Don't play with magic history books!

A Stella, Bloom, Brandon and Sky story!

Chapter 5: the two girls who changed the boys live!

{Brandon & Sky}

"So they leaving today, man what a bummer" Sky said as he and Brandon got ready for breakfast; they only met the two wonderful girls in their lives 4 days ago now they had to leave.

"what's more is Bloom said she doesn't belong in my world and Stella too" Brandon said getting up, the two had got up earlier to dress and could talk a bit but not the one talk they wanted to have. "Wow no that hurts" Sky said feeling bad not only for his friend but for himself to lost Stella that clearly wasn't part of their world.

"let's just go get the girls" Brandon said which Sky nodded then both left the room, walking down the halls passing room after room until their reached the girl's room; they opened the door slowly only to find the two packing or throwing their cloths in backpacks which they such knew the two didn't come here with.

Bloom wore blue jeans and a top with yellow short sleeves and her hair tied into a pony with high hill sandals, Stella wore a mini orange skirt with a bikini green top and high hills with flowers on the top and a purple head band. Most of their stomachs and legs.

"It will be ok I promise" Stella said putting her one hand on Bloom's shoulder stopping her then looked up at her friend. "nothing is ok Stella, I hurt Brandon and I couldn't find anything to help us get back" Bloom said in a hurt tone both Boys looked at each other concerned but looked back at the two Bloom now stood by the window looking out well Stella sat on the bed.

"What's the plan now?" Stella asked

"Frankly I don't know, Stella I always wanted to be a fairy to have adventures to have the feeling of magic but now…" Bloom paused

"You regret being one" Stella said

"I don't know" Bloom replied looking back at Stella looking hurt and confused.

"Tell you what when we get to Solaria I promise to show you something that might answer your question" Stella said holding both Bloom's hands smiling which somehow made Bloom smile.

"Guess we should go" Bloom said then both clicked their fingers making their stuff fit in their bags and closed it. "um…sorry girls but we need to go" Sky said causing the two to turn to them then both followed the boys out when they reached the dinning room.

The guys helped the girls in their chairs the king and Queen looked shocked at Stella's outfit not so much of Bloom's they began to eat and drink their tea's in silence; Brandon looked over to Bloom who showed sadness, Stella just acted angered and confused, Sky looked and Brandon worried.

"So your father is picking you girls up?" the King said which made both girls look up.

"Yes sir, Stella's father should come soon" Bloom answered for the first time, "it's your highness young lady" the Queen said sternly.

Brandon thought he saw tears forming in Bloom's eyes but hung her head to hide her face; Stella noticed this and stood up causing everyone to look at her "ok, I'm tired of you always disapproving of my friend, she is just as much royalty as you bunch of Snobs!" Stella yelled then got out from the table pulling Bloom away from the four Royals "Come on B. we have better places to be" Stella told her friend who looked back at Brandon and Sky then followed Stella.

"the king of Solaria did not teach that girl proper manners and dressing" the Queen said, at this time the boys pulled themselves away from the table not wanting to yell at the King and Queen. "I think the red head must have made her dress and act like that" the king implied.

"Brandon, Sky please stop acting so caring around the two girls" the Queen begged

"Sorry but we cannot do that, we share feelings for them and if you don't approve of it then tough" Brandon said shocking the King and Queen and surprising Sky who smirked soon after as they left to find the girls who probably was outside.

{Bloom & Stella}

Bloom looked at Stella as they grabbed their back packs and Bloom grabbed the Golden book holding it close to her chest; "the nervier of those Snobs, it hurts when they treat you like that" Stella complained as they walked through the halls towards the front doors. "it's fine Stella I guess I have to get use to the fact I'm never going to be that Princess one day to restore my kingdom" Bloom said hanging her head in shame but Stella put her arm around Bloom's shoulder.

Once they got outside they went to the lake when they first got sight of themselves, they sat next to it looking at them selves; "you know I never thought I looked funny when I was small" Bloom laughed

"At least I'm 12 not 6 cause boy was I ugly" Stella said looking at a confused Bloom. "I highly dough that Stella, you always look great in anything you wear." Bloom said smiling.

"listen B. whatever anyone says you always a princess to me and the other winx" Stella smiled Bloom leaned against the tree with her arms folded behind her neck looking up at the sky "I miss them, I miss Kiko" Bloom said she felt Stella laying on her lap with her hair hanging over Bloom's legs, the both of them lay on the ground remembering their memories of their first, Second and third year in Alfea and the troubles and fun times they had.

"What if you went back to Earth what would your parent think you were?" Stella said looking to her side to look at Bloom who kept looking up at the sky. "Probably hanging with my boyfriend and his band" Bloom replied

"You had a boy in a band, totally cool what was his name" Stella questioned

"doesn't matter it was a long time ago" Bloom replied not wanting to tell her friend about Andy the boy she thought loved her deeply but the fact was they both just acted like that to have the feeling of special. But Sky oh Sky he saved her from a Troll, he made sure she never did anything stupid ok he hide secrets that hurt her but he loved her and when she was Dark Bloom he said to her "Bloom please come back I love you" yes his love was deeper then Andy ever gave her. Now the fact the two girls went back in time this made their heart hard to push away the boys they jump over a cliff for.

"My dad should be here soon B." Stella said looking back at the sky like Bloom both remained quiet the Golden Book beside of Bloom was the only thing causing them to wish for the return to the present to love their boyfriends to let them say those three words to deepen their kisses to have the wonderful feeling of them around.

[Brandon & Sky]

The boys walked outside in search of the girls when a carriage parked in front of the palace revealing the King of Solaria. "You boys know where my daughter is?" he asked them, both shook their heads but said they find the girls.

They ran all over the grounds until they found the two laying besides the river, Bloom resting her arms behind her Neck leaning on the tree as for Stella she lay on Bloom's lap with her hair across Bloom's legs both looking into the sky like in search of something.

When Stella asked "you going back to earth when we reach Solaria?"

"Yeah, I mean at this time you and I haven't met so we have to go back to where we belong" Bloom replied wasn't Earth a none magical place? How could the girls not knowing each other when they spent so much time together almost close to sisters? The boys made their way to the girls then when the two looked up and sat up both Boys caught a glace of the Golden Book next to Bloom.

"Stella your dad is here" Sky said

"guess this is it" Bloom said both got up dusting themselves then picked up their back packs and Bloom holding the book close to her chest with both arms as her bag hung on one shoulder; the four teens made it to the carriage to find the King and Queen of Erakleon and the King of Solaria standing watching the four stand in front of them.

Bloom looked away from the Royal families cause of her not belonging in their world Brandon could see this, Stella and Sky turned to each other then hugged one another in more then a friendly hug but a loving one. "I'll never forget you Stella" Sky said

"Trust me you will see me again" Stella said

Stella couldn't hold it back any longer and grabbed Sky's shirt pulling him into a loving kiss she wanted so long, Bloom hadn't seen this before and was more focused on Brandon as the to were face to face trying to pretend this moment wasn't happening.

"Bloom why won't you stay here with me?" Brandon asked

Bloom placed on hand on his cheek sighing "sometimes you have to leave the person you truly care about even if it means…well you get what I'm saying." Bloom said smiling softly

"please don't leave me, I need you with me" Brandon begged taking hold of Bloom's hand on his cheek; Bloom looked back to Stella who stood next to Sky shacking her head, Bloom turned back to Brandon then stepped away from him.

"I'm sorry Brandon but I don't want to repeat history that is not suppose to happen this way" as Bloom said that the Golden Book began to glow brightly, Stella ran up to Bloom holding her hand "Bloom something's happening" Stella yelled

The Royals and the Boys watched as that glow spun around the girls who held each other, screaming in fear the boys watched in horror as the two girls began to fade just before they faded completely Bloom lip word Brandon "I never forget you Sky" and just like that the two faded away leaving the royals in shock and the boys to horrified to move but Brandon now realized she knew who he really was but called him Brandon for his safely.

Sky or rather finally got the kiss he wanted from Stella but lost her after Bloom said something causing the boys to lose the girls they fell for in a flash.

{Back five years in the present}

Bloom and Stella were pushed apart when they reappeared in the Red Fountain court yard, Bloom hit against the tree and Stella hit the other Tree across from Bloom both in pain but when they opened their eyes to find Sky and Brandon in front of them holding them. And at the right age.

"Bloom are you ok?" Sky asked

"Stella what happened to you?" Brandon asked

When both girls got to their feet they practically jumped in their boyfriends arms and kissed them passionately; when they broke apart both girls smiled with tears in their eyes. "I love you Sky" Bloom said

"I love you too Bloom" Sky said confused

"Oh I missed you my sweet heart" Stella said

"I never get tired of hearing you say that my cupcake" he replied

Bloom found the Book next to her and picked it up; "we need to red of that Bloom" Stella said "and I know where!" Bloom said angry.

The four teenagers walked through the woods to the lake Bloom sister lived both girls looked at each other then Stella nodded which made Bloom walk a few steps in the water then stop then dropped the book in the farthest part of the lake by her sisters cave or grotto.

"I will never play with books like that" Bloom swore to herself under her breath then returned to the guys and Stella; "ready for our date" Sky said to Bloom holding her by the waist which Brandon did to Stella too.

"I thought you never ask" both girls said then laughed holding on to their loved ones never wanting anything like that to happen again; they remember very little of what happened in the past but what they do remember is how they looked and how hard it had to act like someone everyone thought you were.

Through out the date Bloom loved listening about Sky wrestling a dragon and how much he missed her over the weekends. "Sky can I ask you something?" Bloom asked as the couple walked through the wood alone. "Of course" he replied.

"Do you have any memory of two funny looking girls in your childhood?" Bloom asked

"strangely I do, but they weren't strange they were cool and their was this girl who looked a lot like you and every time I kissed her it was like nothing on earth" Sky replied making Bloom blush hearing this.

"I know you don't want the feeling of her…" Sky was cut off by Bloom kissing him so passionately that he could have sworn it was Bloom in his child hood, he returned the kiss.

"I'm happy you had someone that was different that you liked then Diaspro" Bloom said before kissing him again.

"Stella why would you ask me if there was a strange girl in my past?" Brandon asked surprised by his girlfriend; "just want to know how you felt for her" Stella said

"She was gorgeous like you in fact she looked like you and her friend was funny too they were brave so noble so sister like whether it was from the Royals or from Daispro and her clones" Brandon laughed at the last part but Stella loved to hear how much he thought of them.

"Did you ever kiss her?" Stella asked

"yeah and I swear she kissed like nothing I ever thought was possible and also strange as it sounds it almost like kissing you" Brandon said worried of Stella reaction, but instead of anger she laughed "what's so funny?" he asked

"nothing just the fact that I know you love me for me" Stella said then kissed him like Bloom did to Sky saying the same things; even if the girls acted strangely the boys felt like the girls they met were the ones they had locked in a kiss and were dating for three years now.

"Sky have I ever told you that I'm glad you saved me before" Bloom said

"I swear the girl I met said the same thing" Sky replied making Bloom giggle

They walked back to Alfea saying goodbye to their boys they went inside arm in arm well the boys left confused but happy.

"Guess something's are better left in the past" Bloom said

"You got that straight girl, I'm so happy the boys remember us" Stella said

"To bad they never remembered our names" Stella said

"Nah I think that way life is so much more better if things remain like the way it should" Bloom said smiling.

And from that moment the both promised to play with Books that change history or their fates.

The end