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She just stood there. Her hair was messy, and her eyes were mixed with smeared mascara and tears. A guilty look on her face. She looked like she hadn't slept for days.

"Claire." It was all I could say God, I must have sounded like an idiot!

"Hi." Her voice was so quiet it sounded like she would break if it was any louder. "I-I-I'm sorry I just came. But...I didn't know where else to go." Another whisper.

"Claire, its okay. Your always welcome here." I felt bad, she had came all the way just to meet me. Me! Then tears began to roll down her cheeks, making her shoulders shake. "Hey, its okay. Come here." I took her into my arms embracing her tightly. She was so warm. She held on just as tight, her tears beginning to wet my shirt. I stepped back after a few minutes and put my hand under her chin making her look at me. "You wanna come inside?" She nodded as I led her in.

"I'm sorry. I really am. But I don't know what to do." She began to cry again, we sat down next to each other onto the couch and I held her hand.

"Listen Claire. I told you, its fine." She started wiping her tears away moving the pillow from behind her, "Now tell me...what happened?" Claire took several deep breaths before looking into my eyes.

"W-w-well. It started after I visited you in jail. My friend Zach and my brother Lyle started to lose their memory. And it turns out this guy who worked for my Dad was erasing their memories because they knew about what I can do. He attacked me when no-body was home that night and he told me everything." I gritted my teeth together, "Then after a few weeks, m-m-y Mom forgot me! I don't know how that happened, but then she suddenly remembered me again...then she collapsed. My Dad and Lyle took her to the hospital, a-and then. I just ran." Her cheeks were still wet from her tears and were shining lightly. How could anybody do that to her? The sound of her snapped me out of my thoughts. "Look, I know its was stupid of me coming here. I-I...I'll just go to some motel..." She got up, walking towards the door.

"W-wait, Claire? Don't go to a motel! You can stay here my me!"

"Huh?" She turned around to look at me, shock on her face.

" can live here!" Crap, why wasn't I telling her to stay away from me?

"R-really, you would do that?"

"Sure. I mean, if you want." She answered with a small nod, and gave me what seemed to be a forced smile. A sad one. Then I remembered why I was helping her. But what the hell was I doing? She's 16!

"Urm...listen, I'm still sorry." She still wouldn't stop with the apologies.

"Claire...please stop apologizing."

"Its just...I don't want to put you in danger." I sighed.


"And theres another thing. The other day I heard my Dad on the phone to someone, I think Sylar's escaped." I froze. So I was going to explode, and he's was back in the open.

"D-Don't worry, okay? I swore I would protect you. And I'll make sure Sylar never even gets close to you." She gave me another forced smile.

"Thanks." She said in barely a whisper, I rubbed her arm.

"Hey, you look really tired. Why don't you try and get some sleep." She nodded sleepily, and I left to go set up my room for her. When I came back she was sleeping on the couch, body leaning lightly against the back of it, head tilted onto the armrest. She looked so peaceful, like the weight of the world had been lifted off her shoulders. She still looked gorgeous, even in her rough times. Then I reminded myself why I shouldn't be thinking like this. I sighed, getting a blanket to cover her with.
"Claire...what can I do?" I whispered watching her. I walked back into my room, and began to empty the bag I was preparing before she came. She wasn't safe here. But she obviously wasn't safe at home either. How can an indestructible girl always be a victim?


I woke up at what seemed to be early morning time. I looked around myself. Last thing I remember was having a conversation with Peter. Then...I fell asleep on his coach. Great one Claire, just great. He probably thought I was some stupid girl he has to baby sit now.

"Morning." I jumped at the sound, sitting up and turning around. I smiled.


"You sleep well?" He began to pour himself some coffee before turning to me. "Want some?"

"Yes please," I gave him another smile, "Sorry I about falling asleep so quickly last night...I was just really tired."

"Nah, its fine." He handed me the coffee then began to sip on his while leaning against his small kitchen table. "So Claire...I was thinking. If your going to live here you'll need some clothes and stuff."

"Oh..don't worry. I brought a few of my own stuff." What a lie, I thought. I didn't bring any clothes, or makeup and I only had the shoes that had been put on the floor next to the couch.

"Don't lie Claire," He smirked. "Sorry, but I checked your bag too see what you'd brought. And I don't think I saw anything that you could live on." I blushed slightly.

"Look. I, urm, just need a place to stay until I'm 17. Then I'll be out of the way."

"Claire, I'm not gonna let you just leave the second you become legal." There was a pregnant pause. His words sounded like they had a double meaning. If only I was legal. 'Urgh Claire! Why are you thinking dirty thoughts about him now! He wouldn't be interested anyway. Your too young.' I began to mentally curse myself. He coughed breaking the eerie silence between us, then began to speak again. Now it was his turn to blush. " 'bout we go shopping today?" I raised an eyebrow. "I mean for you! You know, get you some clothes. Get the main stuff you need."

"Okay, can I have a shower first though?"

"Yeah, sure. I'll have a shower after you then." He nodded at me, pointing towards the bathroom. "I'm sure you can just wear what you are right now, towels are in the cabinet." I headed towards the bathroom but turned around.

"Peter..." He looked at me. "Thank you. For everything." There was a sparkle in his eyes that told me his answer.

God, the shower was so nice. It was the warmest thing I'd felt since he hugged me. It took me about 20 minutes, I scrubbed off all the makeup that had been smudged around my eyes. I must have looked a mess. After I got out Peter went straight in. s5 minutes into his shower there was a knock on the door. What the hell should I do? I can't just open the door to his apartment, what if it was someone looking for me? But I cautiously opened the door anyway.

"Oh hey Pet-" It was a dark woman who had at least 7 inces on me. She was wearing what seemed to be expensive clothing, with a dark coat on top. I had to admit, whoever she was. She was pretty. But there seemed to be a hint of jealousy along with anger in her eyes which were glaring at me. "And who are you?" There was a tense moment. But I held out my hand.

"I'm Claire." She stared down at me before taking my hand.

"Simone. Wheres Peter?" She walked straight into the apartment, looking around.

"Hes in the shower, but he'll me out in a minute." She turned around looking at my wet hair. Crap! 'Great one Claire'. She actually thought we had taken a shower together? I started murmuring something.

"N-no. Its not like that. We didnt do anything if thats what you think." She raised an eyebrow looking me up and down. Thank God I decided to put clothes on instead of keeping on my towel. She opened her mouth to say something but we both heard footsteps coming our way. It was Peter, only wearing a towel around his waist. Great. As if it wasn't already awkward enough, he just has to come out half-naked.


"Peter." She gave a smile, the first one I had seen from her. She rushed over to him giving him a big kiss on the mouth. He looked kind of taken back so I could tell she did it on purpose in front of me. Did she really think we were like that?

"Hey, wait a sec. I'll be back." He literally ran out the front room. Simone turned around to face me with a smug grin on her face which clearly said 'Hes mine, bitch'. All I did was smile back. I'd met plently of girls like her before. Hell, I was best friends with one for half my life. I knew how to deal with her. Peter came back into the room wearing a shirt and jeans. "So urm. Simone, what are you doing here?"

"Well, I thought we were supposed to meet up yesterday. And you never did, I thought something might have happened to you."

"Oh sorry, I was but Claire came and she needed my help for something so-" She gave me a sharp look.

"So who is this...Claire?" She paused before saying my name. Peter gave me a weary look and sighed.

"Claires the girl I saved in Texas. You know...the cheerleader." I felt like smacking my head against the wall, he had to mention 'cheerleader' didn't he?

"So your saving her living with you?" There was a hint of annoyance in her tone. It was my turn too speak.

"Not exactly," I looked at Peter, and he nodded at me. "My Dad has this guy who works for him. He can somehow...erase peoples memorys. I have a power like Peter, and that guy kept erasing my friends and familys memorys. Something went wrong though and my Mom completely forgot about me. Then she just. Collasped." I winced. "My Dad and brother took her to the hospital. And I-I just decided that I needed to run. Anywhere. So I came to Peter. Hes the only person I know outside of Texas." I think she felt abit bad for me. Her angry look fell into guilt and her voice became abit softer.

"Look I'm sorry about what happened. But don't you realise people will be looking for you? And a high-school girl can't just move in with a 23 year old man. Its illegal."

"I need need a place to stay until I'm 17. And I will be in 2 months time." I know I was beginning to sound desperate. But I had never really thought about legally side of our arrangement. Peter suddenly spoke.

"Look Simone...we're going to sort something out. But for now I promised Claire I would protect her. Please just, don't tell anyone about this." He began to rub her forearms. I tryed to control the hint of jealousy that was going through me. She sighed.

"O-okay. I guess so. But promise me you'll sort this out soon. You could get arrested for this!"

"I know, I know. Just wait a while. And promise you won't tell Nathan."

"Yeah okay. Listen I gotta go. Nice to meet you Claire." She gave me a forced smile, "I love you. Bye!" She kissed Peters cheek before giving me another look. Maybe she might not be as bad as I made out but I knew she didn't like me. She saw me as a 'threat'. She headed out the door leaving me holding back a sigh of relief since Peter was watching me, deep in thought. He snapped out of his daze when he realised I was staring back.

"Sorry about that. Simone can be..." Peter blushed slightly. 'A bitch?' I thought, shaking my head. Why couldn't I just accept he had a girlfriend? He spoke again after not being able to find the 'right' word. "Listen, I would normally get some breakfast on the way to work so how 'bout we eat out? I don't have anything 'breakfasty' here." He put air-quotes aeouns his words. "Then afterwards we'll get your stuff?" I smiled at him.

"Yeah, that would be nice. Let me just get my coat." I paused. "And Peter, thanks for sticking up for me. That was really sweet of you." I grabbed my coat and we headed towards the door. Wait...what the hell did I just say? He gave me a crooked smile.

"I meant it you know. I will always protect you." I blushed furiously, and could only manage a small smile without having my knees give out from beneath me. And we headed out the door.

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