Now, this one is longer than the others, but this also marks the end of the flashbacks and the timeline between Angel's capture and Cole's rescue. There is a significant gap here in between, so whatever happens to Angel now, will have terrible repercussions in the future. No more spoiling, so let's go!

Chapter 4: First Strike

4 hours after passing out...

First Person Perspective (FPP) of Cole.

I woke up to James and Mina staring down at me.

"What happened?" Asked James as he and Mina pulled me up.

Seeing as though lying wouldn't help, I told him what had transpired last night. James seemed confused at first, was about to ask a question, and immediately got his answer and shut upped the question raising from his throat.

Pretty impressive, and hilarious, when you look at his face when he does such a thing.

"I think that's a side-effect from the transfer." James theorized. "The DNA on that feather must have bonded to yours, and somehow managed to form some sort of a link to your mind. It's just conjecture from my part, but it's highly possible."

"You watch too many sci-fi movies, kid." I responded.

"And you're a part of it." James said in a matter of fact tone.

"Touche." I drearily said.

"Ok, so I checked the map, and there was a large complex matching the description of the van you told us to follow, and it turns out that a vehicle of the same description entered a small facility in Montreal. It seems it is controlled by some scientist with a whole lot of ethics issues and funded by a lot of corporations. The largest benefactor seems to come from-"I cut him off.

"-From the Doomsday Group?"I supplied.

"See, aren't as dumb as you look." James said.

"You are about to look dumb yourself." I clenched my fists, and laced them with electricity.

That boy cowered typically and ran behind his pet android like a little baby. What a surprise.

Sighing, I powered down and the levity in my face drained away. "Time to get serious. How far is that complex again?"

James wiped the grin off his face and began typing commands rapidly on his laptop. In mere seconds, he had the whole layout in front of him. I was impressed. It was a while and I have already seen the extent of his powers, but they always surprise and impress me.

"According to the data here, the facility is actually in walking distance. That explains why the barn yard was abandoned; it was used as a cover."

"We should have seen cameras in here by now." I said. "A place that is abandoned might house some characters who might be too nosy and might spot something out of place."

"I thought about that and made a scan. No devices of such kind, I'm afraid. They make sure that there is nothing suspicious in the barn. Hopefully, they think that because nothing out of place is going on here, they must hope for any interlopers staying in the barn to leave without suspicions. Again, this is just a conjecture."

"Maybe one too many," I muttered. "Then we should cover our tracks, hide the car in case someone finds it. I also suggest looking into their phone lines, see what they are talking about. And hacking their database seems nice alongside trashing the place and rescuing Angel. Does that seem ok to you." I asked, but the tone suggested otherwise.

James seemed to think about it. Then afterwards transformed his laptop to a wrist watch. "I believe I can do some damage. Just give me a medieval suit of armor and I might tell you exactly what I have in mind."He grinned maniacally.

"That look in your eye says crazy, but then, I'm not so sure that I'm sane myself." I chuckled.

"So, what about her?"I pointed my thumb in the direction of Mina. "What will she do?"

"Ummmm…" James was still thinking when his android came and pulled a wicked looking gun and her outfit changed into some sort of a jumpsuit, all of it black, even her hair color changed.

"Just how many features did you put into this thing?" I exasperated.

Surprisingly, the android answered. "I'm smarter than you think."

I was still in surprise when James began asking the questions first. "I didn't make you into a super smart android. How is it that you are able to bypass the primary functions? You were only made to help drive us around."

"You're powers," she began, "are evolving. There are several foreign elements in your bodies that are natural to this world, yet completely foreign, and the resulting reaction is making your bodies adapt to this world faster than anticipated. You did not know this, but there is a hazardous poison in your systems which I detected."

I was shocked. Even with all my powers, the poison still got into our system.

"How much longer until the-"I was cut off with Mina holding her hand up.

"I began estimating your chances for survival, when a strange chemical reaction took place. The bio-contaminants in your bodies became absorbed by your powers. Normally, this should have killed you, but a foreign element was still in effect. A large group of gamma ions, and your electricity-based powers, have been able to not only absorb and dispel the poison, but also allows your own powers to grow." She offered.

I began to think of the implications when she spoke again.

"I would highly advise not getting irradiated. It is not healthy, and you are not a god." She warned.

Apparently, compliments of the sarcastic kind ran in the head of that android.

"So," James began. "let me get this straight. My powers have evolved without my knowledge to the point where in you develop sentience overnight." She nodded emphatically.

I sighed. This was a twilight zone in the making here.

"Alright, we promise not to get ourselves dipped in a vat of toxic acid." I droned. Mina was chuckling. "I hope that sense of humor of yours doesn't kill us all."

"Alright, enough with the chit-chat. Let's find a way to get in and get out and trash everything else in between without killing ourselves." James and Mina nodded. I clapped my hands and electricity danced around me in excitement.

"This gonna be fun." I grinned. We began to plan.

3 hours later…

Two guards, armed with XM8 Assault rifles and wearing some heavy duty armor with face masks, were standing out the gate leading to a large facility in the middle of Montreal, France. As part of the mercenary group, Tyger, they were recently hired to help guard facilities that were tied to the Doomsday group. As much as the pay they received was good, their mutants, and personalities in the group sickened even the most battle hardened merc.

They were a mostly American, with some European and Asian elements in their company. Tyger had expanded for almost 3 years now, and so far things have turned up nicely for them. While they were disturbed by the message of destruction the DG was proclaiming, the pay received from them made them look the other way. After all, no way a bunch of kids can destroy the entire world, right?

The two guards in the front of the gate began a conversation about the latest events, as well as the latest in soccer in Europe. They were too busy to notice a white van speeding towards the gate. They were inside an air-conditioned guard house just outside the gate. They took regular intervals and because of the increasingly dull moments in between their guard time and shift, it was boring to them.

This lapse in security awareness became a very fatal flaw. One that was exploited by Cole.

They began loading the van with some fireworks. James suggested he could upgrade them to a higher degree of explosive, but the idea was to create enough distraction for them to sneak through. The gate has a significant distance from the facility itself. The distraction won't work if the guards there were dead, Cole reasoned.

Cole was deep in thought as soon as James left. The boy, for all his genius, also considered killing to be an option. This train of thought disturbed him slightly. He was gonna keep an eye on James more if he was assured he was gonna trust him.

The van careened into the gate with such force that the gate was actually flying over the van before crashing to a halt. The guards came, right on schedule and the fireworks were detonated. They began calling in the rest of the guards to check on the facility. Cole then snuck into the guard house and grabbed the complex map before using his new power to teleport into the facility, particularly the experiment building complex, where the security is significantly slowed in that part of the facility.

James and Mina stayed behind, and was able to get another car before getting in and putting much distance between the facility and himself. While the barn yard was a sufficient place to hideout, it could be the first place they looked. So they will provide technical support while moving, and Cole will do the hands-on details of the rescue.

Cole FPP

I was able to teleport myself in. And the sight before me could have come straight from a propaganda movie from Adolf Hitler against the Jews.

There were people in cages, dog cages, some were put in large cells, while others were restrained with leashes, and some were bound with hard steel chains.

What was the worst part of all this was that all these people were kids.

"Cole, what's your situation?" James asked.

"See this for yourself." I grimaced.

"Oh my god…" His voice was shocked.

The scene I saw was still horrific. And even more so when I saw scientists beat the children senseless for trying to resist their methods. The scientists themselves were enjoying it.

I was mad. I know that killing the bad guys is wrong, but their lives are a much greater importance to my consciousness. They were doing horrific things to these children, and they have the gall to smile and laugh.

Time to make 'em pay.

James must have sensed that I was about to unleash hell because he then warned me. "If you take these guards out, you might alert the entire base to you, and Angel might be transferred to another facility before you can get to her in time."

"Then what do you suggest I do? Watch and ignore these sickos kill these children, just to rescue one girl? No offense, but I fail to see the logic here." I growled silently.

James was adamant, but he must have had an idea because he spoke to me in an excited manner.

"Or maybe we can rescue all of them." James said. "Although, not only will this alert the entire base, the chances that one of the guards might turn their guns on the children is likely." He warned.

I opened my fist to reveal a concentrate shock grenade forming in my hand. "I believe the term "kill them all and let God sort out the mess," is going to be used in this situation." I snarled.

I rarely let my emotions go berserk, but the underlying mess in front of me was anything but happy. I was sick to my stomach, and these guys were looking forward to getting their asses handed to an 18 year old electric powered Cole MacGrath.

Wish I was older though, but this still works.

"Alright, the risk here is that if we fail, Angel goes missing again, the children here get killed, and we die in the process." James warned. "But I think I may have a way to strike two birds with one stone."

A chance to get Angel and make them pay at the same time. Good offer.

"I'm listening." I said. He told me the plan, and I had a small grin on my face.

I just hope they have some gas barrels waiting in a stack outside. The temperature will heat up soon.

There was an open door just across the room. I began to climb up the cages and began to silently tip toe to the exit when a small hand gripped my heel. I looked down in shock only to find a young girl, maybe at the same age as Angel, look at me desperately. She was pleading in a whisper.

"Help me! Please! I wanna go home." The tone in the way she said and the scars I saw on her forearm must have snapped one of my nerves.

It took my entire self-conscious mind to restrain myself. I gripped her hand slightly. Then I whispered, "I'll be back. When the fireworks start, you won't put up with these monsters any longer."

"But the whitecoats call me a monster." She sobbed, and I heard some footsteps.

I was angry, but I had to stick to plan and soon, I'll make them pay for the torment that they put this young girl through.

"Wait! Don't leave me!" She begged, and a man came to down the hall with a nightstick. I realized that I may have to deviate. Then I heard an explosion from the outside that rocked the area so hard that I was knocked off my feet.

"You took too long, so I asked Mina to start the fireworks without you." James' voice came over my earpiece. "But I saw that you might have compromised us, so I had to do the first honor of blasting the living crap out of these guys."

"I owe ya." I said gratefully. James chuckled.

"Just make 'em suffer." He said, and closed the link.

"With pleasure." My hands began to charge up with energy. But the anger had turned the color into a violet haze. My anger must affect the powers in my system. I may have good intentions, but the anger in my mind was strong. But I didn't care. They were all gonna pay.

Present Day, 5 minutes later…

Angel was still in the memories' but they began to shimmer, and fade, until it became some sort of a slideshow.

Cole stood from the area he was hiding in. He stretched his wings and covered himself in some sort of an electro shield and wailed himself at the cowering whitecoats.

Angel hated the whitecoats for everything bad that came into their lives were always associated with some whitecoat. But the way that Cole dispatched the whitecoats made her feel sorry for them. But that was after the feeling of fear and horror.

Cole took one whitecoat and pumped him with enough electrical energy to turn him into ashes, then doing an electro-powered double side kick on the nearest two enemies with enough force and then their bodies shimmered with electricity. They were sent flying and the electric energy that the scientists were in exploded and injured, knocked out, or even killed the majority of the group. The last one was dispatched with a single solid right hook and found a switch that released all the children from their cells. They were happy to be out of their cages, but they were not out of the woods yet.

Cole then told the kids to stay behind him and keep close, then stepped outside to the burning aftermath of Mina's attack. The guards were actually being pushed back and saw Mina, armed to the teeth with a machine gun in the right hand and a rocket launcher on the left. She then laid waste to the guards and Cole proceeded to call her over to his side. He then told her to escort the children out to safety. He then unleashed a mini-tornado filled with electricity and hurled it at the regrouping guards. He scattered them like paper in a hurricane.

Rushing and fighting his way through the main building, Cole was guided by James as he proceeded to the main security station. When he got there, everyone behind him was either incapacitated or restrained. He thorough some sort of an orb and threw it inside. Everyone was now out cold and Cole plugged in some sort of a flash drive and began searching the building for-

And then, she saw a small screen in Cole's vision, and realized she was looking at herself, unconscious, and obviously still badly wounded from the explosion.

And then, the flashback ended.

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