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There were many, many things in the universe that happened and just never made any sense. Aizen Sosuke was among those many perversions in the universe. Many wondered why he had done what he had, many hearts, and souls crushed at the mere thought of their 5th Captain betraying them. What the man had done there was no redemption and even if he were caught and tried, many wanted him executed and brought to justice for what he had done. His hands alone were stained with thousands if not countless more souls.

However, there were few in between that truly knew that Aizen Sosuke was not wrong for what he had done. There had been a very valid reasoning behind his dark deeds. These people were also traitors to Soul Society; Ichimaru Gin and Tousen Kaname. Oh, there were others who also sided with Aizen, however they sided with him because they were his creations. And beyond those that were created by Aizen not many others... unless you were to include former ex 5th Division Captain, now Vizored leader Hirako Shinji.

The blonde let his eyes fall across Karakura Town, the night fallen town alit with little flickering lights. He exhaled a long breath wondering to himself why he was even thinking about that man. Was it easier to just let the truth go, let everyone believe that Aizen was the enemy when in reality his plan, his godforsaken plan was wrong. Soul Society had everyone brain washed, every single officer, everyone in Soul Society had been manipulated. Even him, he thought bitterly.

It certainly was not going to be an easy battle. Aizen was a tough opponent. His strategist were many, many years in the making. Somewhere deep down Shinji wished Aizen would win. He closed his eyes and took another deep breath. For now, and only because it was the easiest thing to do, he would continue to train the Kurosaki kid.

To say that the sixth Espada was bored would be an understatement. He could never sit around for very long expected to act like some ordinary house cat. No he was a fucking panther. He was not some animal to be caged up and expected to sit still. He wanted to run, to hunt, to crush, rip apart, kill. He wanted blood, he wanted it, he wanted it real bad. He wanted it in the form of a orange-haired Shinigami brat!

In a fit of uncontrolled rage he flung himself off the white stark sheets of his bed and onto his feet. He stood still for a few moments debating what to do and how to do it. Plan in mind, a wide grin stretched across his face, blue eyes snapped to the door. He moved quickly with the grace of a big cat. With his mind set on whatever he was planning he completely disregarded the other Arrancar and Espada he pasted as he quickly made his way down the giant white halls of La Noches.

His fierce sapphire eyes stared at the grandiose white door to Aizen's grand hall. He knew that behind these door sat Aizen the holy-than-thou bastard on his blasted throne. He didn't like the guy, there were plenty of reasons, but he would never bother to elaborate on them. So plainly put, he just did not like him. He pushed open the doors, not really caring if he was interrupting pussy boy Ulquiorra's report or whatever. He just stalked up to them and stopped when he stood about two feet to the side of green eyed Espada. "Aizen-Sama,"

Said man slowly looked over at the blue-haired Arrancar. He smiled at him, but there was a hint of disapprovment in his eyes, but of course Grimmjow was the only one to 'really' notice this. When Ulquiorra made motion to reprimand Grimmjow, Aizen raised a hand signaling for the fourth Espada to halt in his actions. "Grimmjow, what ails you that you must interrupt your fellow brethren so rudely?"

Grimmjow almost sneered at that comment. Ulquiorra was not his brethren as far as he was concerned. "I wish for permission to go to the human world, I want to fight that kid again, Aizen-Sama." His fierce gaze never wavered from the man eyes.

"I see." Was Aizen's only reply. He was silent for a few moments before coming to a decision. "Grimmjow, how do you feel about Kurosaki then?"

"Hate'em. He pissed me off, I just want to make him feel pain, lots of it as I tear him limb from limb before I finally kill'em!"

"Is that really all you feel for the Shinigami. It seems you have been thinking of nothing else as of late." Aizen reproached the subject.

Ulquiorra stood silently to the side, but he was wondering what exactly his master was trying to get at. He found this conversation slightly intriguing.

Grimmjow stopped himself short of growling. What the fuck was Aizen talking about? What was he trying to get at talking in circles like this? True, he had been thinking about the Shinigami a lot recently. He could not get those eyes out of his head, that damn scowl or that ridiculous and obnoxiously bright orange hair out of his mind. But, every time he thought about that kid he felt the surge of undiluted rage rush through his veins, his bloodlust commanding him to make the kid scream and bleed in agony. Or perhaps, perhaps Aizen was suggesting he take his aggression out another way. He looked up, eyebrows creased angry at his troubled thoughts. "Aizen-Sama, I do not understand what you are trying to say." It was hard to keep himself controlled when he was like this, it was hard to kept himself from releasing his anger on the bastard.

"Kurosaki is nothing at the moment, however he does have potential. I believe that he could be persuaded. He is young and therefore his mind is naive."

To this Grimmjow raised a single thin brow at the man. He could not believe what Aizen was suggesting. He wanted that kid to join their ranks. Having that kid around all the time would sure make things a bit more interesting, and easier. He wouldn't have to travel out of Hueco Mundo to fight his ass. His usual excited, shit-eating grin slipped over his face again as lightened up to the idea.

"I see that that this exhilarates you Grimmjow." He turned his eyes back to the ever silent Ulquiorra. "Go with Grimmjow, see to it that the two of you coax Kurosaki Ichigo into returning to Hueco Mundo. Do whatever you see best, even if that means lying, or" His eyes slid back over to Grimmjow, there was a slight smirk as he said his next words. "immobilizing him."

Grimmjow's grin turned feral at the prospect of blood! Oh, yes this would be loads of fun and a hell of a lot less boring! "As you wish, Aizen-Sama." Grimmjow said as he bowed his head and turned to leave, he would wait for Ulquiorra and then he would get to see that damn Shinigami.

Ulquiorra stood still once the sexta espada had left the room. His wide emerald eyes returned to his master, waiting for direction.

"You may continue debriefing me on your report once you have returned with Grimmjow and Kurosaki." Aizen told him. The man watched silently as the fourth espada bade him goodbye and left his throne room. His gaze flickered over to Gin who had been waiting in the shadows of the room.

Gin only gave Aizen a wide smile before leaving the man to his plans. He was smart enough, he knew what Aizen was planning and it would be interesting to see how it would unfold.