Hey, everyone! Zero Phantasm here, letting you all know that I am not dead! I've been dealing with a lot in real life lately. My mother's rapidly declining health, personal hospitalizations, college shenanigans, raising a puppy, distractions a la Fate/Grand Order, family drama… The list goes on, but I'm not going to bore you kind folks with all the details.

I'm also making this notice to give you guys an update on just where each of my fics stand currently… And don't worry, I'm including a sampler of something to come in the near-ish future so that I'm not breaking the site's rules. Gotta' have some story in a chapter, right?


"Stranger Than" - In Progress… Kind of. I'm still planning out Chapter 2, and working on tweaking chapter 1 a bit to help it flow better.

"Burning Through The Ages" - In Progress! Chapter 2 is coming along nicely for this one! Had a biiit of a hangup on how to proceed, but I finally got past that, and things are progressing steadily again.

"The Orange Overlord" - In Progress, but stalled. I've been trying to write for this, but inspiration hasn't exactly been abundant for this one. I will get it done, however.

"Of Rivals And Lolis PLUS" - Hiatus. I'm still trying to figure out what the fuck I was taking when I wrote this bit.

"Solar Fox" - Rewrite Pending. Being one of my older works, I took a look back at this puppy and cringed. Yeah, I'm not letting one of my pioneering crossovers stay like that.

"Legacy Zero RELOAD" - Re-rewrite Pending. Same as above. I had some good ideas, but… I need to revamp the execution.

"Omamori Naruto" - Dead. I was basically reskinning the manga with little to no changes, and flying by the seat of my pants. I may revisit the idea of rewriting this fic someday, but… For now, it's not in the cards.

"His World" - Dead. Dead dead dead. And the guy who said he'd adopt the fic hasn't done shit with it to my knowledge, so… Yeah, anyone want this? No? Thought so.

"Magan no Naruto" (You are here!) - Pending a Rewrite. Nowhere near as bad as Solar Fox or LZR, but… I've grown more knowledgeable of Nasuverse lore, gone through more materials, and I can now better handle writing something like this.


"Hero of Illusionary East" - Hiatus. Real life shenanigans and distractions made us lose our focus and motivation for this fic. We may end up doing a rewrite, but… Who knows?

"Hyperdimension Neptunia: Shinobi of Balance" - I don't even fucking know. When we started this fic, we were operating off the original first game on PS3. Then Mk.2 happened. Then the Re;Birth games, then… Yeah. We're trying to figure shit out on this before we do anything more on this baby.


Unnamed Triple Crossover - Heheh… I've been working on a special surprise for you all with the help of a friend of mine. I can't say too much, but, I'll leave you a hint:


"... You just have to say that for every dramatic reveal you make, don'tcha, 'ttebayo."

"Would you rather I start going 'SUUUUUUUPER!' like a certain friend of ours?"

"Nonono. Stick with what you have, please."

Unnamed Naruto/ 'Tales Of' Crossover - In which the Kyuubi's grudge against the Toads for sitting on it years ago seeps through into the Kuchiyose, leading to Naruto not summoning Gamabunta in that chasm, but rather… A Lord of Calamity.

"Gal*Gunvolt" (Azure Striker Gunvolt/Gal*Gun Crossover) - An AU fic where Gunvolt managed to resolve the fights in GV1 and 2 without killing anyone… And ends up getting noticed by a goddess as a result. Too bad the reward she sent an angel to give him got messed up, though. Especially since it wasn't made for people with Septimal Power.

"Shinobi Psychomancy" (TWEWY/Senran Kagura crossover) - In the end, Joshua decided to give Neku a break after everything he went through… Of course, Joshua being Joshua, it's not that easy. "... Shiki would absolutely flip if she saw this…"

Undetermined Crossover with "Psycho Love Comedy" - Exactly what it says on the tin. I am entirely open to suggestions on this, by the way!

Undetermined Crossover with "Rosenkreuzstilette" - Same as above.

And, finally… The teaser I promised earlier! Sorry that it's not for the rewrite for this, but… Eh, I need time to actually plan that out. That, and I couldn't resist staking my claim to pioneer my third crossover section (First was Naruto/Boktai, second was TWEWY/OreImo). So, without further delay…

"So, let me get this straight. You guys are in the middle of a war using special weaponized vehicles…" A young man-no older than 18-began, green eyes locked onto the older man before him. He was a scruffy looking blonde that somehow also held an air of undeniable reliability about him.


"And because one of your comrades got hurt, you're now desperately looking for a new recruit to help out and bolster your numbers against unreasonable odds…" The teen continued, eyebrow slightly twitching in annoyance at the curt response.

"You're dead on so far, kid."

"Not to mention the fact that your operations have a history of dealing with robots, aliens, zombies, and all sorts of weird stuff that seems like it's out of some B-list action flick…" He pressed on, disbelief briefly seeping into his tone of voice, before he recalled exactly what led to this meeting.

"Don't forget the clones. Those damned clones are worth mentioning, too."

"Right… And your team is entirely accepting of the fact that I'm from another time period entirely, and that I can use a variety of special armors to change up how I fight?" He continued, now raising an eyebrow.

"Kid, do we need to revisit what I described from our past battles again?"

"True enough…" The brunette muttered, before resuming his questioning. "And so far, your only available soldiers for this war are your squad-which is short one member currently-a mercenary team, and an Intelligence Division?"

"You've hit the nail on the head." The blond man remarked, before shooting the brown-haired teen a smirk. "So, tell me. You up for the challenge, kid?"

Most people would've balked at such a question. However, for the brown-haired youth known simply as "Vent"... There was only one clear answer to give:

"When can I start?"

At this, the blond Major named Marco Rossi laughed, before clapping Vent on the shoulder and grinning wildly.

"Welcome to the P.F. Squad, kid. You're gonna' do just fine here."

Vent's only response was a grin of his own...

Yep. Yeeeeeep. If you don't know what the crossover is from that, just do some Googling.

So, let me know what you all think of the lineup and status of things here. I'll keep working on those updates in the meantime. Until then!