Passion Play: Episode 7 of "If We Had Never Met"

Author's warning: This ep continues in the canon of 'cAtatonic' and probably
does not follow classic SaMK canon. Intended for a Christian audience.
Ya know it's AU.

Disclaimer: Scarecrow and Mrs. King belong to Shoot the Moon Productions
and Warner Brothers and I'm making absolutely no money for this writing
but I am enjoying myself immensely! Ideas were taken from "The Khruschev
List" written by Lee Maddux and also from the Bible written by God.

Act 1: Passion Play
Setting: Several days ago in Jerusalem...

"If I forget thee, O Jerusalem, let my right hand forget her cunning. If I
do not remember thee, let my tongue cleave to the roof of my mouth; if I
prefer not Jerusalem above my chief joy." (Psalms 137:5-6)

Aaron Bergman's eyes wandered off the printed page and out beyond the window
of his study. The flood-lit gilded Dome of the Rock towered over the city in
the distance. He marveled at how the Dome always glimmered like a jewel but
especially so tonight when illuminated against the black velvet sky.

With a sigh, Aaron squeezed his eyes shut and rubbed his temples. His mind
was filled with great concern for his beloved city Jerusalem. There had been
so many innocent people killed recently by merciless suicide bombers.

In an attempt to regain concentration for the task at hand, Aaron moved his
head from side to side and shrugged his shoulders. He was supposed to be
preparing excerpts from the Torah for his family's upcoming Seder meal. As
cantor, he was expected to lead his family in this traditional feast which
celebrated G-d's deliverance of the children of Israel from Pharoh's wrath.

His study however had strayed from the Passover passages in Exodus and
wandered over to the passion filled pages of the Psalmist. Aaron marveled at
the intensity and sincerity of those scriptures. He nodded his head silently,
and whispered to himself and G-d, 'No, we must not forget or forsake
Jerusalem'. If called upon, Aaron would defend his city to the end.

As he pondered the upcoming holiday, Aaron prayed his family would safely
celebrate Pesach this year despite the current tensions. Going to the
marketplace to prepare for Shabbot was trying enough every week. With the
holiday coming so soon he was concerned that there would be more opportunity
for misguided evildoers to kill innocent victims at the crowded marketplace.


Aaron's thoughts were interrupted by what sounded like a distressd animal
howling outside the window of his study. With heart racing, Aaron stood up
from his desk and walked over to close the open window. The balmy evening
air brushed his face. He stuck his head out the window and strained to
listen. He didn't hear any more moaning.

With a firm shove, he shut the window and silenced any further offending
noise. 'Oy vay!' he muttered. He just couldn't imagine that there were still
wild animals roaming his part of town.

If only he had known that it wasn't the howling of an animal he had heard
echoing in the darkness...


"Pleeease! Please! Doogie!" Sherina screamed as a hooded pro-Taliban fighter
grabbed her by the hair, "Don't let them kill me!"

Doogie Anderson struggled to free himself from the grip of his captors. Two
very large men flanked him on either side. It was hopeless, he was no match
for their strength. They tightened their grip on his arms and howled at his
feeble attempts to free himself. They kicked his legs out from under him and
cheered as he helplessly watched the hooded zealot slap his lover and drag her
off into a darkened alley.

Mosama, the cunning leader of this particular terrorist cell smiled approvingly
at the scene playing out before him. He strode over to face Anderson. The
brutal killer leered into Anderson's eyes and spat out, "Give us who we
want or she's dead!"

Doogie glanced at the Dome in the distance and thought, 'These men abuse
the name of Allah...' A slap to his face quickly brought his attention
back to his attacker. Evil incarnate. That's all Anderson could
think of as he stared into Mosama's black, spiritless eyes. The man before
him showed no mercy, no compassion. Mosama was absolutely heartless.


Anderson's head shot up when he heard Sherina's haunting cry from the alley.
He could hear her captor laugh wickedly as he prepared to shoot her...
execution style.

"Look!" Anderson pleaded with Mosama, "I'll do anything! Anything you want!
Just please, please let her go, she's innocent..."

A ruthless smile spread across Mosama's countenance. He put his face two
inches from Doogie's and hissed, "You *know* who we want. Your archetype."

Doogie nodded and struggled to fight back the dread he felt in betraying
his mentor, "Yes, yes. I'll bring you Harry...Thornton."


Act 2: Palm Sunday
Setting: Dr. McJohn's office at Galilee General


McJohn glanced up briefly at the desk nurse currently on duty. He
looked back down at his report and said "Yes Cathy, what is it?" He really
needed to hurry if he was going to keep his next 'appointment'.

"I need some clarification sir..."

McJohn glanced up again trying not to show his irritation. "Yes?"

"Regarding the Stetson file..." Cathy thought for sure the good doctor had
temporarily lost his mind.

"Okay?" McJohn's limited patience was running thin.

"The last entry states 'Miraculous recovery. There is no scientific rationale
for Mrs. Stetson's recuperation. Her total healing is a miracle.' "

McJohn grinned.

Nurse Cathy continued, "Doctor, I don't think her PPO is going to cover


McJohn nodded his head and smiled as he drove to his next 'appointment'.
Who ever would have thought he would be going where he was going? It felt
good to be keeping this promise though. He hadn't been to church in
a long time...


Jeanie Melrose couldn't stop smiling. Many of her church friends mentioned
that they hadn't seen her this happy since before Billy had gone on to be
with the Lord. How could she not be happy? A very nervous couple sitting
next to her was the cause...

Lee sat next to Jeanie and gulped as he glanced around. He was constantly
assessing his surroundings. He had *never* been in church before and was
a bit apprehensive. Everyone appeared normal from what he could tell. Even
the pastor looked like an ordinary man. Lee was surprised, the pastor's
wife was actually beautiful and seemed intelligent. He had expected church
people to be weak and 'losers'. He had to admit he was pleasantly surprised.

"Are you two doin' okay?" Jeannie leaned over and whispered to her guests.

Lee and Amanda looked at each other before both turning and nodding at Jeanie.

'Liars!' Jeanie thought. She just hoped the usual liberty of Spirit (as in
Holy) experienced at her church wouldn't scare them away.

All three looked up as they heard, "Excuse me, excuse me."

Dr. McJohn made his way down the pew toward Jeanie and nodded a 'hello' to

Lee was glad the doctor sat down next to him. The two men shared an
understanding look.

Amanda smiled while watching the interaction between the two men. Both had
seen many things in their day. 'But nothing like this!' Amanda mused...

"HALLELUJAH!" Jeanie's pastor yelled. "God is so good today! Please stand
up and greet the person next to you!"

Lee stood up and whispered in Amanda's ear, "That diamond cross necklace
really looks great on you."

Amanda lovingly touched the pendant around her neck. She then looked up
into her husband's tender eyes and teased, "Someone very special gave it to

"Boyfriend?" Lee jibed back.

Amanda raised her brow, "Sorry buster, I'm married."

"Lucky man!" Lee teased as Amanda smiled.

Of course Lee had given Amanda the necklace as a gift to honor the One Who
had brought her from death to life. As they sat down, he kissed her brow
and put his arm around her shoulder.

"Please be seated." Pastor Loomis began, "I'd like to introduce our guest
speaker Harry Kukow, a missionary to China. Harry has brought his lovely
wife and their little adopted daughter Lili..."

The service was ready to begin. After awesome praise and worship, Lee
listened intently while Harry Kukow preached his message. Lee had never heard
anything so glorious in all his life.


Pyang! Pweyang!

"How'd I get caught up in this mess?" Harry wondered as his pro-Taliban
captor led him through Palestinian sniper fire. "Anderson's gonna hear from
me! Once I figure a way to get outta here."

Shackles could be so cumbersome!

Christina hurried past the King David Hotel where she and Harry had
checked in only yesterday. She had seen Harry's warning, a red flower pot
placed prominently on the windowsill of their room.

Christina Golitsyn Thornton looked around and made sure no one was following
her. She wondered,'How could the man I married get into trouble already?
Doesn't he know he's well past retired?' She shook her head in frustration
and made her way through the crowd milling along the street. She had to
find a safe place to make a call.

As she meandered through the market, Christina wondered how she would find
Anderson. Doogie Anderson had been their entire reason for traveling to the
Holy Land. He was also the last person to see Harry that morning.

Christina prayed they were both still alive.


Francine rolled her eyes, why was the Jerusalem office calling?

"This is my day off...I don't know how you'll...Listen!...You've got to...
We *can't* spare another man!...What?"

Beamon looked over at his lover and placed a gentle hand on her shoulder.
He knew it had to be serious if Francine was getting a call at home on a

Francine spoke into the receiver, "You've got to be kidding! Scarecrow
hasn't done anything like this for years!...Who?...Did you say Harry
Thornton? Lee will be right there!"

Francine held her breath as she hung up the phone. She hoped she could keep
her word. Now to get a hold of Lee...


Harry sat down on the rocky earth gasping for breath. He hollered at his
captor, "Hey! Buddy! It's a bit difficult to run with these cuffs on...

The rebel snickered as he saw blood start to flow from where he had hit Harry
on the temple with the butt of his gun. The young guerilla said something
in an Arabic dialect Harry did not understand. Harry gave the kid a disgusted
look and hoped Christina was alright. 'Babe, I hope you can find me...'


"You're a beautiful Sa-vior!

A Wonderful Coun-selor!

Clothed in majesty, Lord of history,
You're the Way, the Truth, the Life!"

Amanda turned and smiled as her husband sang at the top of his lungs all
the way home from church.

Lee had never felt so free! So alive! He was so glad they had both answered
the altar call at the end of the service. They both had made a public
declaration of their commitment to their Savior.

"Wow!" Lee said when they finally pulled into their drive.

"Yep!" Amanda had enjoyed the service too. The missionary's testimony
had really made an impression. Harry Kukow had described what it was like
to walk the streets of China. He described how he had felt like a man with
fresh bread piled in his arms walking past the starving people of China.
He longed to give them the Living bread.

Her recollection of the service at Jeanie's church was interrupted when Lee
opened her passenger side door and helped her out of the car. He placed
his hand on the small of her back and led Amanda to the house.

As soon as Amanda opened the front door, Lee swept his wife into his
embrace. "Amanda, this is one of the best days of my life!"

She answered back with a passionate kiss, "Of our life!"

Lee smiled down into his wife's face, "Yes, and I've got a surprise for
you!" Lee had a suspicious twinkle in his eyes.

Amanda raised an eyebrow and tried to stifle a smile, "What?"

Lee kissed Amanda on the forehead and led her to the family room. He was
about to enfold his wife in his arms when he noticed the light blinking
on the answering machine.

He was expecting a call from Harry Kukow. He had caught Harry at the end
of the service and the two men discussed getting together later that day to
dicuss adoption. That was Amanda's surprise.

Lee walked over to play the message.

"Lee, this is Francine. Oh! Hi...Amanda. Anyway! Lee, I need you to call
me at home right away. It's about your mentor, Ha..."

Lee didn't need to hear anymore. He snatched up the phone and dialed Francine's
home number.


"It's Scarecrow."

"Lee! It's about time! Where have you been? Look, you two need to get
over to Ronald Reagan airport ASAP. I have two tickets at the desk waiting
for you."

"What?" Lee shot Amanda a concerned look.

"Lee, I don't have time to explain right now. Harry's gotten entangled in a
some kind of passion play..."


Amanda wondered who 'Harry' was, there was still so much she didn't know
about her husband. All she did know about Harry was that he must be pretty
special for that worried look to plant itself on Lee's face.

Lee looked up at Amanda and brushed her chin with his fingertips as he held
the phone with his other hand up to his ear.

Francine continued, "Lee, I'm sorry you don't have time to pack but I need
you both to catch the 747 leaving in two hours..."

"Francine, where are we going?"