The Phantomhive Cat.

(English version of the fic "El Gato Phantomhive").

Yaoi fanfiction from Kuroshitsuji, Sebastian x Ciel.

By Sinattea.


Disclaimer: Kuroshitsuji does not belong to me, is creation and work of Toboso Yana in a full 100%. And just to make it clear, though I'd love Sebastian and Ciel to be mine, they are each one the other's property.

Summary: Ciel has caused the anger of the wrong person, carrying consequences that neither he nor Sebastian expected. The young earl will see himself forced to make contact with the "feline" part of his personality. There is a cat inside Phantomhive Mansion.

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Chapter 3: The Cat goes hunting.

The earl's orders were quite specific, so much, his words still rumbled in the butler's ears: "I cannot fail to the queen. I must go to that hunting and I am definitely going. So, Sebastian, you have to make sure anybody notices these" Ciel had said pointing at his ears and tail, avoiding the butler's eyes.

- It is pretty simple, Bocchan, a hunting hat and a long coat should be enough – Sebastian answered after thinking a little bit.

- And what about these? – the boy pointed at the white whiskers on his cheeks.

"Why should we hide them? – the butler was tempted to speak, but wisely kept the words to himself - They make you all just gorgeous, prettier than ever, my Lord".

- That shall be even simpler – ha talked slowly and resolving -. It may have escaped of your knowledge, Bocchan, but people usually avoid looking at your face's right side, they feel uncomfortable because your… eye. That works in our favor for no one will notice something they don't look at.

- And what's with my face's left side?

Both master and butler remained silent for a while, until Sebastian, with a wide grin, slid his fingers on Ciel's cheeks dabbing softly his whiskers. Incredibly, Ciel let him be, conforming to just a killing-glare.

- A discreet bandage could be enough to dissimulate. And if somebody asks, you'll say it was a meaningless scratch.

- I don't like this plan – the young earl replied -. With that and my eye people will feel even more uncomfortable when observing me, won't they?

- I sense too much sarcasm on your voice, Bocchan. Can you think of a better idea?

No, he couldn't. So Ciel had to accept acting according to his servant's plan. Even when for some reason, the plan seemed to be as devilish as him.


Done as said, Ciel attended the hunting with his flamboyant but professional outfit. He felt so ridiculous still with all the cat matter that he had to focus really hard during the entire journey to create a convincing mask of self-confidence, coldness and proud. His usual mask anyway.

When Ciel made it to his destine and descended form the carriage, no one seemed to be surprised because of his costume, which was a relief.

Obeying the queen's orders, there was a red sport center in the middle of the forest, where an exaggerated well done table awaited for the guests.

Ciel took seat on a strategic spot at the table's corner that would keep him apart from curious looks. Sebastian handed over his master's gun, and put himself on his knees to conveniently reach Ciel's tallness, to his face. "Your tie has undone, Bocchan" he said with half a smile, and tied it again with extreme slowness.

Ciel's face turned red against his will, and he fast looked around to make sure anyone noticed anything. The suspicious feeling about Sebastian's deliberate acting assaulted him again, because the one person that dressed him in the first place, was the butler.

"Did he tie it wrong just to… to…?" Ciel couldn't even end to connect the thoughts, because Sebastian had subtly caressed his neck, leaving him paralyzed and reddened, with his left eye as open as a plate.

Earl Phantomhive remained silent during the snack offered by the queen at the sport center. Somehow, with that slight touch, his butler had managed to tongue-tie him. The boy feared to speak and say some stupidity, for Sebastian had also managed to take his mind over and invade his thoughts. How silly was that?

And Sebastian, always close to his young master as a faithful butler, never removed his sight off of Ciel.


Finally, the time for hunting came up. Since the very beginning, all the noblemen felt determined to add excitement to the hunting with a bet: those who hunted less than seven preys would have to organize a party for everybody else, and the one who hunted more preys would receive a generous amount of money from everybody else. Ciel found the bet incredibly foolish, but anyway he went in with it. To refuse would diminish his prestige in front of those men, apparently the queen's favorites.

However, once with the gun in his hands and his fingers ready to pull the trigger, Ciel felt (at last) secure of himself.

- What are your orders Bocchan? – Sebastian wanted to know when everyone else rode onto their horses and got lost amongst the trees.

- You stay here.

- Don't you wish me to accompany you, to protect your secret? – he surprised.

- No – Ciel was emphatic again, and for the first time there was no glimpse of red color on him -. If you come with me they might think you helped me hunting, and I don't want that to happen. I do not need help, I'm going to prove it.

- Yes, my Lord.

With one jump, Ciel got onto the horse Sebastian offered to him, took the reins from his butler's gloved hands, and with the whip in one hand and the rifle in the other, he began to ride.

It was so releasing to ride across the forest! The wind waved his clothes, his hairs under his hat, the black horse's manes. It was a wonderful activity, and gave him a beautiful feeling of absolute freedom: for a couple minutes nothing existed but himself, a thought-less Ciel (especially thought-less about everything linked with cats) and the blurry forest around him.

The earl found himself forced to come back to reality when he saw with the corner of his eye his first prey: a hare. He pulled the reins to stop the horse, dedicated like five seconds to prepare the rifle and aim, and shot with an outstanding certainty.

What a pleasure it caused him! Finally he felt his life's owner again. And each new captured prey did anything but to improve his state of mind; not only because he felt a haughty god-complex, but because he felt himself again: the human and perfectly ordinary Ciel Phantomhive.

Ciel already had a string with twelve preys hanging from his horse's saddlebags. Between hares, partridges, two badgers and one fox, the boy felt more than confident he would win the bet. Each time he focused more and more in his hunting, and he ended up at the concentration point when you get down from the horse, hide amid the undergrowth next to a giant tree with strong branches, and you silently wait to your preys to voluntarily expose themselves.

He had spent a couple minutes pursuing a young deer, with broken antlers and a limping leg: easy prey. And such a prey would crown his triumph, because judging by the shot sounds heard far away, not everyone was being lucky with the hunt.

Ciel kept his back resting on the tree and the rifle aiming, awaiting for the moment when the deer revealed himself and lost its defense. Nothing could distract his concentration, nothing except…

- Birds? – he muttered to himself with a extremely strange craving tone of voice…

Ciel averted his sight from the deer, and focused it towards the little birds playing on the nest right above his head. He stared at them so very much the silhouette of the birds perfectly drew within his midnight blue orb.

He didn't realize about it, but in an almost automatic gesture, Ciel Phantomhive licked his lips…

Later everything became a mix of eerie sensations and intense darkness…


When Ciel recovered his consciousness, he could not believe what he had done.

He had climbed the tree as a professional expert, getting up the strong branches so stealthily that even Sebastian himself would have been astonished. Besides he was comfortably sat on a tree branch in front of the nest, and he held one of those little birds between his hands.

- What the…? – he shouted incredulous, and opened his fingers to let the bird go; it escaped with clumsy flapping and screeches.

Ciel remained puzzled for a sec, completely petrified: why didn't he recollect climbing over there? Answer seemed so obvious that he terrified on its clarity: for several minutes, he had simply thought as a cat.

Ciel looked down. He climbed incredibly high being a cat, and now that he was a british earl again he had no clue of what to do to get down. One single idea came up to his disturbed mind: to shout at the top of his voice.

- Sebaastiaaaaan!


- But how was it you ended up there Bocchan? – the demon was also astounded.

- Take me down from here! – a scared Ciel roared - Now!

Sebastian obeyed, climbing in one jump and descending holding Ciel in his arms. The boy was sank into an absolute drowsiness, as if he just woke up from a deep trance. His cat ears denounced him since he lost his hunting hat, and the coat had ripped. Even his gun was gone.

- Could you explain to me what happened, Bocchan?

- I do not even know… Don't you dare to laugh!

Sebastian bit his lips and rapidly ran away to search for the hunting hat. Once alone he'd laugh as loud as wished.

Ciel stayed huddled under the tree, trying to force his mind to recall every single detail of what occurred. He fragmentarily achieved it, and what he remembered disturbed him even more. He dug with his trembling hands into the coat's pockets… and fished out two dead birds.

Making a repulsion gesture, he threw them far away. Good thing Sebastian wasn't there right then. Though knowing him, he might be observing from the distance, with his enticing and sarcastic smile softly sliding once more through his pale lips.

"This can't be happening to me" the earl thought furious and ashamed, just to huddle more amongst the tree's roots while he expected his butler to come back. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't take his sight off of the birds he had hunted down.

Well, being positive, they counted as two more preys for the bet.


Not necessary to mention Ciel won the bet, and the difference between him and his closest rival were precisely the two little birds he hunted with his bare hands (or claws?).


Once back in Phantomhive mansion, Ciel kept sunk into a hysterical silence: he hadn't pronounced word at all during the journey, he hadn't even complained when he found out the other servants had returned to the mansion and had accidentally destroyed one of the halls.

Sebastian, obviously, worried because of it, but with the whole mess the servants made he had no time to intercept his young master and make him some questions disguised as mordant comments.

He was intrigued the most for what occurred in the forest: to find Ciel climbed on a tree in such a wild state was definitely not normal. But he didn't get to understand what had happened, despite he formulated a thousand and one hypotheses about it, each one of them he rejected after considering them a little bit, and all the questions that shot up inside his mind as obeying a hidden command remained without the yearned and satisfactory answer.

The chance to satiate his curiosity didn't seem to come until the nightfall, when he entered his master's room ready to bath him, dress him and tuck him into bed.


Ciel sat on the window, leg-crossed in the most childish of ways, with his cat tail drawing a curve around his body. He kept that hysterical and concerned face, but he shut very well all the curses he felt like saying.

- Bocchan, it is time for your bath – said the butler. (*Whether there was or not a tone of lust in his voice, it is on the reader's will to decide*).

- I have a problem, Sebastian, and I'm afraid is worse than this ears or this stupid tail – Ciel spoke in a somber voice and look. Then he turned his head and fixed his eyes on his butler. The patch normally hiding his right eye was tangled up on his fingers.

- And what is it Bocchan?

Wonderful, the demon butler would get the answer to all of his questions without even having the necessity of formulating them. And by the way he could gloat over the fragile and charming picture of his cat-master filled with doubt and sly fear.

- What happened in the forest… Do you know what happened? – Ciel seemed like he didn't want to pronounce the words, they appeared abominable and produced him a pathetic terror.

- No, I don't have the slightest idea of what it could have been – he answered with fake sincerity.

- How I climbed that tree… how I captured those birds without a gun… Is terrible just to think about it, but it's the truth. The awful truth – the young earl continued avoiding the matter. Sebastian raised his eyebrows as a gesture inviting him to go on -. What happened was that… I… for a couple minutes… thought as a cat. I truly was a cat.

There was so much disgust in his voice that Ciel had to stand up and reach a glass of water from his bedside table. It was indispensable to wash off his mouth the putrid taste of his words.

Sebastian himself was flabbergasted and mute. That definitely wasn't the sort of explanation he expected, and he hadn't prepared himself mentally to give a right, sarcastic, and double-meaning answer to those words. Damn! Literally, he was speechless again. One thing was to have a master with the appearance of a cat, splendid and delightful for his eye; and a completely different matter, was to have a master who exchanged his personality for a cat's, which meant some kind of bipolarity problem, if the term bipolar was applicable in this specific case.

Did it mean that if he wanted to have such a magnificent cat he'd have to renounce to the soul and person of his dearest and unique Bocchan? Such a difficult decision…

- Won't you say anything? – Sebastian's silence caused Ciel an indescribable anguish.

- I'm afraid there's nothing to be said, Bocchan… Do you remember any of the things you did when you were… a cat?

- Fragments, only. I remember embarrassing – this last word Ciel pronounced it so low that Sebastian wasn't sure he heard well - fragments of it. But generally, I recall. Is not like memories, is more about… instincts, yeah. I don't remember what I did, but I firmly know I did it. It's hard to explain…

- Is not necessary for you to explain anything else, Bocchan. I understand.

- This can't be happening to me! – the boy yelled, and he went down on the bed.

With his cat ears tilting down and his languid tail sideways his body, Ciel buried his face in the pillows. For a brief pout he even kicked the air, and tangled both sheets and bed curtains.

Sebastian remained perplex: it was so atypical to see his Bocchan acting like that.

- Do you think it will happen again Sebastian? – the boy asked, lifting his head from the pillows.

- I cannot assure anything…

- You think so or not? – his tone of voice was utterly imperative, utterly like something said by Earl Ciel Phantomhive, queen's "guard 'dog' ".

- Yes. Without doubt, I think it shall happen again.

Another ridiculous and exasperated tantrum was the earl's answer.

And the butler took one hand to his chin, thinking. The best thing to do would be to leave negativism aside: independently of the consequences, Ciel being a cat was still great.

"I'll have to wait a little bit more time before I decide" was his final verdict.

But for now, to see how Ciel laid on the bed as a melancholic feline was enough to cheer his mind up.



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