Greetings to all potential readers of this fanfic! So, I've been reading a lot of these Tinkerbell fanfics and many of them are rather good, but one thing I was somewhat let down by is the fact that there aren't very many fem-slashes. I was really hoping to see some Tink and Vidia slashes, and the few that I saw were really good, but they were kept relatively clean for younger readers. So I decided, "What the heck, I've got some good ideas about how to present a romantic relationship between them in a more 'adult' way so, I'll write one."

WARNING: This story is Rated M for a reason. It contains graphic sex between two females and some strong language in parts. If that kind of thing bothers you, than DON'T READ IT! I don't want to get a bunch of flames about how I've "scarred you for life" and how I'm a sick person for taking a beloved character like Tinkerbell and turning her into a slutty lesbo! It's just an idea I had and felt like sharing with you fine people, kay? Enjoy!

Disclaimer: Disney owns these fairies, not me.

Summer had reached its end, and the fairies were all preparing to leave fairy camp on the Mainland for their home of Pixie Hollow. It was raining heavily outside the bushy area where they had made their camp, and since fairies couldn't fly in the rain, they were all going to have to ride backs on doves. Not all, but some fairies, particularly the tinkers, had ridden to the Mainland on doves since they had to use them to carry their equipment. But on the way home, there was going to have to be more than one fairy to a dove.

The center of the fairies camp had served as the take-off/landing area for doves during their stay on the Mainland, and the current scene here was pandemonium. The Fairies were worried that the heavy rain could cause flooding and they wanted to be out of there as soon as possible. They rushed to and fro, trying to get their gear together and find someone willing to let them share a dove for the ride back home.

Tinkerbell had just entered the take-off/landing area with her friend Terrence. The two had planned on sharing a dove back home and were looking around for a free one. Terrence was leading the way, yammering on about some of the funny things that had happened to him while he was out delivering pixie dust to the other camps. Tink followed close behind, but she wasn't really paying attention to his story, her head kept spinning about all the crazy things that had happened to her this summer. She had discovered a new form of transportation which she referred to has a "Horseless Carriage," she was captured by a human whom she became friends with, and nearly became an exhibit in a museum. But the thing that she thought was most amazing about this summer was her new friendship with Vidia.

Vidia was a fast flying fairy who had strongly disliked Tink for some reason that Tink couldn't figure out. Though Tink didn't care much for her either at first, she made several efforts to befriend her has time went on. For some reason, Tink felt that deep down, Vidia was a good person, and she desperately wanted to see that shine through. Then, when Tink had been captured by the humans, Vidia had risked her life to save her. She ended up being caught in a glass jar and was going to be taken to a museum. Tink was able to rescue her though, and after that crazy event the two became good friends. In fact, Tink was sure that she had spent more time with Vidia this summer than any of her other friends. Whenever they had a free moment, the two of them immediately went straight to each other. They could often be seen racing each other through the woods near camp, skipping rock down by a nearby creek, or doing each others hair and nails. At one point, they even practiced ballroom dancing together to prepare for an upcoming fall dance. Though they didn't have much in common, they seemed so perfect together has friends.

As Tink and Terrence continued on looking for a ride home, Tink noticed Vidia over by one of the doves. She was by herself, loading it up with bags full of her extra clothes. Tink just stared at her and smiled. 'She sure has a nice ass' she thought as Vidia bent over to pick up one of her bags.

"Hey Tink, what's the holdup?"

Tink snapped out of her trance and looked over to see Terrence standing way ahead looking back at her with a confused expression on his face.

"Oh um, sorry" she said and started towards him.

But then she looked back at Vidia, who seemed to be having trouble getting her bags tied to the dove.

"Uh, tell you what Terrence," she said "You go on ahead and keep looking for a free dove, I'm just gonna help Vidia with her bags real quick. If you find one, just put your stuff next to it and come get me okay?"

"Oh, uh, okay." Terrence said sounding a little deflated.

Tink turned back and started toward Vidia. Terrence shook his head. He barely got hang with Tink this summer because she was spending so much time with Vidia. It wasn't so much that he had a problem with Tink spending time with her other friends, but it just seemed like for some reason she only wanted to be with Vidia these days.

As Tink approached Vidia from behind, she could see clearly that Vidia was having trouble tying the bag to the dove while holding it at the same time.

"Damn it you piece of shit, STAY ON THERE!" Vidia screamed as she fumbled with her bag.

Tink giggled when she heard this. If there was one thing they had in common, it was that they both cussed like pirates when they were frustrated with something.

"So, she thinks she's hot shit because she's the fastest flying fairy of all time, yet she can't tie a simple knot?" Tink announced loudly enough for Vidia to hear over the commotion. Vidia turned to see her smirking friend standing before her, and a smile grew across her once enraged looking face.

"Well, if it isn't Little Miss Spare Parts" Vidia said, seeming genuinely happy to see her new best friend. Tink gave a small curtsey upon hearing the nickname Vidia had given her. Vidia approached the giggling Tinker fairy and the two embraced.

"Looks like you could use some help" Tink said as they turned back toward the dove, with their arms around each others shoulders.

"All I really need is for someone to hold that bag for me while I tie it down tight enough" Vidia said, pointing to a bag that was hanging loose from the string holding it down. "Seems like no matter how tight I make it it keeps slipping out!" she exclaimed as she tried to readjust the bag so it would stay in better.

"That's what she said!" Tink shouted quickly.

Vidia turned to look back at the grinning Tinkerbell and after a few seconds, started laughing.

"Oh Tink, you just can't resist a chance at a dirty joke can you?" Vidia said, still laughing and shaking her head.

"Well, I try" Tink said, still giggling a little.

Tink moved up to the dove and held the bag firmly in place while Vidia re-did the knot. After tying it down tight, Vidia pushed on the bag to see how tightly it was tied. The bag didn't budge an inch.

"Booyah Motherfucker!" Vidia shouted as she held up her hand and Tink slapped it, and the two fairies laughed.

"Well that took longer than it need to, but thanks for your help darling" Vidia said giving Tink a small hug.

"Hey, no problem babe" Tink said hugging her back.

The two fairies broke apart and looked around at the craziness still going on throughout the camp.

"Pretty wild in here isn't it" Tink said as she scanned the area.

"Oh, they're worrying over nothing" Vidia said in an annoyed tone and waving her hand in a "whatever" kind of way. "We're on top of a small hill. Even if it does flood, the water will never reach us."

"Yeah, I guess you're right" Tink sighed.

"Aren't I always?" Vidia said in a mock-serious voice. Tink just giggled, and the two fairies just stood there with their arms still around each others shoulders.

"Hey Tink!" a voice called from across the way. Tink looked over her shoulder and saw Terrence waving at her from atop a dove.

"I got us a ride home!" he shouted, and motioned for her to come over.

Tink sighed. "Well, guess I'll see you when we get back home" she said sounding depressed. She gave Vidia one more quick hug and started toward Terrence.

Vidia watched Tink walk away and sighed. Vidia had really become attached to Tink during the summer they spent together. They had both considered each other their closest friend. For Vidia, Tink had actually been one of her only friends. They had become so close that they were starting to strongly dislike being apart from each other.

"Hey, Tink!" Vidia called.

Tink turned around and shouted back. "Yeah Vid!"

Vidia paused for a second. She wasn't sure if it was a good idea to suggest this since she had a feeling Tink would rather be with Terrence, but she figured there was no harm in trying. Vidia approached Tink.

"Um, Listen, I was just wondering if you would maybe want to… uh, ride back home with me."

Tinks eyes widened a bit.

"Unless you'd rather ride home with Terrence. I mean, I just thought I'd ask a close friend of mine rather than have to share a dove with some complete stranger. But if you don't want to, that's fine." Vidia said, and then quickly looked away. She spoke a little quickly, but Tink understood what she was saying, and a small smile stretched across her face.

"You know, I think I'd like that Vidia" she said.

Vidia looked back at Tink and began to smile herself.

"Really? You're Sure?" Vidia said, sounding like she was about to burst with excitement.

"Positive" Tink said, now beaming with a smile. "Just let me go tell Terrence. He might be a little bummed, but he'll get over it." Tink took off toward Terrence and Vidia turned back toward her dove.

A few minutes later, Tink was back with Vidia, who was now sitting atop her dove.

"How'd he take it?" Vidia asked.

"Well, he seemed a little down, but then Silvermist came up and asked if she could ride with him, and he seemed to perk up a bit." Tink said as she climbed on the doves back.

"Well that's good. Is there like, something going on between them?" Vidia asked.

"Not sure, he never shuts up about his job long enough for me to find out anything else about him." Tink said somewhat bitterly.

Vidia laughed. Tink slid up closer to Vidia and wrapped her arms around Vidias waist.

"You ready?" Vidia asked looking back at Tink.

"Mhm" Tink nodded, and turned her gaze forward.

"Now hold tight, I haven't flown one of these damn things in ages, hopefully I don't crash us into a fucking tree or something."

Tink laughed. "Vidia, I don't think there's anything you can't do."

Vidia smiled. "Except tie a knot, right?" she joked, and the two fairies laughed.

Moments later, their dove had made its way to the clearing where it would take off. The rain was falling harder than ever now, and the air was starting to get cooler. Vidia didn't mind the cold, but she could feel Tinks body starting to shiver against her own. She reached into one of her bags and pulled out one of her spare jackets and handed it to Tink.

"Here, don't want you catching a cold" She said.

"Oh, thanks Vid, you're a saint" Tink said as she put the jacket on.

"No problem, dear" Vidia said soothingly. Once the dove was in the right position, Vidia gave it a light kick. The dove flapped its wings and took off.

It was a truly epic scene that met their eyes when they were out of the clearing. Thousands of doves, some carrying as may as five fairies were flying in unison toward where they all knew was the second star to the right. Even though it was cloudy, the fairies had all memorized the exact location. Tink and Vidia both remained quiet as they watched the scene before them, though Vidia also had to keep her attention on where they were flying. It was such a peaceful feeling and she was so comfortable and warm in the jacket that Tink slowly let her head com to rest on Vidias back. She wondered for a moment if Vidia would be okay with that, but Vidia didn't say anything, so Tink continued to relax her head.

Tink had never felt so happy and comfortable in her life. The sweet smell of Vidias plum tree filled her nose as she nuzzled her head between Vidias shoulder blades. Though Tink wasn't aware of it, Vidia was absolutely loving this moment. Tinks arms wrapped around her, along with her head gently massaging Vidias back every time she moved it, was kind of starting to turn her on. Tink squeezed Vidia tighter as they gained altitude. Her breasts were starting to feel hard as they rubbed against Vidias back. 'Damn, she's got a nice rack' Vidia thought, and chuckled lightly to herself, though Tink didn't notice. Soon they were above the clouds, and with the image of the sun setting in the distance, and the sudden warmness of the air, Vidia couldn't think of any other way to describe it than romantic. She wondered if Tink felt the same way, but when she looked back over her shoulder, Tink appeared to be asleep. Vidia smiled, grabbed one of the hands Tink had around her waist and gently squeezed it. Seconds later, Tink squeezed back. Vidia looked back and saw Tink with her eyes still closed and a smile on her face. The two held hands until they were back home.

The sun was just starting to set behind a nearby mountain when Vidia and Tinks dove began descending into a large open meadow in Pixie Hollow. Vidia was so caught up in her moment with Tink that she didn't notice her dove was about to land on top of a small group of fairies. Vidia noticed this and at the last minute, quickly pulled on the dove's reigns and caused it to give a quick flap, which was just enough to keep it from crashing on top of the group.

"Idiot!" One of the fairies shouted at them.

"Suck my dick!" Vidia shouted back.

Tinks eyes snapped open in time to see Vidia flipping off the group. Tink chuckled. Sometimes it was pretty amusing to Vidia acting like the bitch she had been when they first met.

Finally, the dove landed safely in an open area in the meadow. Tink slowly removed her arms from around Vidia and slid off the back of the dove. Vidia followed shortly after.

"Well, that was quite a ride." Tink said as she stretched her arms and legs.

"Yeah, very relaxing." Vidia said as she untied her bags from the dove. Once she had them all untied and on the ground, Vidia gave the dove a small slap on the back.

"Go on." She said, and with that, the dove took off into the dusky sky.

"So, do you need any help carrying your bags to your house?" Tink asked.

"If you don't mind." Vidia said, struggling to get a firm hold on all of her bags.

"Not at all, it's not like I have anything better to do." Tink said as she reached over and grabbed a couple of bags from Vidias hands. Clank and Bobble had taken care of her equipment so she didn't have to deal with that.

"Sweetie, you are to kind." Vidia said smiling.

Tink blushed. 'She's so sexy when she smiles' she thought, and the two of them headed off for Vidias plum tree.

Since their wings were still wet, they both had to walk the whole way. Neither of them minded though. They were just happy to be with each other. The first stars were just starting to appear in the sky as they came in sight of Vidias home. The air was much warmer here than it was on the Mainland. So much so, that Tink was starting to sweat in the jacket Vidia had lent her. Tink quickly slipped it off and tied it around her waist.

"Beautiful night, isn't it?" Tink said, looking up at the night sky.

"Oh, gorgeous" Vidia said, doing the same.

That was pretty much all they said to each other on the walk to Vidias. It was just so peaceful out with the only noises being the crickets chirping in the distance, that neither of them wanted to spoil the moment.

The sky was fully black when they reached the front door to Vidias house. Vidia unlocked the door and the two entered. The house was pitch black inside. Vidia kicked her shoes off by the front door and tossed her bags on the floor.

"Just toss the bags over here. I'll try to get some light shining." Vidia said as she fumbled through the dark house.

Tink did as she was told and untied Vidias jacket from around her waist. Suddenly she heard a loud thunk from further in the house.

"OW! Fuck!" Vidias voice rang from somewhere in the dark.

"You all right, Vid!" Tink shouted into the darkness.

"Yeah, I'm fine, just banged my fuckin' shin!" Vidias annoyed voice called back. "Hang on a sec, I got a candle here."

Seconds later, Tink heard a match strike, and soon a section of the house was well lit. Tink saw Vidia, wincing with pain holding a candle in one hand and rubbing her shin with the other. Tink laughed as she approached Vidia.

"Poor baby." Tink said in a mock-sympathetic voice. She then knelt down in front of Vidia and kissed the area on her shin she was rubbing. "Better?" She asked, looking up at her friend.

Vidia smiled. "Better" she responded.

Vidia lit other candles around the house until it was lit well enough to see every room.

"Oh, here's you're jacket back" Tink said, tossing the jacket to Vidia, who caught it with one hand. "Thanks again, it was very comfy"

Vidia just smiled, gave a quick nod, and turned to put it in her closet. When she stood before her open closet, she held it up to her face for a moment. She turned her head to see if Tink was looking, she wasn't. Vidia quickly turned back to the jacket, brought it up to her face, and deeply inhaled the scent. It smelled sweetly of the perfume that Tink always wore, but also had a faint hint of sweat. Vidia moaned slightly as she exhaled. 'So good' she thought. She then quickly hung it up and turned back toward Tink.

"Well, I guess I'd better be going now" Tink said, sounding a little down. "I had a great time with you today, Vidia." She then wrapped her arms around her friend.

"Same here, Tink" Vidia said, hugging her back. The two fairies held each other for nearly two minutes when they finally broke apart.

"See you tomorrow I guess" Tink said quietly as she turned to the door.

But before she could reach the door, Vidias voice stopped her.

"Wait, Tink!"

Tink turned around and saw Vidia looking exasperated.

"What, Vid?" Tink asked.

Vidia looked down at her feet, remained quiet for a few seconds, then looked back up and answered.

"Listen, uh, it's pretty late, I think the Owls may be out hunting right now. I don't think it would be safe for you to be out there at this time. Would you, maybe want to, stay here with me tonight?"

Tink just stared at Vidia for what seemed like an eternity. Vidia looked genuinely worried, maybe even on the verge of tears. Tink couldn't bare to see Vidia like this. Finally she smiled and answered.

"I'd love to, Vidia" she said proudly.

Vidias expression went from worried to sheer joy.

"Awesome!" She said with a clap of her hands, as Tink kicked her shoes off and placed them next to Vidias.

"Just make yourself comfortable on the couch there" Vidia said pointing to the couch in her living room.

Tink flopped down on the couch and put her feet up on the small table in front of it.

"We're not going to bed already I hope" Tink said, placing her hands behind her head.

Vidia shook her head.

"Nah, I'm not tired yet. You want something to drink?"

Tink nodded.

"Sure, anything will do for me." She said, sliding lower into the couch and closing her eyes.

Vidia went into her kitchen, opened her cupboard, and rummaged through it.

"Uh let's see… I've got water, water, more water, some chamomile tea, and uh, Oh!"

Tink opened her eyes and looked up.

"What?" she asked.

Vidia pulled out a bottle filled with red wine. She gave Tink a devilish smile.

"Think you can handle this?" She said, still grinning.

Tinks eyes went wide. "Ooh la la. That's some fancy looking stuff there Vid."

Vidia laughed as she got down a couple of wine glasses.

"I'll bet you've used that stuff on a lot of guys, huh?" Tink said sensuously.

Vidia scoffed. "Oh please" she said as she poured the wine. "I haven't been with a man since Elwood cheated on me with Wisp"

Tink cringed a little. "Ooh, sorry I brought it up" she said in an embarrassed voice.

Vidia smiled a little. "Don't be. I got over it a long time ago." Vidia paused for a moment. "I don't need a man" she said quietly, then made her way back toward Tink with the wine glasses.

"So, you sure you can handle this, it's pretty strong stuff" Vidia said as she handed her the one of the glasses.

"Oh yeah I've been drunk before, I know my limit" Tink said as Vidia plopped down next to her. "I'll tell you this much though, I'm never getting drunk with Silvermist again" Tink said, swirling her wine glass a little.

"Really, what happened?" Vidia asked, sounding highly amused. Tink cleared her throat.

"On my 21st arrival day, the girls took me to that nightclub Lyria owns. You know the one I'm talking about right?"

Vidia nodded. "Yeah, I do" she said.

Tink continued. "Anyway, we had only been there for about a half hour when Silvermist, who must have had about six shot of Tequila, starts cussing out all these random fairies for no reason. She's all 'What the fuck are you lookin' at bitch! I'll fuckin murder all you fuckin fucks!' She was just totally wasted! Next thing you know, securities all trying to calm her down and shit. The other girls and I were a little tipsy by this point and I wasn't paying much attention to what was going on until I heard a loud scream. I looked over and saw Silvermist on top of a security fairy, and she was just pummeling the shit out of her! It was so brutal! I'd never seen so much fuckin blood in my life! It took all four of us girls just to pull her off! That security chick looked like her face was gonna fall off. Her nose was all crooked and gushing blood, her teeth were falling out of her mouth, it was fuckin disgusting! We got the fuck outta there before the police fairies could show up. The whole way home, Sil was struggling to get back to the club to pummel her more. She ended up passing out in my bath tub that night. It was insane!"

At this point, Vidia was laughing so hard she was crying.

"Wow!" she said wiping a tear from her eye. "I never would have pictured Sil as a violent drunk!"

"Yeah well, it's always the one you least suspect, you know?" Tink said, giving her a wink.

"Yeah well, don't worry, I'm not like that" Vidia said, finally calming down.

"Me neither" Tink said. The two fairies then proceeded to sip their wine.

Tinks face scrunched up a bit when the wine hit her tongue.

"Wow, that is strong" she said after swallowing it.

"Told ya" Vidia said getting ready to take another sip.

"Hey" Tink said.

Vidia turned her attention toward her and saw Tink raising her glass toward her.

"To another successful summer" she said poudly.

Vidia smiled and raised her glass. "To our newfound friendship" she said.

"Cheers!" Tink exclaimed, and the two girls clinked their glasses and downed the rest of their wine.

"So, are you looking forward to the fall season?" Tink asked as the set their wine glasses on the table in front of them.

"Fuck no! Falls my busiest season. Last year I was working 18 hour days." Vidia said.

Tink gasped. "Shit, really?" She asked.

"Oh yeah, it'll be even harder this year since we just lost a fast flyer to disbelief" Vidia said gloomily, shaking her head.

"Yeah I heard about that, was she a close friend of yours?" Tink asked.

Vidia sighed. "I don't really have any close friends other than you, Tink." She said, putting her hand on Tinks, Tink smiled at this and squeezed vidias hand gently. "I just wish it had been that cheating prick Elwood" Vidia said quietly. Tink remained quiet.

"You know, what's really crazy is the fact that I was never really happy with him when we were dating, so I don't know why I was so bothered when I found out he was cheating on me. I'm actually pretty glad to be rid of him" Vidia said.

Tink sighed. "Sometimes I can't stand being around Terrence either" she said bitterly.

"Really?" Vidia asked, sounding somewhat surprised.

"Mhm" Tink nodded. "I mean, he's a nice guy and all but, I don't know, he's just too obsessed with his job. It's all he ever talks about. On top of that, where the hell was he when I was captured by those humans"

Tink paused for a moment, and looked up at Vidia, the fairy who had been there for her at that time.

"You know Vid, I never really thanked you for saving me that day" she said quietly.

Vidia shook her head. "You don't have to thank me, Tink."

"Yes I do" Tink said in a very serious tone. "Who knows what could have happened to me if I had gotten caught in that jar. What you did was really brave, Vidia, braver than anything I've ever seen Terrence do" she continued, scooting closer to Vidia.

Vidia smiled a little. "Hey, you saved my ass too, remember that thing with the horseless carriage?" she reminded.

Tink smiled. "What would we do without each other, huh" Tink joked. The two fairies giggled.

Vidia got up to put the wine glasses in her sink. Tink followed her into the kitchen. Vidia turned around and saw her, just standing in the entrance way. She looked so beautiful with the flickering candle lights hitting her. Vidia began to breathe heavily. She wasn't sure how much longer she could control herself. She wanted Tink so bad right now. Eventually she cleared her throat and spoke.

"Tink, there's something I need to tell you" she said. Tink just stared at her longingly. Vidia continued.

"I know when we first met I wasn't exactly nice to you. The thing is, I was jealous. When you found your talent, you had the brightest glow in fairy history. Before that, I had the brightest glow. I don't know why I let it bother me so much, I should've been happy for you. But, I've just always felt like I had to be the best. So when you came to me for help with switching your talent, I just let that jealousy take hold of me and tried to screw you over"

Vidia looked like she was on the verge of tears. Tink moved closer to her and wrapped her arms around her neck. Vidia did the same to Tink.

"I can't even begin to tell you how sorry I am, Tink. If I had known then that you were such a wonderful person I never would've tried to hurt you like that. I just hope you don't still hate me for it" A single tear rolled down Vidias cheek. Tink gently brushed it away and moved her face closer to Vidias.

"Vidia, you're the sweetest, kindest, bravest fairy I've ever met. I could never hate you" Tink said, has she gently brushed a lock of Vidias hair from her face.

"You're so beautiful" Tink whispered, her face now inches from Vidias.

Both girls were trembling slightly now. Their hearts were racing; sweat was beginning to form on their brows. Finally the two girls could bear it no more. Their lips locked in a gentle but passionate kiss. They held together for half a minute when they finally broke apart. The fairies just stared at each other for a while, still holding each other. Then Vidia spoke.

"Was that as good for you as it was for me?" she whispered.

"Not nearly good enough" Tink said as she moved in and kissed her again.

This time it was more forceful. The two girls opened their mouths wide and rubbed their tongues together. The fairies continued this for a good few minutes. They took turns letting their tongues explore each others mouths. When the fairies finally broke apart again, the areas around their mouths were dripping with each others saliva.

Niether could speak. They were so into the moment that they couldn't think of anything to say. Tink moved in again. She grabbed Vidias lower lip between her teeth and gently gnawed on it. Vidia moaned pleasurably as Tink did this. Tink then lifted her right leg and gently wrapped it around Vidias thigh; she then did the same with her left leg. With the girls still deeply kissing, Vidia slowly made her way to her bedroom.

Vidia flopped down on her bed with Tink on top of her, still kissing her passionately. When they finally broke apart, it was Tink who spoke first.

"Let me thank you properly for what you did last summer" She said seductively.

Vidia opened her mouth to say something but before she could, Tink gently pressed her finger against Vidias deeply moistened lips.

"Shhhh, just let me do all the work" Tink whispered.

Then with that same hand, she slowly slid it down inside Vidias pants. Once she found Vidias warm and moist vagina, she slowly slid her fingers inside. Vidia began to moan louder now, and her body was becoming covered in sweat. Tink then found Vidias clit, and began to rub it while at the same time kissing and licking Vidias neck.

After a while of pinching Vidias clit between her fingers, Tink used her free hand to pull down Vidias pants and rip off her shirt. Tink was surprised at how large Vidias breasts were. With her shirt on, she seemed pretty flat. Tink moved her mouth over Vidias right breast and began to suck on her nipple and bat it around with her tongue, while massaging Vidias left breast with her free hand. Vidia was now beginning to scream with pleasure. Tink slowly moved her head further down, kissing every inch of Vidias body has she went. When she reached her vagina, she removed her fingers and wrapped her mouth around it. She then began to bat Vidias erect clit around with her tongue. Vidias screams were so loud now that they could be heard from outside her house. Anyone passing by wouldn't have been able to see what was going on inside though, since the windows were so fogged up.

As Tink continued to thrust her tongue into Vidias now extremely wet vagina, Vidia decided it was time for her to return the favor. She sat up, wrapped her arms around Tinks behind, and pulled it toward her. She immediately slipped her hand up Tinks green dress, and when she found Tinks vagina, she didn't hesitate. She clenched her hand into a fist and shoved it in there all the way up to her wrist. Tink began moaning with passion as Vidia began pulling and pushing her fist. Tinks vagina was so wet and warm that just feeling it brought Vidia to the point of climaxing. She held it back though, she wasn't ready yet.

"Oh God Vidia don't stop! Faster! Harder! Deeper!" Tink screamed. Vidia was now fisting her so hard that her arm was becoming sore.

After a few minutes, both fairies immediately stopped what they were doing. Tink pulled her head back and Vidia pulled her fist out, making an audible pop sound since Tink vag was so tight. They were both just about at the climax point, but neither was ready yet. They wanted to be in the right position for this last part. Without saying a word, Tink ripped her dress off completely. Both fairies quickly wrapped their legs around each other and pushed their vaginas against each other. Their erect clits immediately came into contact with each other, and from that point the two girls went to town. They rubbed and pushed their vaginas together so fast and hard that their legs were burning from the friction caused by rubbing them together so fast. They were close now, just a little harder, a little faster. Their screams of pleasure rang through each others ears. They moved in closer and started kissing deeply, with Vidia practically sticking her tongue all the way down Tinks throat. Almost there, a little more, little more….

"I LOVE YOU, TINK DARLING!" Vidia screamed.

"I LOVE YOU TOO, VIDIA BABY!" Tink screamed back, and with that, the two fairies came so hard that their ears popped.

Vidia laid back on her bed, Tink fell next to her. The fairies wrapped their arms around each other and started kissing again, though not as passionately as earlier. Vidia kicked the sheets off her bed since they were completely soaked in her and Tinks vaginal fluids. The fairies just lay there in silence, giving each other gentle kisses once in a while. Finally Tink broke the silence.

"Isn't it funny that we have so little in common, yet we seem so, so..."

"Right for each other" Vidia finished. Tink smiled.

"I'll never forget this night, Vidia" she said quietly, and slowly closed her eyes.

"Me neither dear, me neither" Vidia said doing the same. And the two naked fairies, still holding each other, slowly drifted off to sleep.

Well, there ya have it! My first Fanfic, a fairy porno! I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing it. Please review, I really want to hear your opinions on my writing style. Constructive criticism is more than welcome. I have a few other ideas that I really want to try out, and I want to know if I need improvement before I start writing them. Until then, much love and respect to ya'll. Laters!