worse than the GW had ever been before. It seemed like they weren't the only ones in a rush to get far away from this godforsaken place.

The taller man unzipped the body bag and got rid of it, while his partner started the most basic of first aid. It wouldn't do for the man Bishop swore was their only hope to die. The driver, a former police officer and one of the newer Company recruits, looked over his shoulder when he caught the shocking extent of the man's injuries in the rear view mirror.

"I still have no idea how Bishop is planning on rehabilitating him." The taller man brought up. He reached up and wiped a speck of debris off his horn-rimmed glasses in complete disinterest.

"I'd be more worried about how we're going to heal him." The driver said. He was still looking at the wounded body with wide eyes, as if all his years on the force, he'd never seen anyone hurt this bad.

"That part is easy." His almost silent partner added, and then tipped his head toward the first man. "His daughter is coming home today."

"Adam's blood will work equally as well." There was a threatening tone in his voice that made his partner back off. "I don't want this monster anywhere near my daughter."

Their driver, however, was not quite smart enough to heed the warning. "We could use her help as well."

"Absolutely not. Claire stays out of this. That was our agreement."

Next time on UCGYB: Someone almost dies, Bennet brings home a visitor, and Sylar bastardizes a popular series of children's books.

Gratuitous Author's Note: Ok, so I know I don't have the best track record with…umm…sticking with things (otherwise this would have been posted last year when I started the story, *hides in the corner*), BUT I will finish this. I will finish this. I will finish this.

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