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Yashrio POV

Yashiro stared at his phone that he had in his hand. 'He's...not...gone...oh my...he's not gone!' Yashiro was really relieved to know this and let out a long sigh. 'Does that mean he's still with Kyoko. If it's like that, what did they do all this time... at least the were together...maybe they had some progress, I do really hope so.' And with that thought Yashiro entered his fan girl mode and started to dance, at the spot were Ren's car would have been, because of the happiness of the nights possibilities of making progress.

At the sight of his phone that he still held tightly in his hand, he stopped dancing before he stared to laugh as he opened his phone and called a cab. After the call he fast made his way up to the lobby in Ren's apartment building. He stayed inside until he saw the cab slowly stopping in front of the building, then he pulled his coat close to his body and ran as fast as he could to the taxi as the rain fell heavenly on his shoulder. 'Whoa, It wasn't a single cloud on the sky when I left my apartment and now it's pouring.'

"Were to sir?"

"LME please"

Yashiro smiled to the taxi driver instead of yelling at him to drive faster. 'This is the only time I would enjoy Ren's mad driving...I wonder were he is...soon to see I guess.' he thought as he recognized the block before LME building would be standing proud. 'So exiting!'

Lory POV

Sebastian slowly and gracefully seated himself across from Lory and picked up an camera and placed it on the table. Lory let out a whistle before he took the camera and started to investigate it to pass the time as the waited for Yashiro. 'Perfect, not to simple but not to hard to handle either.'

"Lory sir I think Yashiro-san is are here and I do believe that it's raining outside." Sebastian said. Lory put the camera down and looked at the entrance of the café, sure enough Yashiro was walking fast towards the café and he was indeed soaking wet, or at least the coat and his hair.

Lory stood up and walked over to Yashiro. "Hello Yashiro."

"President, Sebastian." Greeted them back. Lory couldn't help but to lift up the camera and take one shot at Yashiro who was indeed soaking wet but had one of the biggest smile on his face.

"Your soaking Yashiro-san, would you like to borrow something from the costume room?"

"No it's all right...it's just the coat and my hair that is soaking, I'm perfectly fine underneath." Yashiro said an proved that point by pulling of his coat and hung it over his arm. "So...what now?"

Lory could hear in Yashiro's voice that he was as curious as he himself was about finding Ren. "What about we go and check up on our missing superstar?" Lory smirked and put on his sunglasses that fit with today's costume, an FBI agent. He got an nod from Yashiro and the three walked very determined towards the elevator and each had very suspicious smiles on their faces.

It only took a few minutes before they stood in front of the door that said Ren Tsuruga. They couldn't hear any sound from there but Lory gestured to Sebastian that pulled out an key. Lory held up his camera. "Here we go!" with those words Sebastian unlocked the door and gently tried to open the door only to find it looked. He gave Lory an surprised look before he unlocked the door again and slowly opened the door.

It was dark in the room, but Lory could see the shape of an body on the couch. 'Really...boy, you sleep in your office. I hope that this isn't an habit' of yours. I know you like your work but you need a break from it, even if it's just a few hours of sleep in your own apartment' He pushed the door open with his foot and looked for the light button, what he saw was the light button a few inches from the door but underneath it he could see a pile of something that could be a phone.

"There is the reason why you could contact him Yashiro" Lory whispered and Yashiro got to his side and looked at the crashed phone.

"Oh..." Was all that came from Yashiro.

Lory turned his head towards the couch as he heard a low very light moan. 'That doesn't sound like Ren. It sound very feminine.'

"Time to wake up!" Lory boomed with joy as he turned on the light. As Yashiro let out something like a high pitched fan girl scream, Lory took the opportunity to take a lot of shots on the couple on the couch before they woke up completely.

Kyoko POV

'Why can't they be quiet...I'm so tired.' Kyoko snuggled her face into Ren's neck and she felt his arms close tighter around her, pressing her even closer to his chest as she laid on top of him. Suddenly the voices got louder and the room was floating in light, with the light came an high scream that jolted her mind awake. She felt Ren stir under her and could feel an annoyance coming from him.

"Kyoko... why did you have to light the room?" Ren voice was groggy with sleep.

"It wasn't me..." Kyoko murmured into his neck. 'Wait, what...why did the light go on? Oh a voice and a scream... who was that...' Kyoko turned her head around and saw three men standing in the door opening, one had an camera, the second just stood beside with a grin on his face, while the third was …..dancing and chant something she couldn't get a grip of. 'A dream' With that she closed her eyes and let her head rest on Ren's shoulder. But she could still hear that incomprehensible and mystic chant. So she forced herself to look back at the man again, this time she saw Lory, Sebeastian and Yashiro.

"Iiiiiiiiaaaah!" Kyoko screamed and tried to hide but she was locked in Ren's arms.


Her scream and the pressure of her wriggling on top of him woke him up. The first thing he saw was Kyoko's panicked and flustered face, with tears in her eyes that stared at him, behind her face he could see three men. 'Oh no!'

"Kyoko, calm down a little." He held her even tighter with one arm as he pulled his shirt up from her butt to coves her back but he was careful to not pull to much so it would slide to high and expose something.

"Ren!" She groaned back in embarrassment as she snuggled her head back in his neck, trying to hide.

Ren turned his attention to the three men and the first thing he saw was the camera in the presidents hands. "Pervert!" with that the camera was lowered.

"I'm not a pervert young man, take that back!" Lory defended himself.

"No, why would I, your are obviously taking pictures at me and Kyoko when we are completely naked, with only an shirt to cover ourselves. I find that kind of perverted." Ren shot back at Lory.

"It's memories."

Ren was not angry but he was shocked and annoyed. 'If you want memorises I can sure give you one.' with that thougth Ren knew that he was out of character and was completely reverted back to Kuon. He kissed Kyoko on her cheek and helped her move in to his shirt, before he lifted her of him to the couch.

"Ren?" Kyoko looked confused at him. He only smiled back before he pushed himself up from the sofa and walked, completely naked up to Lory, Sebastian and Yashiro. He loved the reactions he got. Sebastian looked away ashamed, Yashiro blushed and finally shut his mouth, and for the first time he saw Lory blush and it was an life time experience witch he enjoyed.

When he got close enough he snatched the camera from Lorys hand. 'So much for memories huh? I'll give you one that you wont forget in a while.' And with that thought Ren put his arm around Lory and gave away a brilliant smile. "Smile!" When he had gotten a few shots he gave Lory the camera. "Memories..." Ren whispered mocking tone.

"I want, you two at my office in 10 minutes!" With that Lory turned and left the room with Sebastian following him.

"Yashiro, would you be so kind and leave as well so Kyoko and I could get dressed? Or do you enjoy seeing me naked, is their something you haven't told me, that you like me, my body and guys?"

"You out of your mind boy, how can you do something like that to the president? He could fire you in a second."

"That's not going to happened both you and I know it."

"Whatever, it's not me who's need to be at his office in," Yashiro took a look at his clock on his arm. " 7 minutes."

"Get out of here! I see you later, and don't worry you not going to loose your job." With that Ren pushed Yashiro out of his office and closed the door.

Kyoko POV

She stared at him. He was a demon, beautiful but dangerous and wild. 'How in the hell could he do that, walk up to them completely naked and not be ashamed or embarrassed?'

"He's going to be so mad, he's going to fire me. Why did you do that Ren. Sure he can't fire you, you are a superstar but I, I'm no one. Oh god."

"Kyoko, It will be fine, he's not going to fire anyone. And especially not you cause you are a rising star. Just get dressed, cause he might be a little grumpy if we are late."

She watched Ren strolling around the room picking up his clothes, but started to look for her own dress, only to get a good reminder of the night before. And as she picked up her dress, she saw the huge wound at the back.



"We might have one little problem," With those word Ren looked over at Kyoko. "My dress, you tore it apart yesterday, so what are I suppose to get dressed in?"

"Here take my shirt it will work out great, you just need a little femininity touch to it" Ren handed Kyoko his shirt and took the dress she was holding, ripping of a long piece. "That will work as an belt."


He felt the nervousness from Kyoko as the walked up to the doors that separated them from Lory's huge office. A few meters before the doors, Ren grabbed Kyoko's hand and gave her a calm smile. "It will be fine, I 'll protect you." He got an small nod and a sweet smile before he pushed the doors open.

"Ren, Kyoko, take a seat." lory nodded at the couch in front of his desk.

Ren felt Kyoko grip his hands harder at Lory's words as he led her over to the couch and sat down, gently pulling her with him.

"Do you two understand what risks you but each under tonight! Why do it here at LME, and why …..why was the door not locked? What if someone had passed, heard anything and opened the door. That discovery about you Ren, being with a girl at LME would be in the magazines and news paper faster than lightning. And they would give an hell of a time for Kyoko."

"Yeah I know th-"

"I'm responsible for the unlocked door president sir." Kyoko stood up from the couch. "I'm so sorry."

"Well, what's done is already done. And I hope you learn by this, you aren't just anybody, everything you two do is exclusive for the paparazzi's if they can get it on pictures."

"I wonder if they would like that picture of you and me together." Ren murmured to himself, making a bubble of laughs build up inside him. 'His face was priceless!'

Lory's POV

He could tell that they really let his word sink into their heads, and he saw that at least Kyoko felt a little ashamed about the mistake. Ren on the other hand had a huge grin on his face.


What do you mean what?" Ren said, trying to hide his amusement.

"You seem to have very funny over there?"

"Oh it's just...hmmpf" And with that Ren started to laugh like never before. "You should have seen you face before!"

"Ren!" Lory watched Kyoko turn around and give him an very strict glance, but he could also see how her lips were twitching. And seconds later they both were laughing their ass of at him. Both clung to each other as they tried to stop laughing only to start over laughing even more. 'Oh my'.

Suddenly the laughing stopped and Lory meet two pair of tear filled eyes. An snort came from Ren and then they started over again. "Oh god, did you just pout!" Ren got out between the laughs.

"He did!" Lory just shook his head, and pouted even more, making the couple before him laugh even harder. Only when a hand gently landed on his shoulder he stopped to pout. Sebastian was at his side, giving him information about a phone call was to be expected.

Lory watched Ren and Kyoko as they were starting to cool down and was whispering to each other. And as expected the phone rang, without thinking Lory answered, and got his brain flushed away with a booming laughter. At the shock he happened to turn on the speakers as he moved the phone away from his ear.

"THAT, THAT is hilarious, do you know that BOSS!"

'Oh you are kidding me right, not that-'

"That photo is going to be my new background picture!" Lory shook his face in disbelief, before he remembered that he wasn't alone in his office. The faces he meet couldn't have been more difference. Kyoko's was shining with happiness at hearing her so called fathers voice, but the actually son to the Hizuri's next to her was staring shocked at him.

"Kuu, could you please call me later."

"Later what do you mean, I just need to know what you did to deserve that kind of humiliation?"

"Well, not now!"

"But, it's... your face, do you know how priceless that is! Hey, Julie, you gotta see this!"

Lory listened at the rustling on the other line at the phone as he carefully watched Ren's facial expressions. 'It seems like the shock has subdued a little, I know you miss them, this might be good for you boy.' Lory gave Ren a understanding smile before he was once again was beaten with laughs.

"Oh my god! Lory! Haven't you learned anything over these past 6 years!..."

"Hello to you as well Julie. And would you two stop mock me about that picture...I already had two people laughing at me earlier." Lory shoot Ren and Kyoko a sour glance.

"But...hmppf" Kuu and Julie started to laugh again.

"But it really is priceless!" Ren filled in. With those words the laughs ended in a second before a high pitched scream was ringing through the speakers.

"Iaaaaaaaaaaaah, oh my... KUON! My sweet boy! You there...do you have any ideas of how I miss you"

"Hello, mother! And father." Ren said with a sweet and warming voice. Lory was surprised by this move, especially since Kyoko was in the room. 'But I guess he would have to tell it to her sooner or later if he's going to make this serious.'


He couldn't explain his feelings, it was shocking to hear his father voice and the great feeling of missing his parents knocked him over when his mother sweet voice was heard. Without really thinking he had started to speak. 'I miss you to guys.'

"Hey, son!"

"Sweetheart, are doing well over there, except with work? Like you health, do you eat enough?" Julie said with a worried mother tone. 'I only have one person to thanks for the healthy and good meals I get sometimes.' Ren turned to Kyoko only to meet a pair of tear filled eyes that held onto so much anger, sadness, shock and disappointment.

"Kyoko I-"

"Mother and father?"

"Yeah, I can explain this."



"You can explain this? Well I don't know if I want to hear it. Cause if this call wasn't on speakers or never happened, when would you have told me about this. About how you have lied to me about who you are!"

"Kyoko, let me explain."

"No, I'm leaving." Kyoko shouted and stood up from the couch.

"No you aren't, not until I get to explain myself!" Ren shouted back and grabbed Kyoko by her arm.

"Let me go! You have no right to tell me what I can or can't do." With that Kyoko janked herself out of Ren's grip and started to walk towards the doors.

"Kyoko, for the holy mother of god, would you please stay until I can explain myself! You just going to walk away!" Ren was angry, both at himself and Kyoko, and was suddenly speaking in english, without realise it.

"Kyoko." Julie's called. Ren saw how Kyoko stopped as her name was called by his mother. "I understand that you and my son had just have an really emotional night together, and that you love him? Are I'm right?"


"Yes to both?"


"Well, then let me tell you this. I love him as well. And I was so broken hearted months after my son, without a word to me left this country to go all the way to Japan. I couldn't call, visit him, you know I haven't seen him in real life since he was 15 years old. And he sure has his reasons and I want you to sit down and listen to what he have to say. Cause if you love him, truly and deeply why would you not listen to him. I know that this must be shocking for you but please just listen to him."

Ren couldn't help but feel very grateful to his mother, cause Kyoko was on her way back towards the couch and him. 'Mom, next time I see you, I'll give the biggest hug ever!'

"Well, time to say goodbye to your son, I think he has enough right now and I would love to speak with Kuu a little more private." Lory cut in.

"Oh... well. Bye Kuon... and Kyoko." Julie sang.

"Take care, son." Kuu said and with that the phone call was back to be normal without high speakers.

"Will you two, be all right without me for a few minutes without shouting and end up fighting. I need to speak with you Ren about some work later." Lory said before he got out of his office.

Kyoko POV

She heard the door close behind Lory and when he was out she meet Ren's gaze. She was stunned over how sad he seemed, sad but happy at the same time. 'He must miss them a lot!' She wanted to hug him, make him smile at her. So she hurried up to him and practically throw herself at him, tackling him down in the couch. Her arms found their way around his neck and she looked deep into his eyes as she was now lying on top of him.

"I'm sorry. I don't know why I reacted that way. It was very childish. I was just shocked but I promise to listen to every word, so please tell me."

What she got as an answer was an kiss and and two arms hugging her tightly. "I'll tell you everything but right know I don't want to ruin the moment with such dark and sad memories. Actually I'm very tired. It feels like I haven't slept for days."

Kyoko giggled at him. "Well, we were a little to busy for sleep tonight I guess."

"I could survive another sleepless night but only if you are with me." The emperor purred.

"So you mean I get to sleep in that huge bed of your?"



"Didn't I say it was going to be a sleepless night." Ren smiled and Kyoko couldn't help but laugh.

"Should we take little nap right now. I think I need it as well."

Lory's POV

As he got back to his office, he could hear a single thing outside the doors. 'Did they really have time to kill each while I was gone?' Lory smiled and gently opened the doors. What he found was the two stars soundly sleeping together on his couch.

"I think those two could need some vacation."

With that Lory silently and effectively cleared both schedules for 3 days. And when that was done, he found his camera, took some sweet shots and hid the camera before he woke them up.

"Rise and shine sleepyheads, it's time for you two to get out of my office. I like you two really, but I still need my office."

"But, shouldn't we talk about work?" Ren said as he was seating himself up in the couch.

"Not today, changed plans. You two, are going to spend some time with each other. No work in 3 days. Your schedules are free and there is nothing to worry about. Okey? Bye bye, see you in three days." Lory said and closed his office door behind the two, he actually had managed to get them outside his office while he spoke.

Yashiro's POV

He watched his favourite friends and couple walk towards him.

"Yashiro, you are free to do whatever you want for three days, we are having a little vacation." Ren told him as they came up to him.

"Great! Well I think I can leave you two alone now when you finally confessed to each other. Oh my god, Ren I'm so happy. When is the wedding?" Yashiro switched into fan girl mode as he spoke.

"Yashiro!" both Ren and Kyoko shouted at him, clearly embarrassed about his statement.

"Oh I'm just kidding with you two." Yashiro smiled at them. 'But still it's a wonderful idea!'

"So what do we do know Ren?" Kyoko asked.

"We are going to my place and get some rest first!" Ren said and took Kyoko by her hand and walked out.

Yashiro followed them out but he was prepared and unfolded his umbrella before he stepped out in the pouring rain. "You two are so cute, and soaking. You two just forgot about the rain didn't you? And Ren if I'm not wrong, aren't you car in the garage?" Yashiro flashed them both a huge smile before he got in to a cab. "See you in three days Ren, Kyoko take care of him while I'm gone."

"Well, from now on, it can only get better. We start it with a kiss." Ren said and hugged Kyoko before he kissed her.