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This was driving him insane. The urge to move inside her was growing stronger every second but his mind keep telling him to stay still. 'I won't hurt her'. So he tried to concentrate on her lips that moved over his in a hasty pace. He found himself deepening the kiss to keep the concentration on it, fighting against her tongue with his own. But the need of air made him give up the fight and slowly move away. He felt how Kyoko followed him, not wanting the kiss to end but he needed air so he just kissed her back hard before trying to move away again. He felt her suck on his lower lip before he felt a small pain as she lightly bit him. He growled at her boldness and the pain and moved away so he could take a look at her.

He was supporting himself on his elbows as she smiled mischievous up at him before she pushed her abdomen against him, making him moan deeply. As his found his view again he saw that her smile was gone and her lips was pressed hard togheter. 'Don't tease me, if you only knew how near the edge I'm for my control'

"Don't move yet." Ren hissed.

"But you liked it..." Kyoko whispered back with a half hidden agony and a forced smile on her lips.

"Maybe so but..." Ren moaned again as Kyoko moved against him. "Don't!" Ren said with a hard voice as he placed on hand on her hip and forced it down so she couldn't move. "Even if I like, god I love it Kyoko. But it hurts for you doesn't it? And I'm really close to lose it and that would make me hurt you a lot more than I already have. I don't want to hurt you, so please let the pain subdue first." With that he kissed her gently. The hand that he had on her hip started to massage her gently and slowly moving in between their bodies.

Kyoko POV

She was stunned of the power behind Ren's hand that pushed her hip down. And the raw rumbling in his voice. 'It does hurt but not as much as before. I want to give the same pleasure as you gave me.'

Then she felt Ren's hand that had moved from her hip to her lower belly and slowly moving downwards. Her whole body felt as jelly as she thought about the overwhelming feeling she had before. She felt one of Ren's finger lightly run over her clit and she let out a happy sigh as her body moved slowly and easy against him. 'It didn't hurt?'

"Could you just move a little?...slowly... please." Kyoko whispered into Ren's ear before she kissed his embarrassed about the request she just said.

"What did you say sweetheart?" Ren murmured back with amusement in his voice.

"You heard me, stop treasing me like that..."

"Oh...like that... well guess I have to do it in another way then." Ren said as he placed the hand that had been between their bodies beside Kyoko's head as he gently moved his hips against Kyoko.

At first Kyoko felt a faint tingle of pain as Ren moved but it faded until she could only feel delight and pleasure. She let her hands slowly move up the the side of his stomach, to his chest and up on his shoulders. Her breathings came out uneven and she could hear Ren's laboured breathing mixed with low moans.

She wanted more, so she grinded back at him as he pushed inside of her making that thrilling sensation from before come back again. The moan escaped her lips before she could stop it.


Ren couldn't help but increase the speed little by little. Even if he mentally had control over himself he knew that he was slowly loosing the battle with his own physical need that had grew pretty strong for this girl by the past month.

But as he could hear Kyoko give away some low moans, her eyes flutter close and open and the fact that one of her had gripped his hair tight and the other firmly planted right under his neck made him pretty sure that she didn't complain about the situation either.

Ren set up an pretty fast pace, and listened to how Kyoko moans would slip out her mouth more often and often and higher and higher and mix with his own. But with hard effort he slowed the pace until it became almost painfully slow.

"Please..." Kyoko begged before kissing him.

"Please what?" Ren mumbled back at Kyoko's lips.

"You know what...I mean." With that Kyoko grinded her hips against him in an effort to pick up the pace. It was a good effort, but Ren wouldn't let her have it her way, even if he wanted the same thing, he just loved to tease her. 'Don't ruin my effort to try tease you another way. It's as hard for me as it's for you.'

"No, I really don't. Wont you tell me want you want so badly that you beg for it."

"No, it's not important anyway..." She mumbled back and kissed his neck. He could feel her body heat up as she blushed about her own wish. So he slowly increased the pace again only to slow it down as she let out a moan. He smiled as he felt her pout against his neck and started over again, this time he was nearly unable to slow it down when she slipped and moaned again after holding it in. 'A come on slow it, Ren... get a grip over yourself. Just a little more and then she won't be able to stand it anymore.'


"Oh, are you going to tell me what you want, cause I can't understand when you only say please..."


"You want...?"

"Don't slow down!" Her voice was cracking but it was strong, it wasn't a wish anymore it was more like an order. It made him feel wonderful and he kissed her deeply.

"And what will you do if I'm not-"

"Stop teasing me, and MOVE!" Kyoko uttered as she bore her nails into his neck.

"Aaw I can't tease you this way either. How sad" Ren laughed a little before pick up the pace in a high tempo. He was actually very happy that she had the guts to order him to move faster cause he wouldn't been able to continue teasing her much longer. And to give it up would have felt weird or pathetic in a way.

"Ngh...Ren..." Ren thought he was hallucinating when he heard his name from her lips.

"Ren" But as he said his name again he smiled brightly before kissing her neck, cheek, breast and any bodypart he could reach.

"I love you, Kyoko." he whispered back into her ear. The reaction to that was that he was attacked with kisses and a smile before it slid away as a moan slipped out. His hand slid down to her leg and he bent himself so he could grip it under the knee and pushed it up over his hip and let it rest there.

"Will you put your other leg the same way, sweetheart" Ren said and felt her leg slowly slid against his before she laid it over his hip and let it rest on his back. He growled at the wonderful sensation of the new angle as he moved.

"Oh, god...faster... " Kyoko moaned as she crossed her legs oh his back, that made Ren able to go deeper inside her. She inhaled deeply and let out a series of sweet moans and wimpers as a deep rumbling moan came from Ren.

As their eyes met Ren couldn't help but smile mischievous before he pushed himself deeply and fast inside her. He saw how she shut her eyes tightly, moaned and inhaled deeply forcing the air harshly down her lungs. Her hand had dropped down on his back and their were moving up his spine and down with the nails ripping in his skin.

"REN!" Her screamed his name and Ren put his hand over her mouth to mute the scream. It shouldn't be anyone on this floor but he didn't knew if Kijima had decided to stay on this floor and wait for them, anyway he wouldn't want him come running back.

He felt her body start trembling underneath him, and he knew that she was on the edge again. He as well wasn't far away from the orgasm, and with one last thrust he drove her over the edge. As the orgasm ripped her body, her cunt cramped around his member. That pulled the last string for him, he bore his head down against her neck, and let out a deep long moan as his vision blurred for a second. Their body trembled against each other but it slowly ended as the their orgasms faded away.

"That was fun." Ren said with a raspy voice.

"I think I love you to" Kyoko whispered back.

"You think?"

"Yeah." Kyoko giggled in his ear before kissing him.

"Would you really kiss me if you only thought you loved me?" Ren pressed.


"Oh, your little rascal." Ren laughed as he gently tickled her side. And so the match begun with a lot of laughs and hands roaming around each body in an an temp to tickle every sensitive spot they could find. A few minutes later Ren had Kyoko drifting of to sleep beside him and he was soon sleeping as peacefully with his arms around her.

Kyoko POV

'It's cold. Why is it cold. Were is the blanked...' Kyoko was slowly waking up as she searched for the blanket with one hand as her eyes were still closed. But as she couldn't get a grip of any blanket she forced one eye open. The first thing see saw was her clothes outspread over the floor together with some other clothes that she knew wasn't hers. Then she took a look at herself and was surprised to see herself completely naked. 'What happened here, where am I, and why are I naked?'

Kyoko could feel some warmth on her left side and she turned around. The sight before her know almost made her scream really high but she stopped herself just in time and pinched herself at the arm. But she was fully away and she wasn't hallucinating. On her left side an naked man was sleeping peacefully, and the man was no other but Tsuruga Ren.

"OH my god! Ren?" Kyoko uttered, but she got no respond from him.

'Since when did I start calling him Ren.' At that thought yesterdays event come flooding back to her mind as she started to wake up. Her cheeks burned with embarrassment, as she took a peek at his body again. 'He must have rolled away from me in his sleep and making the air come in touch with my warm skin.'

Kyoko couldn't help but gently touch his arm, not wanting to wake up but once again check if it wasn't a dream. But his arm felt very real under her hand, she could feel his warmth and strength. She crawled closer to him, sitting on her knees as she let her hand move down his arm to his hand and up again, to his neck. She draw circles on his chest with her finger, tracing the pattern of his abs. As she got to the last ab she felt her elbow touch something hard and really warm. She heard Ren sigh and she lifted her arm and looked at straight at his member.

"Ren..." she called but he didn't respond this time either. She felt embarrassed but at the same time she figured out that the sign he had let out was the reaction for touching his member, and there was an urge to touch him and make him react. She was curious, how did it feel to holding it.

She took a look at his face as she gently let her fingers lightly touched his member. He seemed to inhale pretty deeply and she was fascinated by the feeling to touch him. She got bolder and let her fingers close around him, but then she was lost. 'What do I do know? I haven't done this before.' as she though she loosened her grip and let the hand fall. She was brought back from her thought when she heard a weak moan coming from Ren.

"O~oh, maybe I should..." Kyoko thought out loud as she again gripped his member and gently stroked it down, she was thrilled when she heard Ren inhale roughly. She continued with her treatment and loved how his breaths came out uneven and sometimes low moans could be heard. She felt relieved and not as embarrassed as she knew he enjoyed it. Suddenly he stirred in his sleep and she fast let go of him, afraid he would wake and see how impious she was touching him.

As his breathings was back to normal for a sleeping person she let her hand slid over his stomach again, and touch his member again. She thought about how he had pleasured her only a couple of hours ago, how his tongue had felt against her womanhood. At the thought she gripped his member harder without knowing, making Ren moan louder. She gulped as she moved her face closer to his member. 'I don't have to do this, but I just want to know-'

"What are you..oh god!" She heard a low and groggy voice speak as she stick out her tongue and gently liked the top of his member. The last part was said higher and made her turn around and face him wide eyed and embarrassed that he had woken up.

She met his gaze, it was sleepy from just wake up but filled with lust at the same time. It was wild as fire and burned into her eyes.

"Why this welcoming awakening?" The emperor purred.

"I...I just...I woke up and...you had turned away from me... I was freezing." Kyoko stuttered.

"Oh, so you just wanted me to warm you. Well I think I have pretty good way of doing that. Since you have been so nice and warmed me up I think it's only fair I do the same." As he spoke he moved so he was sitting, and pulled her close to him, and kissed her neck. And so the night continued for an hour or so, with pleasure and passion. Sleep didn't beat them until the early morning when most people would go to work.

Lory POV

He was tired, even if he was the amazing president of LME he couldn't help but feel a little tired after such successful party. But as a president he had duties and he couldn't take one day of because he felt tired so know he was on his way to LME.

Sebastian was seated in front of him and was right know making a cup of tea for him. They didn't speak, they didn't have to the atmosphere was light and they had knew each other for years and both enjoyed the silence at this time of the day.

Suddenly Lory's phone started to ring and interrupted the silence with a song that dripped with love. He was surprised to see Yashiros name flash pn the screen before he answered.

"God morning Yashiro."

"He's GONE!"

"Gone? What do you mean?"

"Ren, he's gone. He's not in his apartment, his car is gone and he doesn't answer his phone, heck I can't even get in touch with it."

"Okey, when was the last time you spoke with him."

"At the party yesterday..."

"And you haven't been able to text or call him on his phone?" Lory started to worry a little. He had no idea what had happened between Ren and Kyoko yesterday or were they had gone. He looked up at Sebastian who had already picked up his computer.

"No, nothing. When I call I just being told that the number don't have an user or have been put in off mode."

"Okey. Yashiro I'm pretty sure that we will find Ren soon, actually I don't think he so far away. I have Sebastian searching for his phone right now, even if it's off I'm would be able to know where he is. So what did you think of yesterday?"

"It was fantastic, Ren surprised me with his boldness with Kyoko. Do you know how cheesy he have been, I never thought he was going to take action." Yashiro's voice got higher and lighter for every word, and Lory could her that he hoped for those two to get together.

"I know he can be pretty dense and slow sometimes. The best way to make him do something is to say something that triggers him. Threatening his masculinity."

"Thanks for the good advise."

"Use it well. It works but it have some serious consequences."


"Bad mood, and you get it back three times." Lory chuckled and thought about the time he had pushed Ren limits a little to far, he had ended up with all his love dvds broken and the actually dvd player throwed at him.

Lory looked at Sebastian as he cleared his troath, to get his attentention. Lory leaned forward to get a look at the laptops screan that had been turned towars him. A smile broke out on his face as he saw just were Ren was, or at least his phone. But Ren wouldn't go far without his phone so Lory was pretty sure he was there.


"Yes, president?"

"I think I know where Ren is. What about you and me meet up at LME at the café Heart of an star?"

"Okey, see you soon then."

"Yes, bye for know." Lory but down his phone an looked at Sebastian. "This is going to be an interesting morning, don't you think?"

"Of course sir" Sebastian answered politely but as their eyes meet they shared the same excitement over it, and the corners of his mouth turned upwards.

"Oh, you know what. I would love to have a camera ready."

"I'll have it delivered to you when we arrive to LME." Sebastian said an started to write on his computer and made a call. While Lory sat staring out the window of him limo with a big fat smile on his face.