Author's note: In this chapter, we find out how Ravage was created. If you're squeamish about robot sex, I recommend skipping this chapter (but, you will miss out on a good laugh). It's up to you.

The Autobots were a good distance from the ship when it blasted off for space. Berserk looked up, then said "Soundwave, do you suppose that our little Ravage was responsible for what happened on the ship?" as her mate nodded as he held his sparkling close to his chassis. Ravage snuggled against her sire as she dreamed happy thoughts while her sire gently stroked her.

Berserk looked at Ratchet before asking "So, how are we going to get back? I'm familiar with you transporting the others by the Ground Bridge, but I only know of when you're there to operate it. How do you operate it when you're all out here?" "Well…we're going to have to drive back to base. The Ground Bridge has been acting up lately…blasted scraplets…" muttered Ratchet. Soundwave shook his head at what he heard, then transmitted something to Berserk. She looked at her mate, then looked at the Autobots; "Soundwave says that it's hilarious that you six have to drive back while the two of us can fly. He says that he never heard of something so funny before in his entire life" said Berserk.

"Wrong. He has to transport Agent Fowler back to base, with Arcee watching him, so he has to fly to Agent Fowler's base" said Optimus Prime. Soundwave glared at Optimus Prime as Berserk turned to him and said "I don't think that it's as bad as it sounds, Soundwave. It's not like it's going to take all night or so."

About an hour later, Soundwave was flying Agent Fowler in his cockpit with Arcee and Jack following him below. "So…this is awkward," said Fowler to the former Decepticon. "You think that this is awkward? Primus, you have no idea on what Berserk and I did once so Megatron could obtain a certain ancient Cybertronian artifact held by you humans" said Soundwave. "Define awkward" said Fowler to Soundwave. "The definition of Awkward is when…oh, wait, is this one of those times where I have to give an example of what I did was awkward? Berserk did mention on how your Earth language was funny. Well, I guess that all of this starts back to when Berserk and I knew each other for about three Earth months…"

"…and then, by the time the humans realized that what Berserk and I was doing was a distraction, the entire base was destroyed. Megatron and the others were almost as speechless at the idea of what Berserk thought of. No Cybertronian knew of how much of a distraction was the traditional Transformer mating ritual with the female being in heat and the male at maximum…oh, we've arrived" said Soundwave as the four of them arrived at Sector 7.

"Well, it looks like the two of you have finally become allies," said Arcee as she saw Soundwave and Agent Fowler in pleasant moods. "Oh, that. I was just telling the human how Berserk became impregnated with Ravage. How she became pregnant happens to be a funny story" said Soundwave with a chuckle. "Really? You have got to tell me how you managed to get her pregnant" said Arcee. "Wait? You robots can have babies?" said a surprised Agent Fowler. "The correct term is sparkling, and that little…uh…cat-like robot was in fact my daughter. Don't ask on how both Berserk and I are both planes and why our daughter is a cat. All I know is that it involves where Berserk was created, and all that she tells us is that it was destroyed a long time ago. Aside from that fact, she refuses to tell us more about her past" said Soundwave.

The robots said their good-byes and traveled back to base. Arcee radioed to Soundwave "So, what was that story that you were telling to Fowler? I'm intrigued on what you told him." "Well, I'll tell the whole story to all of you when the little humans aren't around. It's not a story to tell while they're around; it's far too vulgar for their little ears to listen to. But, I must tell you, it's one of the most funniest and embarrassing experiences that I've ever had!" laughed Soundwave.

Several hours later, Berserk, Ravage, and the humans were out of the base while Arcee, Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Ratchet, Bulkhead, Wheeljack, and Soundwave were in the main center of the base. "Ok Soundwave; we're all here, the humans are out, and Ravage and Berserk are out. Tell us what you told Agent Fowler," said Arcee. Soundwave chuckled and said "Well, it started about three months after Berserk and I met each other…"

Megatron, Soundwave, Berserk, Knock-Out, Starscream, and the drones were outside of the M.E.C.H. base. "…So, you know what this mission is about? All of what we know need is a distraction for the flesh creatures while the rest of us infiltrate the base. We're going to need a big enough distraction that will occupy most of the flesh creatures' attention. Any suggestions?" said Megatron. "Well, we could blast our way through," said Knock-Out, before being hit on the head by Megatron's fist. "Too obvious" snarled Megatron. Berserk was silent for a moment before she said "I have an idea for a distraction, but I need Soundwave for it." "So, what is this plan?" asked Starscream as he raised an optic ridge. "I can't tell you, but I promise that it will distract the humans" said Berserk. "Fine, whatever. Just make sure that it distracts the humans" grunted Megatron.

The Decepticons headed in different directions as Soundwave followed Berserk. He questioned what was the plan. She just gave him a sly smile and said "Well, I am in heat, and you're at the peak of your cycle, so…" as Soundwave gave a gagging noise and said that they couldn't do that. "Have any ideas that will distract the humans that much? I wanted to give something the humans have never seen, and if something is big enough, it will distract them. Have any other ideas that will distract them that much?" Soundwave could only stare at Berserk as he clenched and unclenched his fists. "Don't worry so much; we'll squash the humans after Megatron gets what he wants, ok?" Soundwave sighed at Berserk's answer and reluctantly agreed with her. "Ok, well let's get started then," she said as she got in the proper position as Soundwave sighed again and mounted her…

"That's when we started interfacing each other. I've never felt so alive before that moment; I can't express enough what was going through me" said Soundwave with a chuckle. Bumblebee just stared at Soundwave before he beeped what happened next. Soundwave just shook and chuckled before he continued. "Well, the humans took the bait and headed for us…"

The M.E.C.H. base monitors took notice of Berserk and Soundwave, but couldn't get too much detail of what was going on. Silas noticed the two Transformers before he narrowed his eyes. "Send out half of the troops and investigate. I'll be coming along too; to collect those machines when we take them in to see what makes them tick" he said darkly.

M.E.C.H. troops headed for Berserk and Soundwave; guns loaded, with nets and chains in tow. Silas hid behind a rock while the others hid behind bushes and trees. He was silent as he motioned with his hand how many seconds to wait before they attacked. Silas was silent as one agent peeked from where he was stationed in the tree. "Sir" he radioed in to Silas. "Shh, we don't need those two things to notice us. It better be important" he whispered in a harsh voice. "Sir, you need to see this. They're not in any attack position. I don't believe that they even know that we're here. You can't imagine what they're doing" the man said as he tried to hold back a laugh.

Silas gave a low grumble as he peeked out from behind the tree to get a better look. The sight before him almost made him laugh out loud. The two gigantic robots in front of him looked as if they were having sex with each other! "Hold your fire," said Silas as he slunked to get closer to Soundwave and Berserk.

Berserk moaned and sighed as Soundwave pleasured her. Soundwave telepathically sent Berserk a message. She opened up an optic slowly and looked at where Soundwave told her to look. She was staring directly at Silas as he took notice of Berserk's gaze. "Wha, what are you two doing?" said Silas as he stared up at Berserk. "Oh, hello flesh creature. We are doing what your kind calls mating. I'm in what you call my heat cycle, and my mate here is at the peak of his…how do you say…testosterone levels, for a lack of a better term" she said as she closed her optic. "Wait! Your kind can reproduce by having sex?" said Silas in a slight shock. "Yes, it's not like your kind has never seen machines mate before" she said as she let off a small sigh. "Uh, actually we create machines in a factory," said Silas. "Hmm" said Berserk as she stared at Silas.

"While she was talking to the human, I screeched a curse word that caused Berserk to stare at me with this shocked expression before she electrocuted me. She shouted at me that she'd never heard such a filthy word before in her entire life" laughed Soundwave "Of course, since she electrocuted me, I backed off her. She then gave me this look, and I didn't need my telepathic abilities to know that showing off…what is the English term? … 'my junk' of what I think the term is. To make up for that misfortune, I jumped back on her. Of course, since she wasn't expecting my own being to jump on her, she lost her balance and we both fell onto the ground. That's when she gave me this dark glare and growled at me to be more gentle next time with her."

Bumblebee couldn't help but blush at what he heard coming out from Soundwave. Bulkhead and Wheeljack couldn't help but laugh at what Soundwave told them and Ratchet facepalmed him, muttering something about Decepticons being so obscene. Arcee and Optimus gave each other guilty looks, as Soundwave looked amused with himself. "So, what happened next?" asked Optimus Prime as Arcee kept on looking at Optimus guiltily. "Well, that's when…" said Soundwave as he continued.

Megatron and the other Decepticons leveled the base as M.E.C.H. watched their headquarters being leveled. Silas' reaction turned from shock to anger as he glared up at the machines and snarled "This was a distraction, wasn't it?" Berserk laughed as tentacles extended from her back and began electrocuting all the humans within the area.

"Of course, since I was still on Berserk, I got myself zapped again. I couldn't mate with Berserk again for another two Earth weeks" laughed Soundwave. Just then, the kids came back with Berserk and Ravage as they returned from where they went off from. Berserk noticed all of the laughing, then asked "So, what's so funny?" "Well, you're just in time to hear the ending" laughed Soundwave "We both escaped the base and returned to the Nemesis with the Cybertronian artifact, and nine Earth months later, Berserk gave birth to Ravage." "You told them about that night, didn't you?" said Berserk as she shook her head "Did you tell them the curse word that you screamed?" "What curse work?" asked Jack as he looked at Berserk. "Well, it doesn't have an English translation, but I think the closest word to describe it is in Chinese or Japanese…maybe even Korean" said Berserk. "So, what's the word?" asked Miko. "I'm not repeating it, and I don't want you kids or Ravage to repeat it either. All of what I can say is that it's really bad and vulgar" said Berserk.

"And that's not even the filthiest word that I know. I learned some from Starscream that even Megatron doesn't even know. I can't even repeat them with you flesh creatures even near me" laughed Soundwave. "And why is that?" asked Raf. "It's not because of what the words mean, but how the words are said. They're repeated at such a vibration that you flesh creatures will explode if I say them" laughed Soundwave "There are no Earth words that even comes close to what the translations mean. But there are some Earth sounds that are part of the vulgar words." "And these Earth sounds are?" asked Jack with a raised eyebrow. "Well, the closest Earth sounds to some parts of the words are nails on a chalkboard, the dying screams of dolphins, police car sirens, and some screeches that can shatter glass" said Soundwave as he chuckled.

"Wait, there are some words in Cybertronian that can produce such vibrations that can kill a human?" said Raf. "Yeah, there are, but most Cybertronians don't even know these words. Mainly, these words are used by Decepticons, and it's very few Decepticons that even know them. When Starscream first said these words when I was around, my faceplate shattered" said Soundwave as he gave off a small chuckle.

Later that day, Jack walked into his house and saw that his mother was home early from work. "Hi Mom" said Jack as he walked in. "Hello Jack. Did you do anything interesting with your Autobot friends today?" asked June. "Nothing really. We drove around for a bit, went to see some scenery with Berserk, and we arrived at the base just in time to learn that the Transformers know some really bad curse words" said Jack as June gave him a hard stare. "You learned some bad words from your Autobot friends?" she questioned as she stared at her son. "No, we only learned that the Transformers know some bad words; we didn't learn what type of words that the were. Berserk wouldn't allow Soundwave to repeat any of the words that he knew," said Jack. "Was Berserk the muscular truck, and was Soundwave Raf's friend?" asked June. "No, Optimus was the truck, and Bumblebee was Raf's friend. You never met Berserk or Soundwave before. They're new to the base, and what's more, they have a baby" said Jack. "Hmm, I would like to meet them the next time that I'm available," said June.