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Chapter 10

"Ichigo." The orange haired feline hybrid looked up, seeing his newfound friend making his way over to him. It had been a few days since they fled from the facility and they had been running farther from that place as much as they could. He hoped that enough hybrids had gone from there. His kind was already sparse in the world and he felt like he was becoming an endangered species. Kenpachi lowered his outstretched hand, dropping a handful of food down into the boy's lap before plopping down next to him. Ichigo quickly tore into the food, his stomach growling at the scent of fresh fish. He guessed Kenpachi had swiped it from the seafood mart that was a few blocks away. They tried to keep close to markets, but stayed in the shadows of the alleyways to keep from being seen.

He lifted the piece of fish and started to nibble on it, his eyes trailing over to the larger man. Kenpachi was fairly large for a hybrid and Ichigo wondered just why that was. Chad, another hybrid in the facility, had been tall too, but he was nothing compared to Kenpachi. He wondered what the real reason was that the large Ryoka had been in the facility. Even though he looked strong, he didn't look that dangerous. He had an air of confidence and he knew he was almost impossible to beat, but he never attacked anyone, seeming a little too harmless.

"Kenpachi…why were you really in that place?" Ichigo asked, pulling the fish away from his mouth. The larger feline pulled the meat from his mouth as well and sighed before gazing down into the mocha eyes. He could see the curiosity in those dark orbs and he looked away, gazing out into the distance.

"I was thrown away by someone who didn't want me anymore. It would have been dangerous for other people if I had stayed on the streets, so I let them bring me there. Never thought the place would treat us so badly."

"D-did they do anything to you in there? You never acted like anything happened." Kenpachi shook his head and took a bite out of his fish, chewing it slowly. Ichigo did the same, his eyes lowering to his clawed hands. He guessed it would be really difficult to catch Kenpachi off guard. The man was quick for his large size, compared to Ichigo's small frame; he really could take care of himself.

"There were strict orders not to. I'm not sure from whom, but I have an idea."

"…The person that threw you away?" The large hybrid just grunted and Ichigo could see that whoever threw Kenpachi away didn't do it of freewill. There were some people in the world that didn't take their kind for granted, but it was hidden from the majority of the people. They were nothing more than animals, but they were treated much lower than that. Ichigo was glad that Kenpachi had a human that was keeping an eye on him and he wondered if he would ever have that kind of value. "They seem like a good person."

Kenpachi just chuckled and glanced over towards Ichigo with a large grin. "He is. He hides it well, but I know the side of him that no one has ever seen." Ichigo just smiled up at the man. He hoped that one day; he could feel the same way about someone else.

Ichigo groaned at the sheer pain in his head and it felt like a job just to open his eyelids. His legs moved and he could distinctly hear the clinking of what sounded like metal against concrete. Was he locked away again? After promising himself that he would never be captured again? And where was Grimmjow? Snapshots of the events started to flood behind his closed lids and they snapped open as he jerked up, banging his head against what felt like a ceiling.

He crouched down in reflex, hissing at the pain and took in the blurriness before him. The place was dark, and even with his nocturnal vision it was still hard to make out his surroundings. He let his ears do the seeing for him and he listened for any sign of life in the dark place. There was a distant sound of scratching against the wall and Ichigo's ears twitched at the annoying sound.

"H-hello!" he called out into the room. There wasn't an answer, but he could still hear the scratching. He repeated him himself, but flinched away when he heard a loud clanking. A low gurgling sound spilled from the darkness and Ichigo quickly backed himself into the corner, his eyes wide and frantic. His nails dug into the ground beneath him and he tried to calm his nerves. Where was he? What was going on? And what was going to happen to him? The place was far too dark as if someone wanted to hide whatever was in the room. It stunk of dirt and feces and Ichigo's nose twitched at the smell. It wasn't the spicy aroma of Grimmjow or the clean smell of fresh soap that he had been so accustom to. It made Ichigo's body shiver and his hair stand on end.

Snapping his eyes closed, he tried to push away the horrifying sounds and pungent odors around him. The memories of Grimmjow, Apacci, even Nnoitra didn't do much to make the uncomfortable atmosphere disappear. His throat spilled a soft cry, a reflex of not having what he wanted and he realized just how bad things were.

Grimmjow was dead and he was in some unknown and frightening place. He wondered what was going to happen now. Would he survive, or would he end up just like the rest of his friends?

Byakuya frowned as he stood in his bedroom, his slate gray eyes staring straight at his floor mirror. He pulled at the sash wrapped around his waist, letting it flutter to the tatami floor, his eyes still trained on the mirror. The mission was a success, but it hadn't gone as he planned. He knew he would have to kill anyone who got in the way, but the look on the Ryoka's face didn't sit well with him. The expression of anger and heartache was prominent and the air in the room had become so thick that he thought he would suffocate. The hybrid was indeed strong and he could see why the Captain Commander had been searching for him. That feline hybrid would change how they fought their battles and how they treated criminals in the future.

He sighed and looked away from his reflection, feeling goose bumps form across his bare skin that was showing from his open robes. What he was doing was wrong. It was something he had once promised he would never take part in and now he was breaking that vow. Looking away, he made his way towards his large dark wooden cabinet in the corner of his room. Opening one of the top drawers, he slipped his hand inside and rummaged for the trinket inside. Pulling his hand out, he listened to the soft jingle and gazed at the small golden bell that he held in his fingers. Pushing the drawer closed, he made his way back over to his futon and sat down, gazing down at the small bell.

Something from his past, it always seemed to sooth him of his worries. It was the only thing he had kept from the person he had pushed away. Closing his eyes, he shook the bell, letting it produce the heart wrenching memoires of his life before becoming a Captain of the Shinigami. Even before he had been recruited into the organization. It was a time when he was young and dare he say, in love.

At the age of fifteen, Byakuya had been a wildcat, so rebellious, energetic and free. Though he was still a noble, no one would ever know. He didn't care much about keeping good company with his family, no matter how much he loved them. They were boring, almost as if they were already dead. Byakuya never understood the way his family worked, so he left it alone and ventured off on his own.

It wasn't surprising that he had taken in a stray and even if his parents had forbid it, it had never changed Byakuya's mind. Kenpachi had been the only thing Byakuya looked forward to whenever he had come home. The large feline hybrid had been more than his joy. He had taught the Ryoka how to read, write and speak, but Kenpachi had taught Byakuya how to survive. Battle wasn't new to the noble teenager, but surviving was something he never needed to know (at least that's what his parents thought). Kenapchi was vulgar, loud and nonchalant and the older Byakuya got, the more annoyed he had become with Kenpachi. It didn't faze the Ryoka, only making it more fun teasing the dark haired male and the teasing became more and more intimate until Byakuya was giving himself over to the large feline hybrid.

Byakuya started to wonder how everything had turned a complete 180, but he never stopped it. He never refused the touches or the soft whispers or sweet nothings. He accepted the scratchiness of Kenpachi's cat-like tongue and the large hands that roamed his body with precision. The lust had turned into something that confused Byakuya until it had been too late to realize what he had been feeling. He had been enamored by the Ryoka and it had led him to be careless. Getting caught doing something so obscene with Kenpachi had never been something he wanted out in the open, but when it happened he had panicked, blaming it all on the hybrid. The look on Kenpachi's face had only lasted for mere seconds, but Byakuya could never forget the utter shock and hurt that the large man had shown. He had broken Kenpachi's heart and that was when he realized that he had just lost something precious to him.

Byakuya sighed, opening his eyes and staring down at the small golden bell. He knew he had hurt the bigger man's feelings, but he had been shocked when Kenpachi had left the small object behind, softly pulling it from his hair and dropping it into Byakuya's pale and soft hand.

"I'll never forget you," he had said. "You had to do what you had to do. Just don't turn into them." Byakuya didn't understand why Kenpachi hadn't been angry with him. He had hoped to receive harsh words, but none had come his way. It was unnerving and it confused him still til' this day. He could never get over the feline hybrid. And against Kenpachi's last words, he had become exactly what he silently promised he would never become.

He had been ripping Ryoka from the streets and from their families to become experiments. Byakuya had been treating them as animals, trying to forgot that Kenpachi had left him. It hadn't been the feline's fault and maybe he was just trying to justify his own actions. He felt that no one should go through the pain he had gone through and he would annihilate the problem at its source.

Running a hand through his long obsidian locks, he rolled the bell in his hands, thinking back to the orange haired feline's face. He had ripped him away from someone that had been special to him. The look on the Royka's face made his stomach churn and he was starting to regret, something he never did.

There was a knock at his door and he quickly dropped the bell onto his futon, making sure his legs hid it.

"You may enter," he responded, his voice as expressionless as ever. His tired ashen eyes watched the door slide open to reveal his red haired vice captain. The man's hands were carrying a stack of files and Byakuya figured it was for today's Ryoka. He reached out his hand and Renji handed over the folders before bowing and leaving. Renji knew not to disturb Byakuya at home, so it had been right for him to leave quickly.

Gazing down at the folder, he opened one and gazed at the chicken scratch that was only known to Kurotsuchi of the 12th Division. He tried to decipher the writing and after a while understood that Mayuri would start his tests of the orange haired Ryoka in two day's time. There were a list of possible tests, some making Byakuya's lips turn up in disgust, but he knew it would be the only way to get the strong hybrid on their side.

Force was the only way and if that didn't work, they would have to use some more unorthodox methods. Throwing the folders onto his futon, he grabbed his bell and fell back onto the bedding. Rolling it around in his hand, he thought about what would be happening when they got the Ryoka on their side. It was going to be hard, and even though he knew he couldn't forget the way Kenpachi looked at him with such disappointment, this was his job and he would do it to the fullest.

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