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He was staring aimlessly at the ceiling. Homosexual relationships were not his forte. And even if they were… The man upstairs seemed to be much more suave than he was.

They would occasionally laugh (he hadn't heard Seishin laugh before.) They were presumably drinking alcohol (that was what had gotten him into this mess in the first place, wasn't it?) And they were possibly watching that particular movie (though this man had handled that quite differently.) Was the other man going to get on top of Seishin afterwards? He mused with the possibility.

Perhaps he would be with another man the following day. And a different man the day after that. He would walk through the front door with an endless parade of men. But none of the men would be Toshio, because the jinrou had already decided that the doctor was not right for him.

He frowned. Why was he so aggravated? It wasn't like him.

He had considered himself more attractive than this man (he had even made a scale of relative handsomeness.) And he was obviously more successful (well yes, he was a doctor.)

There it was again. The misplaced jealousy. Why did he care so much? Seishin's relationships did not concern him. The jinrou had said that himself.

There seemed to be no way to pry Seishin from this man's arms. What was he going to say? "I had a dream about you." It was weak, even if it was true. And he was far too old to be having those particular kinds of dreams.

He muffled a yawn. Thinking about his current position was exhausting. Despite what his roommate had said, he had resigned himself to the belief that Seishin was not going to want him back. He chewed on the end of his cigarette.

He had been smoking a lot more lately. Why was that? He reasoned it was due to stress. Before he came to Duluth, it was one pack a month. Sometimes he could stretch the pack out to two months. But the trash can underneath the sink was littered with empty packages, the two ashtrays filled with cigarette butts.

Seishin hadn't said anything about them.

He heard a heavy object being dragged across the upstairs hallway. "Is everything okay?"

No response.

Toshio tried a second time. "Is everything okay?"

There was silence. The dragging had stopped. And then there was giggling.

"Pfff. He probably thinks I'm dragging you across the carpet, Seishin."

"… You make it sound like you haven't done that before." He pictured Seishin adjusting his glasses.

"You were totally willing at the time."

"And quite intoxicated."

Toshio repeated his question a third time. "Is everything okay?"

"Yeah. We're fine. Seishin likes it rough, anyways." He was probably smirking. Bastard. Toshio had gotten off the couch at that remark.

"Andy…?" Ten stairs left.

He continued, despite Seishin's objection. "… But if it's too much of a problem, we can always head back to my place…" He grabbed the man by the collar.

"Don't touch Seishin!"

He was calm, despite being held in place at an awkward angle. "Why does it matter. To you, I mean?"

Toshio was at a loss for words. "…We're friends."

"Right. And we're dating. So there really isn't any conflict, is there?"

"Dat… ing?" He felt nauseous. "You're dating?"

"Yes. Now, will you let go?" He frowned. "I have a date to finish."

"… Right." He released the man. "… Sorry... I didn't…"

"Damn straight. C'mon Seishin. Let's go to a hotel." Seishin's date took his hand. And left.

Toshio was left with his thoughts. Seishin was dating. Dating another man. Someone other than him. He had confessed to Toshio. But he was dating someone else.

But the other man was right. Why did it matter to him? He wasn't contending for Seishin's affections, was he?