Hello! This is my first fanfic ever so don't be too harsh on me. My English isn't the best but I trying to get better, and I thought that maybe writing a fanfic can help a little since I must write it in English. This is my version of how it should continue after chapter 171 in the manga. And I'm really disappointed at chapter 172. I started to write it after I had read chapter 171 but then I stopped and when chapter 172 was realised and it was such a disappointment for me I couldn't just stop write this. Well enjoy the story anyway! :)

I don't own skip beat!

Oh and the story begins were chapter 171 in the manga ended.

Ren's POV

The only word Ren could describe his feelings with was: Shocked.

Because right in front of him was Kyoko, dressed in a beautiful dress. But it wasn't that who maid him so shocked, no it was that ice cold look she had in her eyes. And the fact that she was clinging into Kijima-sans arm. Kyoko would always flinch away from him when he touched her, from any man that tried to touch her more than 10 seconds actually. So why the hell was she holding his arm so close to her body, like she didn't cared about what others thought about it. Ren, hide his shock behind his perfect mask and let a small smile into his face, but inside him there was chaos.

'Kyoko? Why are you holding Kijima-sans arm!' He stared at her small hands that was folded around Kijima's arm. 'And what about that ice cold look in your eyes? Did I do something? I have never seen that look in your eyes before even when your irritated or angry with me. What happened to you?'

Yashiro who has been talking continuously about Kyoko and how she was going to arrive to the party tonight, went silent as a dead man when he saw Kyoko standing right before himself and Ren.

'My, my Kyoko you wanna give Ren an heart attack?' As he thought this he gave his colleague or friend more likely a quick gaze. And sure he did see Ren stunned, no shocked face before he became the ordinary cool and calm Tsuruga Ren. Yashiro looked back at Kyoko and saw that she wasn't alone, but with Kijima-san. 'REN! Do you see that! She's holding Kijima's arm. Your idiot your too slow, see she have found another man because your are just to damn slow! Fool! How can you be so calm about this?' Yashiro thought.

"Hi, Ren, Yashiro! Having fun?" Kijima asked as he made his way to Ren and Yashiro. Kyoko never letting go of Kijima's arm.

"Hi there, Kijima! Like always on this parties, it gets funnier the more time passes." Ren answered with a cold voice and gave him one of his gentleman smiles. Then he looked at Kyoko, who was still staring at him with those cold eyes.

"Hello, Mogami-san. Are you having fun?" Ren said with his voice back to normal and giving her a real smile. But his eyes had a bit of concern and wonder in them. 'I wanna know what I did wrong.'

"Hello, Tsuruga-san and Yashiro-san." Her voice as cold as her eyes was. "I'm having a great time."

"Kyoko-san! You look beautiful tonight!" Yashiro said and smiled at her. 'That is was you are supposed to say Ren. But your just a big chicken, I think I'm going to give up on you!' And with that thought, Yashiro bumped his elbow in the side of Ren. Giving him a hard stare and then rolling his eyes.

"Well, thank you, Yashiro-san."

"Mogami-san, I'm agree with Yashiro, you are-" before Ren had time to say his entire sentence, Kyoko abruptly started talking to Kijima and drag him with her and over to Director Ogata. 'What are she doing. That is not like her, she didn't even bow to me or Yashiro as she usually does when she greets us. And she doesn't ever start talk while someone else is about to say something. Did that stupid playboy Kijima do something to her I'm going to give him an hell of a night. Something is definitely up and I wanna know what it is.' He thought as he looked at Kyokos was not only concerned for Kyoko, he was angry and jealous of Kijima-san. And he sure let those feeling show on his face because people around him started to look inquiring at him or back away.

Kyoko's POV

As Kijima talked with Director Ogata, Kyoko felt Ren's eyes piercing into her back but she never turned around, instead she tried to ignore his intensive stare that felt like it was burning into her soul. 'That was incredible stupid how can you just interrupt when he's about to say something. He must be really angry at me right now but it doesn't really matter. Cause I know he's was going to say THAT thing I promised myself that I would not allow myself to hear it from his mouth. Because if he says it I know that right then all the locks will open up again, faster than ever and I will be fragile and defenseless.'

"I want to thank you to Kyoko-san. If it wasn't for your incredible dark mio this show wouldn't have topped the original! I'm so grateful to you." Ogata said and bowed before Kyoko. Who was blushing hardly for the compliment and bowed back.

"I don't really think it is that way, but thank you anyway."

"Of course it was. If you hadn't showed us that so different Mio I think all the characters would be more like the original, even Katsuki. Oh I must go and say hi to Tsuruga-san to. It was nice to be able to speak to you Kyoko-san and Kijima-san. Be sure to have a great evening at this party."

"I will" Kyoko said after Ogata as he walked forward to Tsuruga. He wasn't staring at her anymore but her demons could sense the dark aura coming from him and was flying wildly around him. As soon as Ogata got his attention and he turned around against them Kyoko quickly spurn around towards Kijima-san.

"So what are we going to do now?" She asked and looked at him.

"Well, what do you wanna do?"

"I really don't know I haven't been to a party like this before." 'How in the hell would I know, you are older and have been an actor longer than I.'

"Well, I just want to say hi to some more people and then we can grab something to eat." Kijima said as he pointed at a long table that was full of food and drink.

"Okey." 'Oh, I want to say hi to Momose-san and Isuka-san.' And so they continued to mingle around. And ended up at the long table together with Momose-san and some other people.

Some hours later that evening, Kyoko stood together with Momose-san and some other girls from dark moon. She was a little proud of herself, she had been able to avoid Tsuruga the whole evening without saying anything stupid or doing something to odd. Kijima had left for awhile to go and speak to someone who was on the other side of the huge party room. He had told her to stay with Momose-san and have fun instead of follow with him and listen to his chit chat with someone she didn't know. 'It really isn't fun to listen to something your not a part of. And now I can speak or be a little more with Momose-san.' Kyoko smiled and listened to the conversation Momose-san and another girl had.

"Kyoko-san, how is it between you and Tsuruga-kun?" Momose-san suddenly asked, without have finished the other conversation with the other girl. But the girl looked like she didn't really care about that and was looking at her with big interest. Kyoko who was sipping on her drink swallowed to hard and started to cough as she gripped after something to hold her up for not to fall over for her hard coughing.

"Excuse me?" She got out between her coughing. 'Why are she asking that now? Damn my throat, stupid lemonade to get stuck in my throat' Momose gave Kyoko her hand to hold on to as she coughed, and was slightly surprised at the reaction.

"Well, I was thinking he and you was in some sort of fight because I haven't seen you talking to him at all this evening. But that was just my thinking, I'm so sorry for saying such stuff." Momose apologized while she clapped Kyoko on her back to make her stop couching. After a little more coughing Kyoko swallowed hard and stood up right and looked Momose in her eyes.

"No, We are not fighting over anything. It's my fault to make you think like that, cause I haven't really talked much with him tonight."

"Oh, maybe you should go and talk to him then" The girl who had been speaking with Momose-san suggested. "He and you are quite close, aren't you? And he might be angry or disappointed if you don't speak to him."

"Close? Well he's my sempai..." 'And he already is angry with me. I will absolutely not go and talk to him now!' Kyoko looked down at the floor and was a little uncomfortable about the subject they were talking about. Momose-san saw this and took Kyoko by the wrist.

"We should dance girls!" She said as she dragged Kyoko with her out on the dance floor and the other three girls following. 'Well, better dancing than speaking about him...even if I'm not a good dancer' and soon they were all dancing and laughing.

Suddenly big hands landed on her hips and a body dancing really close to Kyoko. She was startled and jumped a little and turned around only to see Kijima dance away a little and then closer to her. 'Oh, he scared me, I thought it was Tsuruga-san at first, but his hand are even bigger than Kijima-sans. I'm going to show him to not scare me like that!' Kyoko thought and danced closer to danced close against him, so close that their body's rubbed to each other some times and she put her arms around his neck. He smiled at her and pushed his body even closer to his making her gasp a little but she gave him on of her sexy smile back. The other girls looked surprised at her but continued to dance around them.

Kijima took her hand in his and started to spin her around a little making her laugh. He spun her close into his embrace locking his arms around her but still holding one of her hands. She looked up at him with huge eyes and mouth agape. He laughed a little and then he spun her out of his arms, making her laugh, but he spun her a little to hard so when theirs arm was stretched as much as possible her hand slid out of his. And she was hurled away from him. 'Oh no, Kijima-san!'

Kyoko tried to grab Kijima's hand when she lost it, but was to far away from him to be able to grab it. So she spun far from him, and making her start to stumble a little. 'I'm going to fall, damn it!' But before she tripped someone took her hand and yanked her back up on her feet. But the yank was to powerful so even if she was up on her feet she continued forward and crashed into the chest of the one who saved her for landing on the floor. 'Ouch, that hurt! But falling into the floor would have hurt more I think.' The arms of her savior embraced her, and pushed her closer to the body that was dancing slowly before her. She was a grateful for the help and put her arms around her saviors waist and hugged the one back as a thank you. Then she looked up and was shocked to see her savior who was smiling at her.