"Come along now everybody!~" The Warden said, seeming extra bubbly today. He was in his usual get up; purple coat, yellow tinted glasses, and a purple top hat. Behind him following close behind was his accountant, Jared. Behind, following a bit farther away was Alice, the muscular female guard, and of course, Jailbot. They all gathered into the famous elevator that shot across the huge, super jail. "S-sir!" The man said, obviously worried about something. "Hush." The warren said, almost jumping with excitement. "I got us all a gift! Something we can even share with the inmates!" He said happily. THey were silent the rest of the ride. As the elevator stopped, they stepped out into a very dark, damp room that no one except the warren knew they even had. When he flicked on the lights, a girl, who looked around 15 or 16 was bound to a wall by her wrists. Jared's eyes widened, a blush spreading across his face. "W-warren!" He said in surprise, looking at him. The girl had red cheeks, and was nude, except for an apron, that she was trying to make cover herself. It covered barley anything, but enough. The warren smiled brightly, and laughed a bit. "Isn't she wonderful? Nice and pure, to!" He said, with an almost evil smile. Jailbot just stood there, looking at the Warren. Of course Alice was staring at the oung girl, making her eve more uncomfortable. "You see, this pretty young thing was walking along, and seemed to stumble upon Super Jail! But, of course, no one can know where super Jail is located, so I had to make sure she did not tell, and the best way was to just keep her here!~" He cracked his fingers and walked to the girl happily. Jared followed close behind him, along with the rest of the crew. Suddenly, the Twins, who were identical and blond, with a monotone voice appeared in front of the girl. For one, they smiled. "Hello y young one..." They both said with an evil grin. The girl, who's name was Kya, was trembling now. She had light brown hair that was just long enough to past her shoulders, her eyes were an innocent blue, and she was quite thin. Her face was pretty, and it was glasses placed upon it.

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