The Phantomhive Cat.

(English version of the fic "El Gato Phantomhive").

Yaoi fanfiction from Kuroshitsuji, Sebastian x Ciel.

By Sinattea.

Disclaimer: Kuroshitsuji does not belong to me, is creation and work of Toboso Yana in a full 100%. And just to make it clear, though I'd love Sebastian and Ciel to be mine, they are each one the other's property.

Summary: Ciel has caused the anger of the wrong person, carrying consequences that neither he nor Sebastian expected. The young earl will see himself forced to make contact with the "feline" part of his personality. There is a cat inside Phantomhive Mansion.

Chapter 1: About wines and cats.

An old woman huddled against a corner extending her begging hand to all the people passing by the flooded streets of London. Most of them stopped by her side and let one single coin fall into her hand, some of them simply watched her with an apologize on their faces for not being able to give her money, some others didn't even look at her and kept going on their lives and business.


By the street appeared a young boy walking fast and strongly, almost running, holding his hat with one hand to avoid the wind from taking it away, and carrying a golden-handle cane in the other hand. The boy was furious, blaspheming against everything and everyone, and some times he looked back to curse his butler, walking just a few steps behind him.

- You are an idiot, Sebastian – he said angrily.

- It is not necessary for you to get upset, Bocchan – he added with an amused smile -. It could have happened to any person.

- But it had to happen to me, and I'm not just "any person", because of you and your stupid cats – he groaned.

- Oh, my. Being specific, Bocchan, they are not mine, and they are not stupid.

Ciel Phantomhive groaned again, and released a high-sounding curse. He had to make it on time to a certain event where he would more than probably meet queen Victoria… and on the way over there, Sebastian committed the fatal error (though Ciel was pretty sure he did it on purpose) of getting distraught looking a litter of cats and didn't notice there was an obstacle on the street that cost them one of the carriage's wheels. And now Ciel would arrive late and on his feet to his utmost importance occasion.

- Cats are stupid and I hate them! – he sentenced.

Sebastian seemed more than entertained with the unfortunate course of the events, and seeing Ciel that angry and desperate pulled a smile out of his lips. And that fact confirmed the young earl's theory about the deliberate acting of his butler.

Focused on his only objective of arriving on time, Ciel was surprised a lot when the begging hand blocked his way. Intrigued, the young earl dedicated a light glimpse to the woman in the corner, and sketched a mock on his face.

- I don't have time for this – was everything he said, in the most offensive way possible -. What a nuisance these people.

Next, he turned to the left in the corner y kept going, ignoring that, behind him, the begging hand closed into a fist with frenetic rage.


Ciel Phantomhive made it on time to his meeting. Breathless and slightly sweaty (his huge pride didn't allow him to accept Sebastian's offer of taking him in arms), but on time. After leaving his hat and cloak to a servant, quickly he ran to sit aside Ash, who was, as usual, watching too close over queen Victoria.

She was dressed totally in black, with the veil upon her face to hide the tears she still shed for her beloved Albert. Ciel felt uncomfortable when he noticed her attitude; after all, he had never felt especially close to anyone to cry their deaths. He did not cry for his parents, didn't cry for Madame Red. He had to accept it: he was no more than a cold, selfish and proud british earl.

Ash caught everybody's attention by hitting his spoon against the cup of glass.

- Her majesty, queen Victoria, would like to make a toast.

Many servants laid down above the table and between the guests to fill the glasses with red wine.

Seeing his glass full, and perceiving a peculiar and fragrant smell emanating from it, the Phantomhive boy had a bad premonition.

- Why…? – he began to complain, but the words drowned inside his mouth when he recognized the servant that filled his glass as the old begging woman from the corner.

Sebastian also noticed something was going wrong, and hurried up to reach the old woman when she tried to sneak amongst the guests.

Ciel decided not to taste the wine until Sebastian came back and told him everything was in order. Nonetheless, he wasn't that lucky.

- Earl Phantomhive – Ash called -, the queen wishes to know why you haven't joined our toast. Don't you like the wine?

Alarmed, Ciel noticed that all the eyes belonging to all the persons sat at the table observed him as stunned as full of devotion to the queen, and if he did not act rapidly, the bad-tongues would throw all of their venom upon him.

He grabbed the glass cup and approached it to his lips.

- Oh, no, quiet the opposite. Let's have our toast.

The famous toast was in name of England, queen Victoria, and the long life of both.

And Ciel, despite being fully conscious of the wine's penetrating scent that clearly said "do not drink me", had to ingest even the last drop of liquor.


Meanwhile, Sebastian had trapped the old woman, and demanded her (in a low voice, many people were watching them) to tell him what was it she had against his master.

- He deserves it for being a selfish and a brat! – was her only declaration before braking free (impossible to explain how) of Sebastian's claws.

A little bit concerned, the black butler came back aside the table to make sure his young master was all right. And it seemed to be that way.

It wasn't until an hour later that the strange poison showed its effects…

- Sebastian – Ciel suddenly mumbled, and stood up to get away from the other guests. The butler followed him.

- What is the matter, Bocchan?

- I… don't know… I feel… bad…

Right after, the earl fell down, unconscious, on the floor.


When Ciel finally began to recover his consciousness again, he felt weird, like too… light. Different, that was the word.

He noticed a strong tepidness upon his body. The bird's singing resulted deafening, his head hurt. "How long have I been sleeping?" he asked to himself.

A bark sounded outdoors, followed by a scared scream from Maylene and many "Don't, Puru-puru!" from Finny. So he was back in his mansion, Ciel understood, but what he did not understand was why it seemed like all the people were running and shouting right outside his door instead of in the garden. His ears were much too sensitive.

Actually, so sensitive that he listened Sebastian's laboured breath.

Then he totally reacted, opened his eyes and got the situation.

- It's so late! Sun is high, is midday! – he sat on the bed with the light's speed - Damn it, Sebastian! – he growled - Why didn't you wake me up?… Sebastian? Sebastian?

When he thought of the great idea of glaring his butler, Ciel saw the demon had a face of absolute stupefaction and that he stared at him. What Ciel didn't know was that Sebastian had spent more than four hours like that: petrified and with his eyes so wide open they threatened with jumping out of his eye-sockets.

- At least close your mouth – Ciel advised -, you look like an idiot. You are an idiot: tea is cold.

The boy rose from the bed and walked closer the trolley. Realizing that Sebastian kept staring at him without moving a single muscle, he turned swiftly toward him, as angry as possible…

- But what's the matter with you?

…And pulled the kettle down to the floor.

Ciel also petrified for a while: he didn't push the kettle with his hands.

Shivering with the strangest chill ever, Ciel looked to his back… and saw he had a tail.


Breathless, he ran to the bathroom as fast as possible, followed by Sebastian, who finally recovered from his drowsiness when saw his master moving.

- Aaaaaahhhh! – sounded - But what… what the hell…?

- Bocchan?

Ciel breathed more disturbed than ever, grabbing the mirror with the ten fingers.

It was his reflection what he saw, no doubt about it, but that reflection showed him a Ciel Phantomhive with tail, whiskers and furry ears.

That definitely explained why the butler was shocked.

Note: The original fic is written in spanish and this is the english version. I tried hard to be as literal as possible, but there are still some tiny meaningful differences between the original story and the translated one. And please forgive me and let me know of the grammar and spelling mistakes; trust me, I tried to do my best.

I decided to translate because one of the voices in my head advised me to. After all, I joined fanfiction because I wanted lots of people to read what I write. And english is the universal language, isn't it?

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