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Chapter 1: Dorothy comes to Paris.

Main Control room

A man sat on a large chair and scowled at the situation that unfolded in front of his camera screens. He scowled and spoke in a heavy French accent "What the hell is going?" He demanded, the subordinates flinching at this "We need Angel alive, or our plans to control this planet are gone with her. Kill the intruder, but leave the girl alive!" He roared. The subordinates flinched again but did as instructed.

He ordered another team of guards and a special ops group to go get the intruders. He fumed silently. A voice of a young teenage girl spoke softly, yet a tone of anger was apparent in her voice, "This must be the troublemaker responsible for hitting the warehouse in France." She pondered, but the look on her face suggested that she was satisfied with the answer.

The man looked at her, he was a tall, bald man, with thick glasses, and was wearing a white coat, suggesting he was a scientist, while he was wearing a polo with a tie on his neck. The shoes were expensive looking, but durable, and he was wearing an id with the name "Franco De'Rouge". The girl, however, was petit, pretty-looking and had eyes so blank that looking in them would cause you to fall right in to her charms. She wore a "Save the planet, Kill the Humans" green t-shirt, with matching green jogging pants. In contrast to Franco's near rage-like state, she was cooler headed. Her blonde hair added beauty to her.

Ever since the intruder got in, both were coordinating efforts and resources to stop the intruder. They realized he was a foe to be reckoned with when the large group of guards that was sent his way was somehow incapacitated simultaneously whilst trying to get to the intruder.

It was not until later they found out that the intruder was going for Angel's room. He tried almost everything to stop him and he still broke in.

It was sad, actually. All the resources at their disposal, and even genetically enhanced humans fell to him like wheat on a harvest day. They decided to figure out what his strengths are, but somehow he blasts the surveillance cameras before they get a chance to look at him, which got the nerves of Franco at a near crazed state, like right now.

As a man of science, he had the right to be curious. The intruder didn't give him such leisure, and after blowing up the 15th camera, Franco finally lost it.

"What is that freak?" He yelled. "I want to know who is he, and how many of them are there if that's a group after our prized possession?" He scanned the building for any non-scorched cameras and actually pinpointed the location of the intruder now, but was too late, for he had already reached the room where Angel was held.

The building they were in was actually an 4 story warehouse used as a hideout for the Doomsday Group in Europe. Located in the outskirts of France, far from any prying eyes, and heavily guarded. The warehouse belonged to a well-known scientist named De'Rouge. He usually uses this old building as a way to conduct experiments. His logo, a griffin with a shield and sword background, symbolized that he was a person of high-esteem.

His alliances, however, were questionable.

If they could stop him there… He thought, but the girl interrupted his reverie.

"This boy is starting to become a nuisance."

"That boy is a man if he could attack us here with such audacity." Franco admitted, "Where are those genetic freaks posed as my bodyguards? I was under the impression that they would arrive here in case such a situation like this arrived."

"They have been notified, but it was on hold." She replied. Franco grimaced. He thought of the possibility, and checked the communication lines and found that they were all disconnected. Even the cell phone signal was blocked.

"Cunning son of a- He blocked the communications in the building!" He exclaimed. He then turned to the girl. "Can you handle this personally?"

"I may not be able to stop him, but I can find out how he was able to incapacitate the guards as easily as he did." She admitted. It was common sense, if they couldn't stop him, then maybe they can find out how he does all this whilst blocking the outside world.

Franco looked deep in thought, and then made up his mind.

"Alright" he finally said "Take a team with you and investigate." She turned, and Franco called after her.

"And I would mind if you kept him away from the power room. You know, the one the floor where they are located." He reminded. "The area is filled with highly explosive experimental power sources. And I should that go off in a manner that makes the millennium party a joke; we might be exposed to the media about the entire fiasco! Paris was good start, I admit, and the we might be one step further to the future, but fail here and consider your Doomsday group to meet their expiration dates long before Armageddon starts."

She lost her façade of composure and snarled "Paris was just the beginning! We may have been uncovered as the bombers, but we were able to convince authorities that they acted on their own authority. Even then, some of them still regarded us with suspicion."

"I don't have to remind you of the huge expenses needed to cover up the rest of our groups' involvement with such acts, but Interpol is now unto us, as if this wasn't bad enough, the Gen 54 group and this boy now made us run in circles. We are tired of your excuses and continuous blame on every mishap on us! This fiasco was of your own doing, Franco, and you know it!" She snarled. "I maybe the runner for both our groups and yours, Dr. De'Rouge, but keep in my that the toxin from your weapon supplies failed to do its job quickly, so this delay of the end of the world was your fault."

Franco leapt from his seat and glared down the young teenager.

"MY FAULT!" He roared. "You are as equal to blame as I am. Yes, I may have been demanding, but your group is no different." He snapped. "I heard about Paris, and your group forgot to factor Maximum Ride's intervention. We could have succeeded if you had placed more efficient bombs on that site, or place even more on areas that could have made much more chaos when destroyed."

"You may think I work for you, but do not forget we are partners. If I go down you come to hell with me." His French accent making the threat even more ominous. "Now stop him now! DO NOT LET HIM GET AWAY WITH ANGEL!"

A reckoning will come for you, Franco. The girl thought. Humanity will soon be wiped out. But you will take comfort in the fact you will join them much sooner than you thought.

Then she departed.

Tensions rose between the Doomsday group and their secret benefactor, De'Rouge Industries, a group of scientists with an intent on finishing Itex's goal of world domination.

Franco forced himself to remain composed.

Only one would succeed in ruling this planet, thought the CEO of De'Rouge's industries, and it will most certainly not be your crackpot group.

At the same time …

Angel gasped at all of the memories given to her by Cole, and all in the space of 1 minute.

She truly began to understand who this guy was and how he was able to gain such power. She shuddered, many people died unwillingly to give him power, and all the behest of Kessler, the future Cole and a man who was willing to do anything for the greater good.

She already saw them before, but never in this detail. She began to feel the emotions that came to her when she first saw these events in clarity.

Then she saw the Beast, a powerful conduit capable of creating volcanoes and cities to glowing cinders. She saw that it was he who forced Kessler into doing what he did to Cole.

She saw the Beast again, but now with a clearer picture of what it can do.

She felt scared and relieved at the same time. She was scared that such a powerful being existed and relieved that it did not exist here. Scientists maybe destroying the world, but at least they are doing it badly.

She felt sympathy. Her life was just as turmoil as her life with Max in saving the world. But he saved his, at the cost of his loved one and friendship. She was scared that Max might resort to becoming a more ruthless person to stop the threat if she slipped up.

She thought how much her supposed death had gave Max grief, and wishing to be with her and Gazzy and the others to tell them she was alright, but she couldn't as this might be risky to lead more danger to Max. As much as she wanted to please her childish side, the more mature side had to take over and regard the situation as it had given itself to Angel.

"I never did have any choice" said Cole suddenly.

"That wasn't fair." Angel replied, seeing as to how he had gotten the power, at the cost of his personal life."Kessler, while he was really bad man, truly believed that he was doing some good. Although he shouldn't have destroyed the one thing you held dear."

"He made me who I am, and I hate him with everything I have" Cole said. "But his warning has been given, I will stop the Beast."

Angel shivered at the look of rage Cole had for a moment and said.

"I don't worry; Max has the same problem as you." Angel reassured.

"Really?" Cole asked. Angel nodded her head. "You both have to save the world. The only difference, you can do it alone. Max, on the other hand, needs all the help she can get, and even I doubt that's enough."

Cole still didn't know who this Max character was, but he immediately took a liking already, due to both of them having the same burdens. He then raised his right hand, green light covering it.

"Wanna know how I found you now?" She nodded again "I'm sure, and "I'll give you my memories afterwards." Though still woozy from the pain before, she was strong enough to endure this. If she can gain the trust of a stranger who was powerful enough to hear her blocked off thoughts, then she can redeem herself, at the very least help Max save the world.

Anyway, she began to see what had transpired before and came to the point where she left off…

Cole landed on the floor. There was little light in the tunnels, but he could see the boy running off with the blast shard, for it was glowing brightly in the dark.

"Hey, kid, STOP!" Cole called after him, but only prompted a rapid change of pace in the boy's movement.

"They always have to run." Cole swore under his breath, and gave chase.

Being a Hero was never easy.

Well, ain't life crap?

He then ran for the boy.

Here's the thing; Cole is an electric powered superhero, including the ability to run very fast. But this child was unusually fast. He had to put up a better effort than if he was gonna keep visual contact. Again he keeps calling him. No response.

He lost the boy after a few turns, but decided to track the blast shard instead, for it was easier to track a power source. He easily located it.

"Gotcha." He proceeded to the site where the blast shard was located. It took him 5 minutes, but he finally found the boy.

Cole was now astounded. The room where the boy was located was huge, and it had electrical wires dangling above the ceiling. Above the ceiling was street level, although it looked a bit rickety. Standing next to the boy was a large circular arc that took only a small part of the room, as the rest was filled with things you could find in a house.

"Stop!" The boy shrieked. "Don't come any closer."

"It's okay; I'm not here to kill you or anything." Cole reassured, but the boy didn't buy that.

"You're lying!" He accused. Cole studied the boy closely and his features turned from calm to shock.

The boy's skin was unnaturally white, as though he never saw the face of the sun. Cole saw that his feet were long and thin, just like his body. How the boy was able to run that fast was over him. He was wearing a coat with a jersey and jogging pants with matching shoes. Now this wouldn't be a problem if he wasn't albino.

The face, however, was the one that really took Cole aback. He had all the features of a normal boy, except for his eyes. There was no problem with his sight; it was just glowing green, then red, then blue, and so forth.

Ok, so it was a problem, sort of.

Cole deduced that the eyesight was meant to avoid being caught unaware in the dark or it could determine what kind of power he has.

Fright was the primary emotion the boy had at the moment, but his stance betrayed a capable boy ready to beat the living crap out of anyone who became a threat to him.

"If I was lying," began Cole "You wouldn't be standing here right now." As to prove his point, he shot a bolt of electricity at a nearby bottle and shattered it.

The boy flinched for a bit, and then composed himself.

"Look, mister, I just wanna go home, and this is the best way to do it."

"With two blast shards" A note of skepticism was hinted in Cole's voice.

"I need power, so that I power this," the boy said, pointing the arc shaped machine "and go home."

"Look, just drop the shards and-"Cole tried negotiating with the boy. Didn't work out so well, when a boy was being shot at.

"NO!" He yelled. "I mean back to my home, but not from here."

"What are you talking about?" Cole asked, now confused.

"I meant I am not from here, this dimension." Cole was skeptical. Any sane person would have said he was crazy, but considering the boy's condition and Kessler giving him powers and knowledge from the future, it wouldn't be a long stretch.

"Explain." Cole demanded.

The boy then proceeded his tale. His name was James.

He wasn't always like this. He told Cole he used to be a normal boy, but became a freak. The disturbing part was that not only was he turned into such a freak, but willingly did so. Cole ordered him to explain further.

It was revealed that a group known as the Doomsday group, or DG for short was responsible for the tragedy that befell him. Though he did not see it as a tragedy to become a freak, the tragedy was that he allowed himself to be swayed and therefore become one of them. He mentioned that before he became so fanatically committed to the group, he met a young girl with blank eyes and a face so pretty, he would done anything for her.

He became devoted to their cause afterwards. He said it in such a way which made Cole shudder, wondering who could do that to such a child.

The boy continued, and finally told him how he came to this world.

The boy convinced his parents that he would go on an "educational trip" to Montreal, France. They were led by a young girl, whose named was Beth, was the same one he talked to at school. He, and 6 other candidates, was greeted by a large, tall, bald and almost grumpy scientist, who introduced himself as Dr. Franco De'Rouge.

Though a bit of discomfort due to the hospitality given to them by Dr. Franco, but Beth reassured him that the slogan of the Doomsday Group was closer to fruition by helping him.

"And, what is that slogan of this group?" Cole asked, his stomach already queasy just by hearing this disturbing tale.

"SAVE THE PLANET, KILL THE HUMANS!" he yelled, the old fanatical devotion still burning slightly in his eyes. While he hated the group for the misfortune heaped on him, the small part that still held the group with devotion. Cole grimaced. This group was a bit too misanthropic for his taste. This manipulation of innocents, especially children, did not sit well with him.

"James, please continue." The boy nodded.

"The good Doctor had built something that could easily help the Doomsday Group in the event that their plans had gone south: A dimension splicer. Using an experimental power source, the device is used as a way to travel to place familiar in their time, but different in the dimension's timeline. He nicknamed it "the Arc" due to the size and shape of its portal."

Dr. Franco explained that this is a back-up plan in case the plan to survive after the Armageddon had begun. This is also used to as a way to recruit powerful allies to aid the Doomsday Group, hoping to further their cause.

Megalomaniac and Misanthropic, Cole thought, a combination which will result in many catastrophes for many innocents caught in their line of fire.

Another apocalypse, another catastrophe, same old bullshit.

Cole then wondered why the boy wanted back home.

As if reading his thoughts, the boy said that when he first came here, he thought he felt as though he was a bit of an alien. Even though lived in this world for more than 2 months now, that feeling of not belonging still nagged at him. Also, he was abandoned shortly after, for there was a "malfunction" according to them. They said that the power could not hold and before he could run back to the portal, it vanished.

It would been days before he remembered that the power coupling were meant to last 5 days should anything happen to the main power source. Rage and anger flowed through him and began a look for a way to get back home.

He then showed Cole something he'd never seen before. Taking a small TV and an cell phone, he disassembled them and cobbled them both together to create a makeshift computer.

The extraordinary thing was, he did not touch them at all. The pieces just moved together, as if the will of the boy himself moved it.

He said the powers are "side-effect" to coming here. Dr. Franco said that when traveling through dimensions, in addition to your talents, an ability will be given to you from the world you now just jumped in.

Meaning that in order to survive a world filled with mutants more powerful than him, he was given an ability in order for him not to get overwhelmed in the process. That ability, for James' case, was that he could manipulate and enhance technology to the point that they became nano-tech.

"Why didn't you use your powers back then, when those thugs tried to kill you?" Cole asked.

"One of them was able to get a good hit at my left side. The pain and fear of being caught somehow made it impossible for me to think and use. At least the eyes were useful." James pointed to the glowing eyes that pulsated in those sockets.

"What are the eyes used for?"

"They can form a rough 360 degree picture of everything around me. It's a bit fuzzy when my eyes are closed, when open…"He let it sink in. Cole had a small shiver.

I'll never get used to that.

Cole had heard enough. Injustice was something Cole had little tolerance to, and this boy was a walking evidence of such a crime. And now surviving alone and with no one to turn to-

"What are you gonna do with me?" James' asked. Cole stood in deep thought for a few minutes. Then sighed, knowing he is done for.

A hero's gotta do what a heroes' gotta do.

"You're using blast shards for power cells are you?" James' nodded. Cole then walked to right to the portal and grabbed the shards. James then bowed his head, knowing his last hope to get ba-

"Stand clear." Huh?

Cole then absorbed the Blast Shards and then transmitted the energy from the blast shards into the arc itself, and the portal somehow began to open slowly.

Awestruck, James tried to form a coherent question.

"Wha-wh-ho-did you? Effectively speechless, Cole glanced to him and gave a sly grin.

"I am just a very nice Samaritan." Cole sarcastically replied. "One who doesn't let such an abused boy goes home without help."

"Uh-huh, and I'm the queen of England dressed in a bikini." James' used sarcasm to convey his skepticism on why a guy who he had just met wanted to help him.

"Look, you may not trust me because I'm a bit older and more powerful than you." Cole said, making James growl a bit. "But you've been through a lot, and obviously, you said you want to go home." The boy nodded again. "You mean no harm to other people, don't you?"

Again, the boy nodded an affirmative.

"So, let me help." Cole offered. "Because you seem to be a very tired boy, abused, experimented on, and scared. I do this because I don't want people hurt. I have the power to stop this, only if you let me."

James wanted his help, but he stopped himself for a moment. One half of his brain told him to trust him because it was true that his generosity helped this city back on its feet again, but his other half told him that everyone had a price when helping others, no exceptions.

Cole saw his doubt and decided to give him a run-down on how his powers came to be.

"Alright, I sense your doubt. So, I'll tell you my story, since you were kind enough to tell me yours."

James didn't respond. He slowly nodded and Cole began how his powers came to be in his possession…

"Woah" was all the boy could say. His story maybe a bit crazy to any sane person hearing it, but when he heard Cole, even he doubted that his sanity was in check.

"Believe me or no, that is my tale." Cole resoundingly said. "Everything I did and gained was because I lost everything and my girlfriend paid for it as well. I won't let all those people die all in vain because I turned this, power," He looked at his hands, which were now glowing. "into a curse for both everyone around me and myself. I will save everyone, but I will sacrifice if that is necessary. Whether you believe it or not is also your decision."

James decided to add some additional info about his world. "You should know, you ain't the only one trying to save the world."


"There was a group of kids like me, but were an older group, Gen-54, who are convinced that they should save the world. So far, that hasn't been going so smoothly." James said, softly bringing out a white feather that Cole noticed.

"This feather belonged to one of their youngest members. I got it when I saw one of their shows to promote environmental awareness." He paused, showing the feather to Cole. "Using this and the portal here, I can calculate my home dimension and maybe the place where the owner might be."

"Better than nothing, I guess."

"All I need now is some electricity to power up the arc. But since you have the blast shards…" The boy trailed off.

"As long as I'm not gonna kill anyone above us, I'll try to help."

"Thanks mister."

Cole began to use his power to charge up the batteries that power up the arc, while James began to place his home marker, a white feather, on a small pedestal with latches to hold the container in place while it used the feather to bring James home.

It took roughly an hour to get the thing up and running, but when it did, James powered up the computer, punched in a few commands, and the pedestal which held the feather began to glow, and a small spectrum of light beamed through the arc and a soon, a swirling portal came to be.

Cole and James walked to the portal slowly. James was crying a bit.

"All this time, and now I can finally go home." James sobbed happily.

"Hope you can save the world there." Cole said. James looked at him and wiped the tears in his eyes.

"I doubt that I can, I can barely save myself."

Cole was about to speak when the machine began to spark and whir and parts began to fly apart. Cole ducked as a couch was sucked in and found himself slowly being pulled in.

"WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING?" Cole demanded over the loud noise generated by the machine.

"I forgot to calibrate the navigation again!" James said, and saw that the container was about to rip off the pedestal.

"Cole! Don't let that feather come loose or I'll lose my only hope of getting back home!" Cole hurried and was able to grab the feather just in time.

"I got-"was able he was able to manage to say before being sucked in.

James saw that his ticket home was closing, and after grabbing a small bag filled with tools and personal effects, jumped after Cole before the entire room blew up.

Paris, France. 10 minutes prior to the explosion.

Cole POV.

I was in a daze when I woke up. Man that was gnarly. Once again, I was stuck in another god-forsaken situation which I had gotten myself into.

Well, at least I'm not alone. The only good news available to me so far.

I looked up and saw a couple of small figures in the air. At first, I thought I they were birds, but I looked closer and saw that those were people, and children no less!

I was speechless for a moment and then sighed. Well, this really is his home, but now our roles are reversed.

I saw that boy lying next to me and starting to get up. I helped him up and he tried to get a sense of where he was right now. James' eyes widened as he realized where he was.

"I'm home?" he said, and looked at me funny. I narrowed my eyes on him.

"What?" I demanded, and he looked at the ground until he went over and picked up a small mirror shard.

"Take a look." I peered into the mirror glass, and said "What the hell!"

I was looking at it, but couldn't believe at what I was seeing. I was looking at myself, with added changes.

I had electric blue hair and my beard was gone. And worse, I had somehow aged back, to when I was… An 18 year old.

James then stared over my shoulder. Can this get any worse?

"What now?" I exasperatingly asked, and James, who temporarily lost his voice, simply pointed to my back.

I tilted my head. And suddenly everything that comes out of my mouth comes to bite me in the ass after I say.

Must be that teenager sarcasm crap getting to me.

I saw that I had pure white wings. They were at least 15 ft wide, and it seemed strong enough to support my weight. I was now speechless.

I had dealt with everything that at my way, but now I was an adolescent again with wings. WITH WINGS, in case I didn't get that last part right.

I opened and closed my wings, and I noticed my feet were barely touching the ground. All the powers I have, and this seemed to be the sweetest.

"Awesome." I admitted. James looked envious. "Wish I had some."

I grinned and tried to get myself aloft. I hit the wall hard, because only one wing moved. I grimaced and tried moving the other, and I got knocked over to the wall next to James.

He laughed. "Oh yeah, I take it back." I glared at him. This kid was already annoying enough trying to chase him down. I used my powers to locate a viable source of power, because I felt weak immediately after using my wings. I sucked out the power of 2 nearby cars, scaring the locals.

"I take it this isn't a normal sight for me to suck out power?" I asked.

"Don't forget the wings." James added.

Rolling my eyes, I put on a small jacket over my back. To my surprise, my back went flat. Looking at James for a few moments, I carefully pulled my coat off and the wings popped back out again. I considered this for a few moments.

"Might wanna keep the jacket if I'm gonna lay low." I said, then turned to the boy and asked. "Where are we?"

"I think we're in Paris." He pointed to something in the distance, and I turned in the direction of his finger. It was the Eiffel Tower.

Perfect. Just Bri-

I was suddenly knocked off my feet as an explosion came from the ground, scattering debris and cars alike. Bystanders screamed and ran for their lives.

James was a bit shook up, but I grabbed on to him and said "Crap! We need to get out of the street now!" I took his hand and we rushed back out into the alley way, where the ground collapsed around us and we fell in the dark, I tried to pull myself up, but somehow a pot of flowers hits my head hard.

That was a some stupid cliché I fell for, was the last thought before blacking out completely.

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