A Stella, Bloom, Sky and Brandon story!

Chapter 1: playing around with time!

Bloom and Stella were invited to spend the day with their boyfriends Brandon and Sky they were on their way to Red Fountain where they would met them, Bloom and Stella had got new outfits just for them, both got short dresses and high hills of course Stella choose the outfits as she was Miss Fashion Queen.

They were almost there when Bloom noticed something on the ground it looked like a golden book; "Hey Stella check this out" Bloom called to her friend who came to her side as Bloom picked up the book blowing the dust off it had some funny written on it and it looked quiet powerful.

"Stella do you know what kind of book this is?" Bloom asked looking at her friend

"Bloom first off I'm not Tecna so I have no clue and second we late for our dates" Stella pointed out which she totally forgot after she wondered what was with the golden book; they carried on when they reached the Red Fountain when both boys appeared and surprised them. They walked in the park or Garden when something strange began to shine in Bloom's arms.

They stopped and looked at her "Bloom what that in your arms?" Brandon asked

"Stella and I found it on the way here but there's some funny kind of writing on it" Bloom replied looking at the glowing book; Stella hooked her arm around Blooms saying "forget history books when we have cute boyfriends with us"

Just by those words the book burst open sending Brandon and Sky flying one way well Bloom and Stella flew the other; Bloom still holding tightly to the book and Stella holding her disappeared when Sky and Brandon looked up the only thing left was smoke and sparks in the air well their girlfriends vanished without a trace.

"Brandon what just happened? Where are the girls?" Sky asked concerned for his girlfriends safely after fighting the Trix, Darkar and his monsters and turning into Dark Bloom he was worried; Brandon gave the same look but replied "the last thing I remember was Stella saying History book and bang they were gone"

"It was the book Bloom held, we need to find someway to bring them back wherever they are" Sky said

"At least they together so that a good thing" Brandon trying to help but Sky glared at him "what good is it if they together and can't find a way back from wherever they are" Sky exclaimed.

{5 years in the past}

Stella woke up lying on some kind of soft grass of some sort, she quickly got up to find Bloom who was lying against a tree trunk with the book in one arm it almost looked like she was unconscious when she slowly woke up moaning rubbing her head; Stella bent down to help her up when Bloom's eyes' widened in shock "oh my gosh Stella you look like a kid!"

Stella noticed Bloom didn't look quiet like herself "me you look like you 11 years old" this got both girls up then looked for a lake of a pond to see themselves to their luck, there was a lake they stared down at themselves Stella almost had a heart attack well Bloom dropped the book and held with both her hands on her face screaming "I'M…I'M 11 YEARS OLD AGAIN AND YOU ARE A YEAR OLDER THEN ME WHICH MEANS YOU 12 YEARS WHAT HAPPENED TO US!"

Bloom and Stella looked down at the book then Stella picked it up handing it to Bloom in horror "I don't know what happened but I know this has something to do with it" Bloom remembered Stella saying forget History books, that was it this was a magical book to send people in what ever past; "Stell this book sends people back in time and turns you back in age to wherever you land.

Stella stared in shock her normal beauty lost its color to look pale as if she was going to be sink or pass out. When suddenly they heard someone yell which made them turn to see 3 Guards with swords and shields in their hands running towards them. "YOU TWO STOP! YOU TRACPASSING ON ROYAL GROUNDS!"

"Make us!" Stella yelled back knowing she was royal but for where they stood they looked like little kids so Bloom grabbed her arm turning her around and both ran for so kind of hide out; they ran and looked back several times "this is not happening" Bloom said still holding the book with one arm and Stella's hand with the other.

"they gaining on us, we need to hide Bloom" Stella said in a panicky voice, Bloom looked back and noticed they gained speed she looked in front of her seeing a maze of some sort so in a quick turn they ran in and tried to make it in the middle of it or somewhere to be safe which they found the middle and fell to their knees breathing heavily.

Bloom placed the book in front of her and let go of Stella's hand, Stella looked at Bloom to try get use to the new look which was kinda cute but scary at the same time Bloom felt the same but the only proved of Stella as a princess is she had a tiara and a short pink dress with snow pink colored boots and two piggy tales.

When they caught their breath they both leaned against the fountain side by side looking down at the golden book; "maybe we should make it smaller to put it somewhere safe" Stella said which Bloom thought would be best and just like that Stella used a tiny bit of her magic to make it small enough to fit in Bloom's short jean skirt; just as they smiled the 3 guards pointed their swords at their necks making them get up slowly with their hands in the air.

"you two are in trouble and the king and queen will make sure you pay for trace passing" the captain said Stella was going to make a remake when Bloom elbowed her on the side shacking her then they followed the Guards towards a large golden palace which looked very familiar for some reason. They entered the chambers when they reached the throne room Bloom's mouth Dropped it couldn't be it wasn't possible.

The guards pushed the two girls to bow but Bloom couldn't she stood frozen even Stella refused to bow and looked back at the guard "hey! If you don't stop pushing me around I promise to make your life hell!" this got Bloom out her frozen state to whisper "Stella you have half your powers and you 12 remember plus at this age I don't even know I had power or to use them" this made Stella frown and looked down at herself disliking her smaller self when she was older she could make people speechless by her flawless beauty but she was just shot and not taken seriously Bloom was the same but more aware of the lies they had to tell about this book that sent them in the past and turned them 5 years younger again.

"so young ladies what beings you to our kingdom and alone?" the Queen asked rising her eyebrow at Bloom seeing her as nothing more then un royalty well Stella had the cloths the posture and the tiara to prove she was a young princess with a poor girl by her side.

"We got lost and we haven't our way back to Solaria" Stella lied hooking her arm in blooms giving her a [don't worry look] which Bloom returned a small one back. "So you're the young Princess of the King and Queen of the sun and Moon" the King said lifting his head.

"then who is this girl you so close too?" the Queen asked looking displeased at the red head before her; "she is my best friend her name is Bloom" Stella replied which made both the King and Queen exchange worried looks about a princess being friends with a poor girl like this girl before them with their arms hooked together.

"You can stay here for a well till your father knows you are here as my husband will call your father to let him know you are here" the Queen said politely which made both girls jumpy for Stella's dad to know they are here.

"thank but if you don't mind I would rather speak with him myself besides you have a kingdom more important then two young girls to both with" Stella said they King and queen thought about it before they nodded then called out for two boys that came in the room then kneeled down and looked up at the royal couple.

"yes what may we help you with" one of them said with short brown hair both Stella and Bloom studied them as these two look too familiar; "you shall show these two young ladies to one of us Guessed rooms and make them feel as covetable as possible and you made help them in any ways they need" the King said still staring at Bloom with no trust at this girl unlike the blond haired princess of Solaria.

The boys nod then stood up and looked at the two girls who looked less snobbish like other young girls or princess that come in here; the blond haired girl had to piggy tales, a pink short dress with pink boots and a tiny tiara on her head, the red head wore a short blue jean skirt, a white T-shirt with green sleeves, ankle warmers and sneakers with her hair tied in a pony tale. In other words the Boys felt like they saw their dream girl.

when Bloom and Stella got a better look at them their eyes widen in shock; the one had short blond hair a long sleeve black top and blue pants with a good looking shoes, the other with short brown hair wore a puffy white shirt with a pare of black pants and the same kind of shoes. It was their Boyfriends but looked why different they slowly laid the girls out the hall and up the stairs.

Bloom and Stella were speechless not only did Stella have to make her father believe she got lost with her new Friend plus at this point the boys had switched identity's just for Sky's protection so both had to pretend they think Sky is Brandon and Brandon is Sky it would be hard but they had to do it.

"Well here we are hope you don't mind sleeping in a Queen Size bed?" Brandon asked when both boys opened the doors the girls took four steps inside to see a larger room then Stella's in Alfea and golden with silver lining and a silver and Golden silk bed. Bloom ran to the large window and opened the curtains for the sunlight to shine on her and her firry hair. Sky/Brandon watched her like she was an angel her hair shined in the sun light and her skin was like nothing he had ever seen.

She turned like in slow motion and her blue eyes shone like the ocean; "Stella check out the view it's like being in a fairy tale" the red head said which made the blond girl run up next to her well the boys went inside a little more. They liked the girls even if they only saw them for a few minutes ok the blond may be royal but she acted like none of the Princesses that come here and the red head had a new meaning of fun and amazement.

They both smiled then Brandon/ Sky whispered "these two might be lots of fun to be around"

"Yeah what say we hang around them to find out more about them?" Sky/Brandon suggested

"That sounds like a plan" Brandon/Sky said when they looked back they saw the two girls walking up them then stopped in front of them.

"So is it alright for you princess?" Brandon asked

"Actually Stella's the only princess I'm just a new fairy" the red head said disappointed

"Wow you could have fool us" Sky said smirking making her blush a light pink on her cheeks

"Yes it's perfect" Stella said

"um…if it's not to much to ask but would one of you show me the library later?" the red asked which Brandon thought be the perfect way to talk with her alone, she seemed anything but snobbish she was different how? He had no idea but he knew he liked her. Sure he was 12 and so was Sky and they been friends since they were one years old and grew up together and seen girls wink and ask them to dance but these two were different yet acted like sisters.

"Maybe I'll show you around too" Brandon said which Sky did the same for Stella the girls smiled then nodded.

"Ok I think we should let you girls rest" Sky/Brandon said and with that both boys went out and locked the doors behind them.

{Stella & Bloom}

The girls were so happy to see Brandon and sky again but it was hard to think of them like in first year, Bloom could get use to the idea but Stella was dying to say Brandon and run into his arms and kiss him, Bloom just liked how this was playing out at least no one asked where she came from.

Bloom went to lye on the bed pulling out that little book then tried to use her what ever power she had in her to resize it again which worked as she only was able to use a little of magic like Stella. She opened the pages to read more but most of the spells or whatever was in it was the same strange words on the cover but others were easy for her to read.

Stella looked through the closet to see what kind of cloths there were and to herself disappointment it only had ball gowns or royal dresses so it meant Stella had to make Bloom and she outfits from scratch which was something she was good at. She looked over her shoulder to Bloom who lay on the bed going through the book "hope you know how to walk in long dresses all the time cause that's all they have here?" Stella joked

"Please say you can make something that I can actually wear around like our normal outfits?" Bloom begged which Stella closed the closet and went over to lay next to Bloom smiling "you're talking to Miss Fashion Queen here of cause I'll make some besides I only wear gowns is at royal balls" Stella replied

"ok you get working on the cloths well I work on a way to fix up this whole travel to the past thing plus whatever happens here must not change our futures if it does Sky and I would not met the way we did and you and Brandon would not love each other like you do already plus we have to pretend we don't know who's who with Sky and Brandon" Bloom explained

"You got it, now let's get to work" Stella declared

Just like that they did what they had to do Stella making outfits with her small magic and fashion taste well Bloom finds a spell to reverse this plus practice her magic in case she need it.

{Brandon & Sky}

Once the two left the two girls room they walked through the palace halls thinking of the blond and the red haired girls. Ok it wasn't like they haven't met any girls, before cause they had princess from near and far.

And even if the blond was from a rich family also the second powerful kingdom right after Sparks which was not long age destroyed the story of how it was destroyed was clear or told but that was besides the point, the point was the young Princess of Solaria, she was beautiful but she acted like an Normal girl which was unexpected of a Princess.

Then you had the Red head that seemed far from Royalty as she admired the Palace grounds though the window like she had never seen such beauty in Nature before, she acted like a Normal girl with no care how to act like royalty and Brandon liked it and wondered where had she been all his life even if he was only 12 years that had been long enough.

"Dude what you think of these girls?" Brandon asked his best friend

"Well they not like the princesses that usually come here so I think we gonna have anything but boring routine here" Sky replied

"For once you right, but why did the red head ask if we had a library?" Brandon asked confused by this; "she probably loves books but like the Queen said we are to make them feel as comfortable as possible" Sky exclaimed with a smile on his face with the Blond girl in his mind.

For a long while walking in silence in the Palace grounds before they came to a stop cause the King stood in front of them looking down on them saying "Boys don't forget there is a Royal ball tomorrow night and I would like you to inform those girls to come plus there shall be a lot of young Princesses for you to dance with"

As soon as he left the boys went back inside to inform the girls and to spend time with them like they promised them, as they walked annoyed with the fact that they had to dance with other girls besides the ones they liked right now.

"I'm only dancing with the Princess of Solaria cause I like her" Sky exclaimed

"me too, I just wanted to dance with that red head cause I think I like her being different from these same girls" Brandon exclaimed with a sigh

When they reached the door of the girls room, Sky knocked twice before they heard one of the girls said "Come in!" so they did only to find the blond making cloths with her magic and other stuff well the red head lay on the bed on her stomach with her legs swinging back and forth as she was looking through a large Book with frustration.

"um…why are you making cloths there is cloths in the closet" Sky said seeing the blond look up but the red head kept flipping through the pages of the book; "yea but they all ball gowns what's the point wearing it all the time when you can wear something stylish" the blond replied with a smirk on her face.

"Oh we forgot to ask what are your names." Brandon asked still eyeing the beauty lying on the bed; "My name is Stella and this is Bloom my closest friend" she pointed to the red head on the bed that finally looked up at them.

"I'm guessing you didn't just come to tell us that you giving us the grand tour here right" Bloom said rising an eyebrow at them making them nervous for some reason, she was good at figuring something out another thing that made Brandon like her.

"Yeah we came to inform you that you girls are invited to the Royal Ball tomorrow the Kings request" Sky said which made both girls look up surprised "Royal Ball?" Bloom said with her eyes widen sitting on her knees looking worried.

"But why?" Stella asked'

"Don't know but it would help show the King and Queen how two Normal girls can act like Princesses" Sky replied

"Hello…I am a princess and yes we shall come to it hope you can recognize us" Stella said smirking.

"ok, well Bloom you want the grand tour with me, Brandon can show Stella around" Brandon said smiling as the red head got off the bed then walked up to him unsure of something.

So as Bloom and Brandon/Sky walked one way Sky/Brandon took Stella another the girls gave a glance back at each other before they moved though the palace.

[To be continued…]