It was 2 am, the stars were revealed by the clear sky. Probably some stars she once visited. She couldn't sleep. It was exactly one week further, when she saw the other woman walking out of jacks' office. She felt lost, though she was with Pete. Yea… sure. But somehow she felt that something was wrong. A feeling that told her that it shouldn't be that woman walking out of his office. But it should be her walking into his office, and give him a hug. Both deserved that chance. Now she was alone… yesterday she told Pete she needed some time for herself. It was only three weeks ago when he asked her to marry him. She told him she had to think about him. Like second thoughts but then for a proposal.

During this week, she felt her old feelings for Jack coming back but much stronger. Yesterday the other woman was again at SGC, now they were in the mess hall. Together they were laughing and smiling at each other. God! She used to be that woman sitting opposite of him. He would be sarcastic… again. And she would be laughing. Now it's another woman. She actually came for her rest, but this wasn't actually calming her down. It made her angry and restless. She decided to eat the food in her lab. When she half rotated she saw her looking at her. Totally pissed actually. She must have felt the gaze of her. She looked angry back at her and turned around. In her lab, she freaked out, it was all too much. She actually kicked her paperwork, files and rapports on the ground. She placed her plate onto her desk and just left it there. She didn't touched it for quite a time. Ten minutes… fifteen minutes… coz in meanwhile she was looking for some calm-down pills. All her anger and frustration, feelings, hurts, thoughts and loss made it all to much. She didn't spoke to Daniel or Teal'c. She's been avoiding Jack for some time now. Nobody probably seen her left the base. She couldn't hold it in her lab, as she didn't want to be seen on the cameras in her lab. They plugged them there to watch her that she doesn't overwork herself, like she normally does. But it seems like she can't even concentrate on her work for about 5 minutes. Usually she got dragged along with it. But now… god she was a total mess, and she knew.

Now she was sitting against the wall of her bedroom. Dripping tears on her pale sweaty face. It was totally over between Jack and Sam. Why else would he date that other woman. What was he called… Kelly… kea… oh wait. Kerry, yes Kerry whatever. Now she knew she wasn't over Jack at all. She's been dreaming and thinking about him for the last two and a half weeks. It was all too much. How pathetic could she be? How could she let it go this far? Never mention the friendship Jack and her had been building on for the last half year. He probably doesn't even think about her now. She knew the thing between Pete and her, whatever it was, has to and. She can't deal with it anymore. She had to tell Jack she can't move on… without him. It hurts to see him with somebody else, especially if it isn't her.

She's gonna call Pete to come over and she will stop this stupid thing she's been dragged along with right now! Marc will be mad, well she doesn't care at all. All she wants is to be with Jack. She will continue tomorrow by visiting the SGC again. And go straight in his office. She doesn't care how she'll be acting. She just can't deal with it again. It crushes her. She already feels crushed, seeing him with that Kerry whatever. She was going to end this total mess right now! Today!