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The First Encounter

Hermione Jane Granger sat in a small coffeeshop in muggle London. She was reading one of her favorite books The Unacounted Healing Spells by Helga Hufflepuff. It had been 4 years since the downfall of Lord Voldemort.

This smart bushy haired witch had decided to undertake her studies as a healer, so many people had died as an aftermath of the battle due to the lack of enough healers, which sealed her future. The Boy Who lived had surprised everyone by deciding to pursue a professional career as a seeker, while the auror Ronald Weasley was currently engaged to Luna Lovegood.

Their lives had dramatically changed. They were now young adults with lots of responsibilities and spare free time. A good turn of events was none of them lived with dread in their hearts, not even Ron ever faced real trouble. After Voldemort's fall, the three of them had hunted every Deatheater and made sure they didn't hurt another person, ever. They had changed. Gone were the three innocent adolescents who used to save hippogriffs and do potions homework in Gryffindor Tower.

They had lost innocence, but their good intentions still remained. Harry would travel the world with his team. Hermione secretly feared he had never really recovered after Ginny's death.

In the months that followed their secret mission, Harry started insisting on Voldemort being still alive. He claimed his scar still hurt. For a brief span of time, both Ron and her considered getting Harry a specialized healer on a paranoia disorder.

Hermione had seen Voldemort die. They had destroyed the horcruxes, one by one. Voldemort's body had been cremated by Arthur Weasley, the new Head of the Muggle Affairs. The Ministry had adopted a new policy promoting the marriage to muggles in order to replenish the magical community.

After several trials, Harry gave up and cut all communication with his old friends for more than a year. His new carrier choice surprised the Wizarding World. Hermione new Harry, he was traveling the world trying to find Voldemort. She realized, he might continue to hunt him for the rest of his life.

Harry had contacted Ron first. Ron always came first, perhaps because they were both men, and so shared a deeper bond. Harry never really called Hermione, he would write letters and send presents for her birthday. But she hadn't heard his voice in many years.

As she continued to read her thick volume, she felt a bit nostalgic for when there were three of them. These days it was only her. She could visit her parents, and she did, but living with them wasn't an option. She loved her freedom.

Her tea was the best sort of company she could hope for. The Weasley family still loved her, well most of them. Mrs. Weasley believed Hermione was to blame for her daughter's demise, and she was, for she had chosen to save Harry to Ginny, not that she'd ever admit to that fact.

Her life as a healer was good. It gave her new challenges on a daily basis, kept her mind busy and her hands full.

As she read a particularly difficult section regarding how to cure a severe case of mortismalde, a shadow obscured her light. She frowned and waited for the shadow to pass. It didn't.

Instead the offender decided to rudely sit at her table.

He had the hair like ebony, skin like ivory and two pools of grey.

Upset at the intrusion, Hermione said, "Excuse me, Sir. But this table is taken."

Satin lips, moved. "I don't see anyone sitting on this particular chair, of there had been someone I wouldn't have been able to sit, now would I?"

Arching an eyebrow Hermione decided to ignore the stranger. Her brake was almost over and she wasn't willing to waste her precious five minutes arguing over a chair. With a last disdainful look, she returned to her reading.

"So you are simply going to ignore me. Please do tell me, what is so difficult to understand about the mortismalde counter curse?"

The frown returned to her face. Oh, not again! After the war, she had received plenty of marriage proposals, from wizards who wanted to marry the only girl of the Golden Trio. After refusing them all, she had had stalkers. Everyone wanted to become related to Harry Potter's friend. Marrying Hermione would automatically give them political sway, and they might even be able to ask some favors of the famous Harry.

"Look, Mister. I don't really care who you are, or what reasons you might have for following me to this muggle coffeeshop. I'll tell you what I've told many before you, leave me alone! I am not interested in getting to know you or anyone else. Please, be gone and I promise not to unleash an army of aurors on you."

He simply smiled.

"Hermione, for being doubed the brightest witch of your generation you are making a big mistake."

Looking straight into his eyes, she challenged him. "And what would that mistake be?"

He smirked, "I'm not just anyone."

It was Hermione's turn to laugh. She stood to leave.

"I've heard that before, Mister Important. I'm not impressed. Just let it go. Find some other girl to stalk.

Hermione turned her back on him and as she took the first step, he grabbed her by her arm and whispered in her ear.

"The name is Riddle, Hermione. Does that ring a bell?"

Hermione had to admit, this was the first person who had tried that angle. She decided to humor him and be done with it.

"Well, Mr. Riddle it has certainly not been pleasant to meet you. Have a nice day. Oh and by the way, next time think of the name of someone who is not dead."

As she left the coffeeshop she decided she was taking Ron on his offer. She was getting a restraing spell for stalkers.

She hadn't taken more than a couple of steps outside of the coffeeshop when a green flash of light filled the place. Hermione felt the wave of power wash over the place. She had felt this particular magic before. She froze.

"You know, I prefer to be more discreet with my power, but I thought you needed some proof. Miss Granger, I can assure you I am not dead. I really do hope your manners improve. I don't take lightly to being talked to in such a manner. Have a good day, and please by all means send my regards to Mr. Potter. I've heard he's been looking for me. Good day."