"Derek! Please, please, PLEASE tell mama where we are going?" Penelope dug through her suitcase in a bra and underwear trying to find a dress that wouldn't be too constricting. The last thing she wanted to do was get dressed and leave that comfortable king sized bed she and Derek had been doing plenty of exercises in. She sighed as she felt his arms warp around her and his large strong hand place themselves on her growing stomach, a movement she never thought she would adore prior to her pregnancy.

"Hush, woman and let your man surprise you," he said holding her close. He was addicted to the smell of her hair and the sound of her laugh. Hearing her sigh with such content and love set his heart on fire. Derek looked over her creamy shoulder and nudged toward her turquoise halter dress. "I love that dress on you," he whispered in her ear with a kiss to her neck.

"Oh, Hot Stuff. Im sure I haven't been able to fit into that dress in three weeks!" Penelope laughed.

"That's because you haven't been wearing it right. You see," Derek moved to her side and lifted the dress up to her chest, "now that our monkey is developing, two of my favorite Penelope accessories are growing beyond my viewing pleasure. And this dress does an amazing job of showing off my Baby Girl's delicious curves." He leaned down and took her lips in a deep kiss. He couldn't stop touching her stomach. Feeling the movement of their child within her was turning his world upside down and he had never been happier.

Grabbing the garment from his hand mid kiss, Penelope smiled and put a quick peck to his cheek. "Let me grab some leggings and I'll change."

His eyes followed her as she walked toward the bathroom, a sway in her walk. "Damn woman," he said with a low whistle. When she threw her head back with laughter, he dramatically put a hand to his heart and fell back on the bed.


Penelope was staring out the window taking in the surroundings in outside Derek's Expedition. She felt her heart tug when she glanced at the back seat and saw a car seat already installed. He said nothing but flashed her a wink and a smile. He rubbed small circles on her hand to calm her mind as they drove.

She turned and watched him as he drove. His face was focused on the road and she was able to study his profile. He hadn't shaved that morning so there was a light beard along his cheeks. His lips were kissable as ever. His face looked as if it was chiseled by Michael Angelo himself. In awe, Penelope lifted their joined hands and pressed a kiss to him. "I love you," she whispered. "You know that right, Derek?"

Stunned, Derek gave her a bright smile and kissed their hands. "Yeah, baby. I love you too, Penelope Garcia." He turned his head back toward the road with an even brighter smile on his face.

Penelope gasped when Derek parked in the drive way of a new house. The mail box was titled "The Morgan's" and it had small blue paw prints that belonged to Clooney along the side. The yard was filled with flowers along the fence. Flowers of sun flowers, daisies and roses led the way to the porch. When she looked up the drive way and took in the white house with navy blue trim. "Derek! You didn't?" She got out of the car and started looking at the two story house. The windows were sparkling with a trim unlike anything she had ever seen. The outside lights were encased in iron frames that were very old fashioned.

Derek could only watch as she explored. He chuckled when she turned toward the door and gasped. He knew she had always wanted a vibrant red door. There in their entry way was a solid red door. "Derek!" she screamed as she moved toward the porch. Above the house number was "Welcome to the Morgan's" mounted upon the house.

"Ready to go inside, angel?" he asked.

Nodding frantically with a beaming smile, she couldn't stop touching Derek. She teared up as he unlocked the door. Surprising her, he lifted her in his arms and carried her over the threshold. He pressed a deep kiss to her lips, needing to savor her taste. "Welcome home, baby," he whispered against her. He pressed deeper upon her lips, his tongue teasing to seek entrance into her warm mouth. She obliged and he smiled against her.

He placed her door upon the stone floor and she gasped at what she saw. They were standing in their living room. Filled with leather furniture, picture frame and mirrors, the living room was a soft sea foam green. "Now I know what you are thinking," he said pulling her hand around the room, "The frames are empty. Well," he pressed a teasing kiss to her lips, "I thought that you could go through our albums and arrange the frames yourself. If that's okay with you."

"Perfect," she whispered, her eyes tearing up at the sight.

"Now, now," he said putting a halting hand in the air, "No crying until our favorite room is found, understood, Goddess?"

"Yes sir!" she said, saluting him with a wink.

Chuckling, he led her to the kitchen where she continued to be amazed. As if depicted from a beach house, the kitchen was light and fresh. With sandy colored granite, the walls were painted blue and the cabinets were white. There were windows within some of the cabinets that allowed for glasses of all sorts to be shone through, if they decided to do so. The appliances were white and modern. She was surprised to see pictures of the team and of them upon the refrigerator. The latest sonogram was upon the freezer door and she felt her heart tighten with emotion. "This is gorgeous," she said in awe.

"I know we aren't near too much ocean, but I want our baby to appreciate that environment since you and I love it so much."

"Im sure he will," she said with a smile.

"Ready for the next room?" he asked with a smile.

"I think I see the man cave," she remarked humorously staring into the next room. With a large HDTV mounted to the wall, the darker room than the one previous featured the latest entertainment technology including blue ray player, iPod appliances and a Bose stereo system.

"A man cave?" he said with a laugh. They moved over to the dark leather couch with adjoining chairs that resided for when company would be present. "My Goddess, I want you to know that this system is blue tooth capable, which means you can do work from your "babies" up on the big screen. So when you are on maternity leave, the team can be seeing you and Junior whenever I wish."

"Junior?" she questioned with humor in her tone. She couldn't believe all the work he had put into their home. "I am so grateful," she stated firmly.

"Well, we aren't done yet, Princess." Derek squeezed her hand and led her toward the stairs. He moved to carry her but she moved up the stair case faster than he expected. Shaking his head, he followed her up the stairs and watched as she took when she would be seeing. "Just for your information, you missed a bathroom downstairs."

Derek knew she wasn't listening as he watched her study the upstairs from the top stair. The only open door was the center bathroom. What caught her attention was the four closed doors, three with single doors and one with two french doors. She was going to move toward the single doors when he stopped her. "I don't want you to go there just yet. There are fumes and construction tools in use that could harm the baby. Let's go over here."

He led her to the french doors and she could feel her heart pounding in her chest. "Ready to see our room?" he asked shyly.

Nodding, she reached toward the door knob with shaky hands. When she opened the doors, she gasped at what met her eyes.

The room was a warm plum color. The furniture was dark wood that she knew he constructed himself. Their bed was a piece of art she could have seen in countless magazines and trade shows. Mounted upon each side of the bed were lights that were in sconces with french detailing. Their head board was rounded and defined. The bed had a comforter fit for a king. With pillows matching both their tastes, she was breathless. Turning her eyes, she was met with the image of a matching dresser and mirror that was larger than any she had ever seen. She already imagined her possessions on the right side while his remained in the left and their linens resided in the middle. Looking into the mirror, her eyes found the bathroom and she gasped.

She walked toward the master bath and was shocked to find an old fashioned styled bath tub along the wall. With older handles and design, she felt her tears burn her eyes at the artistry. Penelope faced the opposite wall and clapped at the large shower. With a hand held shower head and iPod radio, she knew she would never want to leave this sanctuary to leave for work in the mornings.

Penelope smiled at the his and her sinks and bit down on her lip when a picture of the two of them came to her eyes. They were holding each other at a bar one night, a night when they were "only friends." She looked at her love struck gaze toward her best friend and shook her head at her blindness. "Derek, this is wonderful," she said wiping away traces of tears from her cheeks. When she turned, however, she placed a hand upon her heart to brace herself for what she saw.

Derek kneeled before her fiddling with a ring box in his hands. "Penelope Garcia, I am in love with you. I have been for years. You are the woman who gives me a reason to wake in the mornings and to come home from each case. When you asked me to be the father of your child, I felt my heart soar with love and pride that I never knew existed. It was as if God or something greater was leading me to my purpose. My purpose of living my life with you."

"When Strauss sent you away, I felt like my heart was shattered. You and the baby were somewhere where I couldn't find you, where I couldn't talk to you. I felt helpless and afraid." Derek took a deep breath to keep his emotions at bay. He knew Penelope was a waterfall of tears by this point, but he wanted to be her strong man. "I knew that I hadn't made it clear before you left that I was in love with you. I always assumed you knew, but we never said the words. So when you were gone, our home became our project, my own way to demonstrate my love for you."

"With every room, I wanted to encompass your passion, your love, your heart, and your joy. And now I am asking you, with everything that allows me to love and live," he opened the box and met her honey brown eyes, "Penelope Garcia, will you do me the honor, of being my wife?"

Breathlessly, Penelope nodded and Derek released a sigh of relief. "Of course I will," she said pulling him up to her and taking his lips in a kiss. Penelope held onto him tightly, never wanting to let him go. "I love you," she repeated against him as she rested her head upon his shoulder and held him close.

Derek moved her back slightly and took her left hand in his. She bit down on her lip as he slipped the engagement ring on her hand. On a ring of 18K white gold, a sparkling diamond was surrounded by a ring of pink diamonds. "It's perfect," she whispered in awe. "You're mine," she said kissing him deeply. As he closed the french door behind him, he lifted her toward the bed to christen the home of the Morgan's with love and laughter.