Chapter 2

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After about 30 minutes of riding the bus, they got to school. Everybody got up and filed off, Fanny and her group walked toward the front doors while Patton an his group milled around the courtyard.

"Hey Patty, why were you staring?" Ace asked him with a mischievious look in his eye.

"What are you talking about?" Patton asked him, innocently.

"You were staring at Fanny the entire bus ride mate." Wally told him smirking.

"Oh shut up…" Patton told them, eyeing Nigel as he said it.

"Come on, tell us! We're just going to find out through the girls anyway." Nigel piped up.

"Nothing, I just…. I saw her this morning in the park at, like, 5 in the morning. I was just gonna ask why." Patton told them, it was partially the truth.

"That's weird…" Wally mumbled mostly to himself.

"Yeah… I'm surprised you don't know why Wally." Hoagie finally joined the conversation.

"Why would he know?" Ace asked us.

"Him and Fanny have been friends ever since they were little kids." Nigel told him.

It was true, Wally and Fanny had been friends for the longest time. Even through her boy hating years, she had a softer spot for her friend. I mean why else wouldn't she have pounded him for crashing her sleepover. Patton was still in deep thought until the bell signaled it was time to go inside.

"See you guys at lunch." Patton said as he parted ways with his group.

Patton walked to his locker and grabbed the stuff he needed for first period. As he was walking away he bumped into Rachel McKenzie, Fanny lifelong friend and Nigel's current girlfriend.

"Oh, sorry Rach. I didn't see you…" Patton trailed off once he caught her stare.

"What are you staring at?" He asked playfully.

"A better question would be why you were staring at Fanny this morning." Rachel countered.

"I uh– " Patton started but was cut off by the warning bell.

"Well, I really need to get to class. Bye Rachel!" Patton sighed in relief after half running away from Rachel.

'That was way to close… Next time I need to be prepared to answer that question…' Patton thought to himself as he walked through the classroom door.

"Glad to see you've decided to join us Mr. Drilovsky." Mr. Benson chided him as he walked into the classroom.

"Well. I'm not to happy about it Benny." Patton told him smartly, smiling at the teacher.

"Its Mr. Benson, Patton." Mr. Benson emphasized his name and sighed before waving Patton towards his desk.

"Don't get to cocky Patton… Not every teacher will put up with you." Zoey told him.

Patton just smirked and leaned back in his seat. He didn't care, he wasn't afraid of the teachers and he didn't really care what they did. HE didn't really know Zoey, but she talked to everybody and was just about everyone's friend.

Soon, Mr. Benson was droning on and on about something like the Civil War and States Rights, of course none of that appealed to Patton. Who knew about every war, so he just started thinking about that morning again. Fanny was on his mind the whole period but finally the bell rang and he all but ran out of class.

"Slow down! You're about to run over us!" Some random girl he passed in the hallway yelled out.

Patton really didn't care he just need to get to his locker on the other side of the school and get to second period, which he also had with Fanny.

"On time today are we?" Mrs. Calder smiled when she saw Patton walk through the door.

"I figured I'd try to change it up today." He told her smiling back, Mrs. Calder was everybody's favorite teacher.

He sat down in his desk beside Fanny. He just stared at the board which had their assignment on it, and stole quick glances at Fanny. She must have noticed because he turned around again after a few minutes and his eyes met hers. He sat their kind of paralyzed, he hadn't expected she'd notice, thankfully she broke the silence before he made an even bigger fool of himself.

"You need something?" She asked him with a smile that he couldn't tell if it was sincere or sarastic.

"Umm… No, no it's fine." He mumbled quickly before turning away.

She just shrugged and turned back to her work, hut he swore he heard her giggle under her breath. Finally after he finished his assignment, he gathered up enough courage to ask her why she was in the park at 5 this morning… In a note.

He pulled out a piece of paper from his notebook, grabbed his pencil, and scribbled down something on the paper before folding it and throwing it to the desk beside him. It said:

Hey Fanny, I saw you this morning in the park and it was, like, five am… I just wanted to know, why you were there?

- Patton

He watched her unfold it and read it out of the corner of his eye. She didn't do anything at first, but after a good 10 minutes she scribbled something down on the paper and folded it back up. She held onto it for about 3 more minutes and finally flung it onto his desk. Just as the bell rang. Then she got up and left him there.