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Kurosaki Ichigo was goddamn exhausted. He felt weird as of late, and wondered absently if maybe he was coming down with a cold. No, probably just excessive amounts of fatigue. He was just a fifteen year old boy, and everyone was just expecting too much of him. He had to balance school, a normal social life, friends, family, soul society, his inner hollow, then his training with the Vizoreds... Damn Shinji had been salve driving his ass like crazy recently.

He enter him home, both luck and happy to see that he was not automatically attacked by his crazy goat-chinned father. He wasn't sure if he could even block so much as kick at the moment. He moved to the kitchen counter to find a note in his father's handwriting.

My lovely adoring son Ichigo, Your sister Karin has a soccer game tonight at 6pm. I am leaving the house to you. Make sure to have something to eat for dinner and do your homework! Make your daddy proud! We'll be back around 10pm! Love your loving father, DAD3

Ichigo stared at the note for several long seconds before snorting and tossing it back down on the counter. Well that was great, at least he could get some relaxation for once without having to deal all sorts of distractions, namely his father. He went to the fridge, rooting around to find something to munch on. Settled for some chicken balls, pizza bites, ranch dressing, cheese wizz and sour cream potato chips. Hey he was a raging hormonal teenage and he was welcome to eat whatever he wanted. After filling a plate full of chicken balls and pizza bites and tossing them in the microwave to heat up. He turned back to the kitchen counter and began munching on sour cream chips and cheese wizz.

Just thinking about the fact that he was indeed a hormonal teenager had him thinking about a crazy ass blue haired espada. Ichigo was far from a homosexual male... well, for the most part. He did enjoy wearing skinny jeans, and fashion, he was vain about his looks... but he was not gay. He still like to look at woman, sometimes. And it wasn't like he openly ogled other men. Just the sexta espada. He wasn't sure why but he be damned if he didn't admit that when he did fight Grimmjow he got turned on every time.

Bing, the microwave went off just in time to interrupt his thoughts. He went to retrieve his food, grabbed other essential items and then headed up stairs to get started on his homework. He sat down at his desk, munched on his snack, and opened up his English homework. Few minutes later snack devoured, he was staring off into space, homework forgotten.

He wondered what Grimmjow was up too back in Hueco Mundo, he chuckled at his thoughts of the blue haired espada going off the deep end blasting holes through countless hollows and arrancars alike just because they pissed him off. Then his daydreams took him elsewhere and he was imagining the sexta espada noticed him watching him.

"You've been watching me for a while Shinigami," He said in that sinfully seductive voice. He approached Ichigo, blue hair, face, skin and clothes bathed in different bloods from the undermining hollows and arrancar he had killed. He stopped just in front of him. "Is there something I can help you with?" His bright blue eyes racked down his body, Ichigo couldn't help but feel naked under his eye. They stopped on his crotch, feral smirk curled his lips, before his eyes snapped back up to lock with brown ones.

"I hope so~" Ichigo hear himself say, unable to remove his eyes from Grimmjow wicked body. Grimmjow was just too perfect, muscles too divine. He couldn't help but drink in the sight.

"Like what you see, Shinigami?" The sexta espada had stepped closer, body just centimeters from the other as he bent his head down to speak in the other's ear. "I know you do," His larger hand suddenly fisting the front of his pants, lips brushed teasingly against his ear before his tongue dipped in to lick the shell of his ear. "Because this his hard at the sight of me. Isn't that right?"

Ichigo shuddered, he could feel Grimmjow's grin against his ear. He groaned as Grimmjow licked his ear and began to squeeze his erection playfully. It felt so fucking good! He gripped the sleeves of the espada's jacket and drew him closer to their bodies were connected. He groaned again at the body contact heat. "Yeah, Grimmjow." He replied, thought he couldn't remember what he was replying too.

"You want me to touch you all over. Do dirty things to your body." He emphasized be squeezing Kurosaki's dick again, and sliding his hand up the length. His hand moved away from and began undoing Ichigo's pants before plunging inside to take hold of him again. "I bet your such a dirty slut that you would want to to fuck you deep and hard. Till you scream so hard that you can't even remember who's side your fighting for." He said before licking and biting the orange head's ear and slowly moving down to suck on the lobe.

"Mmhm Fuck yes!" Ichigo shouted, threw his head back and moaned as Grimmjow began stroking him towards completion. His hands seemed to have gotten a mind of their own as they began searching Grimmjow's arms and perfect chest, down to rock hard abdomen, fuck his body was too amazing not to touch. He moan loudly again as Grimmjow rubbed his calloused thumb roughly over the tip of his cock.

Grimmjow took the opening and began lick, sucking and biting down Ichigo's neck. His hand doing wicked things to the strawberry. He slowly his pace again, lips moving back up to Ichigo's ear. "Yeah, I bet you be so in love with my cock, you'd want to suck it and lick it just like your favorite fudgical stick. You'd be my own little cock whore, wouldn't yah?" Grimmjow's other hand sliding down from his waist and into the backside of his jeans. He gripped the teen's ass cheek grinning at the moan it elicited from the strawberry. He hand began to pick up pace again much to Ichigo's pleasure.

Ichigo was reduced to a mass of moans and groans as Grimmjow kept pleasuring his body. It felt amazing, he like it a lot. But it all finally came to an end all to soon as he reached his climax, drenching the espada's hand in his hot white cream. He watched throw half lidded eyes as the espada brought his dirty hand to his mouth and slowly licked it off.

"Mhmm, taste like the sweet little strawberry that you are. Maybe next time we'll get to have more fun." He slapped Ichigo's ass for good measure. "Yeah."

Then Ichigo blinked in confusion hearing some weird sound, he couldn't describe it, it just sounded odd. That's when Ichigo suddenly sat bolt up right in his seat, thoroughly confused. He pealed his English homework off his face before releasing it was his phone. As soon as he noticed though it stopped vibrating and he was left to silence once again. He sighed out a deep breath, slightly upset that he was woken up from his dream because of his cellphone. He grimace as he realized the dream wasn't just an ordinary dream, but a wet dream. He did not like the sticky feeling in his pants.

He decided it would be best if he took a shower, afterwords he would feel rejuvenated and then be more tempted to finish his homework. So he went off into the bathroom, grabbing a towel before he did so to do just that.

Later after he had finished his shower and tossed his dirtied clothes to the hamper he sat down at his desk again trying to figure out him home work. English was a rather difficult subject, stupid American's and their many, many ways of saying things. He got threw another two questions before a blissful distraction snapped through his mind like electric live wire. He automatically felt the tingle of blue-haired Arrancar's reiatsu and he was nearly jumping for joy. Though Kurosaki would never admit it a loud he did take pleasure in constantly fighting.

Without a second thought, no Kon in sight, figuring his sister must have taken him with them he pushed the representative badge against his chest, laid his body out on his best and hopped threw the opened window. He had no idea he probably wouldn't be seeing this place again for a while.

Not far from the Kurosaki residence, the fourth and sixth espada stood suspended midair. Grimmjow looked annoyed as he glanced over at the higher ranking espada. "The kid practically sucks at sensing spiritual power, what makes you think something as little as that will get his attention?" He much rather flare his retaisu, but of course that might result in several other of the Shinigami's friends to come running. They didn't need that now.

"That little bit will do, he seems to know your reiatsu trace very well." Ulquiorra spoke with his usual monotone, that seemed to be very sure of this fact. And sure enough a few moments later Kurosaki arrived looking extremely excited to see them.

Smoldering brown eyes snapped to the blue haired arrancar first, wild smirk tugged at his lips. "Grimmjow," A stare down ensued before he finally seemed to notice they were not alone, his eyes feel on the pale arrancar. "And Ulquiorra. What do you two want?"

Grimmjow returned the kid's smirk with one of his own feral grins, eyes flashing with excitement and lust for battle. "You," He stated, moved forward a bit, falling into a more taunting and for Ichigo's sake tantalizing stance.

Ulquiorra got ahead of Grimmjow before he could turn it into a blood battle though. "Aizen-Sama has requested that you return with us to Hueco Mundo."

Blue-haired arrancar made an annoyed sound in being stopped from attacking his favorite prey. His eyes narrowed menacingly at the back of the cuatro's head as he crossed his arms over his chest.

"I'm not going anywhere until you let Inoue go!" Ichigo yelled, not really thinking about what he was saying.

That's when Grimmjow thought quick, he knew lying wasn't the emocar's specialty so he spoke up for him. Hell even if he didn't get to fight the Shinigami now, they'd still be a chance at it later. That thought alone did nothing to diminish his lust for blood. "She's useless to Aizen, he wants you in exchange for the woman. But of course, if you refuse he could always kill her and then have us kill your family and annoying friends."

That seemed to have hit Ichigo like a lightening bolt. "I said I'll come with you as long as Aizen releases Inoue." She wasn't suited to be there... at least he could handle himself better than. Or so he thought. "Let her go, then I'll come with you."

"Che," Grimmjow seemed to roll his eyes. "There's not much room to debate Kurosaki."

Something about Grimmjow's words sent a chill down Ichigo's spine. He tried to berate himself and stay focused. "Fine! But if Aizen doesn't keep his promise then neither will I!" Crap, somehow he had a sinking feeling that wasn't the best thing to agree to.

And without further ado Ulquiorra who did not seem too happy with the turn of the events but found no other reason so object since things had went as planned; approached Ichigo and took Zangetsu from him. Before turning and ripping open a new Garganta to return to La Noches.

Grimmjow on the other hand picked up Kurosaki and swung him over his shoulder before following Ulquiorra back through the Garganta. Ichigo of course kicking and pounding on the other's back, though we all know he secretly loved it.