And now, we come to the final chapter. I have a few things to say before we start. I had several different ideas for ending this story, and this was the one that worked the most, at least for me. A may be a tad controversial, but it really was the best idea I had. Maybe you'll love it, maybe you'll hate it, but it was the best I could think of. Here we go...

A quick flicker of light across her eyelids was what woke Vidia up that morning. Her eyes flickered open and she scanned the cave. Though her vision was a bit out of focus, she could still make out where the light was coming from. It was from way off in the distance outside the cave. It appeared to be sunlight poking through some cloud cover. It was a relaxing sight. Behind her she could feel Tinks smooth, slender arms wrapped around her waist and her soft, supple breasts pressed against her back.

Slowly, Vidia let her eyelids droop again. But before they closed completely, she caught a glimpse of something that disturbed her instantly: a second glimmer of light, seperate from the first one, had poked through the clouds. Vidias vision began to improve slightly as she fixed her eyes on the two glimmers. Her heart began to race as a third glimmer appeared, and this time she could make out their shapes. They were fairies, and by the looks of their outfits, they were definitely Scouts.

Vidia felt a deep sinking feeling in her stomach. It was as if she already knew that this wasn't going to end well. She reached around with her arm and shook Tink awake.

"Tink, wake up right now!" She cried.

Tink moaned and stirred a bit.

"What is it?" She asked, sounding deeply dis-oriented.

"There're Scouts in the area! They're right outside the cave!" Vidia said.

"WHAT?" Tink cried, now fully awake. "How did they find us?"

Vidia didn't have an answer to that. She figured Neverland was only so big, theyd've been found out eventually.

"I don't think they know we're here." Vidia said quietly. "But we should probably hide or something."

Tink looked around the cave.

"Hide where, Vidia?" She asked "There's nothing in this cave we can hide behind!"

"Tink, you gotta keep quiet!" Vidia hissed at her. "Maybe they won't notice the cave if we stay quiet enough."

"Hold on a second, Vid," Tink said, sounding suddenly calm. "Maybe they're here to tell us that the situation's been resolved. Maybe we can go home now."

Vidia considered that for a moment, but then sighed and shook her head.

"I don't think so, Tink." She said sadly. "If it were, they probably would've sent someone else, 'cause they know we would run if we saw Scouts."

Tink, who was now pulling her dress on, looked deeply devestated now.

"So, what are we gonna do then?" She asked.

Vidia didn't answer, but the look in her eyes said it all: she had no idea what they were gonna do. When she looked out at the Scouts again, she saw that they were heading toward the cave at full speed. They obviously knew they were there. Vidia pulled her shirt back on and tried to use what little time they had to think of something. As she pulled her pants up, she saw that she had a small pouch of extra Pixie Dust tied around the waist, and she remembered that she had managed to sneak a small amount from the Pixie Dust well when she went back to Pixie Hollow. The only problem was that she had only grabbed enough for one of them, and at the moment, they were both completely drained of dust. Without Pixie Dust, a Fairy could barely fly a few inches into the air.

Tink paced back and forth, mumbling incoherently to herself. Vidia stared at her, and a sudden realization of what she had to do dawned upon her. Her heart began to race, and a single tear fell from her eye. She pulled the dust pouch from around her waist and opened it. She sprinkled it's contents into the palm of her hand and closed her fist around it as tightly as she could. Some of it managed to slip through her fingers, and its bright shimmering in the dark cave caught Tinks attention.

"What is that?" She asked.

"Pixie Dust." Vidia answered simply. "I got it from when I went back to Pixie Hollow. The problem is, there's only enough for one of us..."

Tink looked confused for a moment, but when she saw the look on Vidias face, it was unmistakable. Tink immediately began to shake her head.

"No," She said, tears welling in her eyes. "No, Vidia, no!"

"It's the only way, Tink." Vidia said quietly.

"NO!" Tink screamed. "There has to be another way! I'll carry you or something!"

Vidia shook her head.

"I'm too heavy, Tink. You wouldn't get far if you had to haul my ass around. They'd take us out easily." She said.

Tink stuttered incoherently. She had to think of something else! She just had to! The tears were coming in full force now.

"I'm not leaving you, Vidia." She whimpered.

But before she could say anything else, Vidia tossed the Pixie Dust onto her and pulled her to the cave exit. Tink struggled violently. She tried to pull away, but Vidias grasp around her arm was too tight. Off in the distance, the Scouts drew closer. Vidia had to think quickly about how this would work. She would have to create some kind of distraction for them while Tink got away. She felt that she still had enough energy in her to create one quick dust storm. The cave floor had enough rubble around it to throw the Scouts off balance for a few seconds. If Tink flew quick enough, she could get to the other side of the cliff before the Scouts could regain themselves and see her. It was a long shot, but it just might work.

Vidia turned back to Tink, who now seemed to bitterly accept what was happening.

"Damn you." She whimpered to Vidia. "Damn you."

Vidia brought her face right down in front of Tinks so she could look her in the eye.

"Here's what's gonna happen," Vidia began. "I'm gonna hit 'em with a brief dust storm. The second I do, I want you to fly for the top of the cliff and get out of sight. You understand?" Tink nodded slightly. "If they don't appear to be following you, I want you to fly as far away form here as you can. Head for that island north of Neverland, you should have enough dust to get there. You know which one I'm talking about, right?" Tink nodded again, remembering the time she had journeyed there with Terence. "Once you get there, I want you to stay hidden there." Vidia paused for a moment to consider something. "If things go well for me here, I'll come find you. It may take a while, but I'll look for you." Vidia leaned in closer so that her nose was almost pressed against Tinks. "I want you to promise me that while you're flying away from here, you won't come back for me no matter what, okay?" Tink didn't nod, she looked downright horrified. Vidia shook her lightly. "Tink, promise me!"

"It can't end like this, Vidia." Tink whimpered. "It just can't."

Vidia didn't know what to say. She wanted to assure Tink that this wasn't going to end tragically, but deep dpwn she knew that it seemed likely that it would. There was no hiding the fact that Vidia was about to sacrifice herself for Tink.

"I love you!" Tink sobbed as she threw her arms around Vidia.

And the two kissed. They kissed as hard and passionately as they possibly could. If this was to be their last kiss, they wanted it to be the best they had ever had. Their minds flashed back to every moment they had spent together, from their first night to their marriage. When they finally broke off, Vidia found her voice.

"I'm not gonna let you suffer for everything I've caused, Tink." She said. "You deserve nothing but happiness and joy, and I'm gonna make sure that you have it."

Tink still didn't look ready for what was about to happen. Then, Vidia thought of just the right thing to say. She brought her mouth to Tinks ear.

"No matter what happens," she whispered "we will be together forever eventually."

She looked into Tinks eyes and finally saw understanding in them. Tink nodded simply, and with that, they were ready. Tink moved into position at the cave exit, and Vidia set herself next to her. The Scouts were close enough now for Vidia to hit them. There were at least twelve of them. Vidi hoped her dust cloud would be big enough. She turned to look at Tink one last time.

"I love you." She said.

And in an instant, Vidia sent a large cloud of dust towards the Scouts. It hit all twelve of them dead on. They crashed into each other and tumbled to the gound. Vidia turned to tell Tink to go, but Tink was already gone. Vidia looked out above the cave entrance and saw her fly directly over the top of the cliff. She looked back and saw that the Scouts were still struggling through the dust. None of them seemed to realize that Tink had just gotten away from them.

Vidia breathed a huge sigh of relief. Looking down around her waist, she saw her knife held in a small sheath. She wrapped her hands around the handle and gripped it tightly. She was about to make her last stand.

The Scouts eventually got sorted out and landed at the cave entrance. Their bows were drawn and pointed at Vidia. Vidias expression remained cool and collected. It would be almost impossible for anyone to tell that her heart was pounding wildly inside her. A Scout fairy stepped forward and glared at Vidia. She was one of the Scouts who had confronted her and Tink back in Pixie Hollow.

"Where's the other one?" She asked angrily.

"Long gone." Vidia sneered. "You'll never find her."

The Scout scoffed and shook her head.

"You shouldn't have run, you know." She said. "It would've been better for the both of you."

"Somehow I doubt that." Vidia said nastily. "This whole thing was destined to end poorly from the start."

The Scout sighed sadly and shook her head.

"Such a poor outlook on life..." She said. "Then again, I wouldn't expect anything less from someone like you, Vidia. Honestly, you've had this coming for too long now."

"I guess we all do." Vidia said profoundly.

She gripped her knife tighter and narrowed her eyes. The Scouts pulled back further on their bows, which creeked slightly as they did. The sharp arrow heads seemed to galre menaceingly at Vidia.

"I don't suppose you plan on coming quietly." The Scout said.

"I'd rather die." Vidia said quietly. "And I plan on taking all of you with me."

A couple of Scouts chuckled a bit, but it quickly died when they saw just how menaceing Vidia looked.

"And just how do you plan on doing that by yourself." The Scout asked mockingly.

And at that moment, a Scout noticed Vidias hand around her knife handle.

"She's got a blade!" He shouted. "Shoot her!"

But before any of them could get a shot off, Vidia drew the knife and slid across the floor to the closest Scout. She drove the knife right into his gut and dragged it across him, spilling his innards. The scout screamed horrifically and fell to the ground, holding his guts in his hands.

The Scouts all fired simultaneously and they all missed. While they quickly attempted to reload, Vidia spun around and slashed the throat of the next closest Scout. Blood sprayed from her throat and she fell to the ground, chokiing and gasping. Vidia turned to a third Scout, who had her bow drawn again and ready fire. Vidia stabbed her in the arm before she could aim correctly and the arrow went flying right into another Scouts throat, sending him to the ground instantly. Vidia finished the Scout in front of her with a knife right up under her chin.

When Vidia turned to the next one, she saw that they had ready fired their second shots. Two arrows hit Vidia in her leg and shoulder. Vidia grimaced at the pain, but it didn't slow down as she stumbled towards the next one. She got to two more before they fired again, This time hitting her twice in the stomach area. Vidia began to slow down a bit more now as blood began to pour from her wounds. Still she managed to take out another three when two of the Scouts paniked and took off.

Vidia took another arrow in her thigh when she slashed the throat of another Scout, leaving only her and the head Scout left. By this point, Vidia had lost a heavy amount of blood and could barely support herself. She could barely even hold the knife up now. She slowly stumbled towards the last Scout and raised her knife as high as she could. But before she got to her, the Scout fired her last arrow, and this one stuck Vidia right in the heart.

Vidia dropped to her knees and breathed heavily. Blood began to pour from her mouth and her vision blurred. The Scout looked badly shaken, but still managed a triumphant smile.

Vidia knew this was it for her. It was a slightly bitter sweet feeling, she had to admit. Life had never really been good to her until just recently, but now that it was about to end, well, she really didn't know what to feel. But there was one thing she had to do before she died. With her last ounce of strength, she flipped the knife around so she was grasping the blade and flung it at the Scout. She barely had time to look surprised when it struck her right in the eye. She fell down dead instantly.

Vidia looked around at the carnage before her. Blood was splattered all over the cave walls and floor. It was a horrifying sight, and not one Vidia wanted to be as the last thing she ever saw. Then, she felt a pair of soft hands wrap around her, she fell backwards into somebody's embrace. Looking up, she could just barely make out Tinks tear stricken face.

"Tink?" Vidia murmured weakly. "You came back?"

"I can't go on without you, Vidia." Tink sobbed. "I don't want to live in this world without you."

Vidia sighed deeply.

"It's too late, Tink." She whispered. "I'm not gonna make it."

Vidia could feel Tinks warm tears dropping onto her face. She wished she could say something more comforting, but there just didn't seem to be any silver lining to this situation.

"Well then," Tink said after a few moments of silence. "I'll go with you."

"Oh, Tink..." Vidia said, coughing up a bit of blood. "I- I don't..."

"Vidia," Tink whispered. "I'd rather be dead with you then alive without you."

Vidia had to consider it for a moment, but the look in Tinks eyes said it all: there was no way she could talk her out of it. Finally Vidia sighed and smiled a bit. If this was truly the only way they could be together forever, then it was what had to be done. She felt Tink slip away from her for a second. She had gone over to where the knife was protruding out of the Scouts eye. She pulled it out with some effort it, it made a sickening noise as it came out. She walked back over to Vidia and kneeled down next to her, placing her head in her lap. She brought the blood-stained knife to her throat, but Vidia stopped her before she could do any more.

"Wait, Tink," She said. "Let me die first. I don't want to see you die."

Tink sobbed again and lowered the knife. Vidia placed her bloodied hand on Tinks cheek and held her gaze.

"Just let me look at you before I go." She whispered.

And the two just stared deeply into each others eyes until Tink felt Vidias hand slip away. She heard Vidia make one long exhale and saw the last bit of light leave her eyes. Vidias faint glow dissapeared completely and she went completely still.

Tink gently closed Vidias eyes and kissed lightly on the mouth.

"I'll be with you soon." She whispered.

Tink brought the knife to her throat again and held it there for a moment. She wondered what it would be like after she went. What would be waiting for her on the other side? She closed her eyes and pictured Vidia standing before her, looking more beautiful than ever before, her arms wide open, waiting for her to come into them.

A small smile stretched across Tinks face and with one swift motion, she cut her own throat. It took only seconds for her to bleed out. She fell on top of Vidia, and the two remained that way until they were found days later and given proper burials.

It was something that shook Pixie Hollow to it's core. Though no one knew what truly happened in that cave, it was seemed right to consider it un-just that the two lovers had to go the way they did. But still, something deep down inside most pfairies told them that wherever they went after they died, they were together. Because, after all, they were so right for each other.


Well, there it is. I never thought it would end up like this when I first started writing it, but then again, I never expected it to be nothing more than a one-shot. Anyway, I hope you all were affected by it. It wasn't easy to write, but I'm glad I wrote it.

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