Hey, I and purplepicasso1 are team writing this! And this is… well, me!



I was milling around outside waiting for Ariella. At 8:00 we were going to head to the theatre to see if we had gotten the parts in the 7th and 8th grade play, Blithe Spirit. My friend Alexandra came running up to me in excitement. "Natalia," she exclaimed. "I've just been to see the cast list!" Unable to wait any longer, I asked, "And?" She grinned hugely. "You got the part!" I whooped, and jumped in the air. My excitement toned down, though, when she told me that she hadn't gotten her part: Elvira; the feisty ghost the play was named for. But she didn't seem too bothered. She told me that she was going to be the stage manager.

Later, when I caught up with Ariella, we went to the cast list to check for her. She ran ahead of me, and suddenly I heard her screaming. "I GOT IT!" She yelled triumphantly. The list looked a bit like this:

Cast A Cast B:

Edith: Natalia Luchia

Mrs. Bradman: Ariella Marley

Dr. Bradman: Georgie John

Charles: Ethan Ash

Ruth: Julia Anne

Madame Arcati: Ellie Healy

Elvira: Taylor Cassie

We cheered, and raced backstage to get our scripts. "Congratulations," Mr. Iceberg, our drama teacher said, smiling. I was floating on air for the rest of the morning, unable to concentrate in class, and looking through my script every chance I got. I could hardly wait for our first rehearsal.

Right after school, I ran to the gym and checked to newly posted rehearsal schedule. I had a rehearsal on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I sprinted to the car, where my mom was waiting. I couldn't wait to let her know!


So, I got the part.

And now it was time to come back to the real world; namely not theater, but Math Class!

I was sitting in the back of the room, in between my two friends(ish) Elliot and Peterson, shivering under the open window and doodling. I watched the clock move painfully slowly, and then looked up at the blackboard to find my teacher staring at me.

She didn't say anything, but the message was clear. Pay attention.

And so I forced myself out of the painful slouch that my teenage spine was now accustomed to, tore my eyes away from that cursed clock, and stared at the board until I'd gone a little bit teary-eyed from lack of blinking. Peterson poked me with an all - too - sharp pencil.

"Stop," I turned to him with a barely suppressed glare and rubbed my wrist in an over dramatic way. He grinned.

"I don't get the math problem-" His sentence was cut off, but I got the general idea of the last word. Nerd.

Well that was what I was, wasn't it?

As I mulled this over in a crush of frustration that the time was flowing as thick as molasses, and a jittery kind of star - studded excitement that was entirely new to me (and it wouldn't be the last time, either), the clock happened to pick up on my murderous feelings and struck eleven forty - five just as the teacher wrapped the class up.

"... And I expect you to bring your homework sets in tomorrow. The extra credit is due on Thursday and the test is Friday!"

"Crap", I muttered, but was recovered from my bad mood when moments later, Natalia came rushing toward me from the opposite hall.


"What?" A gust of fall air blew at my hair, and I had to yank it away from my face so that I could see her clearly.

"Let's go check out the cast list," She hurried on, and I had to jog to keep up. The cast list wouldn't change, we both knew, but still - there was something so thrilling, and so alien, about sitting there near the list, talking about a play that had so many wonderful actors in it but seemed to be specially for us, that I would've been content to sit there throughout the rest of the day. Unfortunately, life had other plans for me.

The bell rang. "See you tomorrow - at play practice" I quipped and Natalia grinned. We headed in opposite directions, both of us smiling madly and neither having any idea just what an adventure the next few months would be.