AN: So after not updating in about 4 months, (new record, huh?) I'm back with just a little notice. My life has been really busy lately, and if I'm not busy or doing homework I'm away on Tumblr. So I'm sorry for spending my time on Tumblr instead of writing, but I just can't bother with this story anymore. I actually kinda hated this story, maybe if I wrote it a few years ago it would've helped. Plus I've been super busy on my Vampire Diaries stories, so I'm loosing interest for writing anything Heroes related.

So I probably won't be updating anytime soon, sorry. I probably won't actually ever finish it so yeah…

Thank you to everyone who has ever alerted, favourited or reviewed this story. I don't even think I would've made it this far without you all!

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Thanks once again, this story wasn't my best, and if you want to read an even crappier story, go read my very first ever written Paire fic '100 Years'. I'll probably be deleting that soon.

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