This is basically my version of how they began. They are in their teens in this fic. I hope you all like it!

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Patton Drilovsky stared out his window, towards the park. Nobody was there. Of course, it was 5 in the morning, Patton had woken up a few minutes ago and gotten dressed. Now he was about to leave and do his morning routine of jogging around town and in the park and then doing sit-ups, push-up, jumping jacks, the works. He did it every morning and this one was no different, but what he didn't realize was that he had missed a certain red-headed girl sitting on the swings.

Fanny Fulbright sat on the swings in this ungodly hour of morning. She was just taking in her surroundings. She did this all the time, woke up early got ready for school then left and walked around. Her parents didn't understand why, and blamed it on her being a teenager. Her brothers thought it was something the teens were planning and eyed her suspiciously whenever she came back. She thought nit was funny how she didn't even remember most of her childhood, before her thirteenth birthday but she normally just brushed it off. She turned her head in another direction and saw a fuzzy figure jogging. She couldn't see who it was through the fog but she didn't really care, she just got up and walked away. Back home to her crazy family, back home to suspicious brothers, back home to her Irish Setter puppy. It was a good thing they loved each other or they would strangle each other…

Patton started his jog in the park and about half way around it he saw a ginger headed girl sitting on the swings. She had looked at him once but quickly stopped and left. Before she did though he realized who it had been. Fanny Fulbright. He vaguely remembered her from his days when he was a kid. She had been mean, ill tempered, and had hated boys, no matter what you did she would yell at you. But he also knew her from their high school and she had definitely changed for the better. Her once frizzy red hair had turned smooth and soft, she didn't yell anymore, her loud voice had changed to a much softer one, her wardrobe had changed from a green sweater and orange skirt to a grey "Stay Brutal" short sleeve shirt, a green and orange hooded jacket, blue jeans, and green converse, her freckles were less noticeable, and she had stayed short only reaching about 5'2". Basically everything about Fanny had changed and the boys definitely took notice.

Fanny walked in the door and walked up the staircase towards her room. Halfway up she met the boys and just nodded her head while they arched their eyebrows, undoubtedly wondering why she was back home so early. She didn't bother to give them an answer and opened her door. Her room had changed once she hit 13, Rainbow Monkeys no longer interested her so she lost everything related to them. Her walls changed color, her decorations changed, and her walls no longer held rainbow designs and monkeys, instead they held pictures of family and friends and posters of celebrities. She plopped down on her bed and stared at her ceiling. She couldn't help but think of her lost memories. All she remembered were the days she had with family and by herself. She remembered her hatred of boys but she couldn't remember everything. Finally, Fanny decided to go downstairs and talk to her family before school.

After Patton finished his morning routine, he returned home to his family. As he walked through the door he was tackled by his little sisters, kissed by his mother, patted on the back by his father, and laughed at by his older brother. Finally after he detached Julianna and Matylda from his legs he walked to his room and laid down on his bed. It was still only 6:15 and the bus wouldn't be here until 6:40-something. He couldn't help but think about Fanny. He didn't talk to anyone much besies his buddies, Hoagie, Nigel, Wally, and Ace. Finally he went back downstairs, grabbed his bag, yelled good bye from the door, and headed to the bus stop.

After almost an hour of talking with her fmily, Fanny decided she better ge tgoing or she'd miss the bus. She grabbed her bag on the way out the door and half ran half walked to the bus stop. When she got there the bus had just pulled up and she jumped on. She found Rachel McKenzie and Kuki Sanban talking near the back and took her seat beside them. She shared her seat with another of their friends, Abigail Lincoln. Most people called her Abby if they didn't want to get smacked with her hat though. After a good five minutes of talking Abby walked up to them and sat beside Fanny. Then a pack of boys walked down nthe aisle, one boy amongst them Fanny recognized as the boy from the park. He was none other than Patton Drilovsky.

Patton was walking down the aisle of his bus when he caught a glimpse of Fanny near his seat in the back. He was joking with his pals when he saw her and Ace caught on quickly. Thankfully he didn't say anything until they were out of ear shot. But he knew he would be listening to the teasing from his friends for a while, he also knew that today he was going to talk to her. She had been on his mind constantly since he saw her this morning and he wasn't going to let her go easily.

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