Eeeeee, story's almost over! -_-

Thursday: Opening Night


Oh great. It was opening night, and I was scared stiff. Of course, we had already done a performance for the middle school, but still. Today was actually a freakishly long day. We had to be at the theatre at eight in the morning for Cast B's performance for the lower school. Then we had normal classes, study hall until three, and then school was over. But we play people had to either go to the theatre or the library.

Now, I haven't explained what happens when you put me, Steven, Robin, Ethan and Matt in a room together. (Just in case you're wondering, Steven and Matt are on crew.) Well, this is the product: Three guys running about the risers all trying to kill each other, one guy playing loud rap music from his laptop, and one girl, laughing hysterically while helping Robin get the other two. Throw in a director who somehow does not hear all the yelling, and you have a recipe for disaster. And in my dictionary, disaster is a synonym for fun. So yeah, you can imagine what happened then. I don't think they ever found Ethan's history report…

But now, we weren't running. We were sitting in full costume, finishing our exercises. They were supposed to relax us, but I felt just as nervous as ever. And to make it worse, my Aunt was coming, and I could only imagine what she would say when she heard me say The Line. And if you don't know what The Line is, get a copy of the play, and read Edith's last line in act three. Combine that with my Aunt, and…you get the picture.

But Mr. Iceberg didn't just send us off after our last relaxation thingy was done. Instead, he began passing out envelopes. There were hand-written letters for all of us from him. I later learned that everyone's was different and they all were from the heart. I'm not going to tell you about mine, because it's too personal. What I will tell you is that it nearly made me cry. The only reason I didn't let myself was because I was in makeup, and was going on in like, five minutes. Crying would be a pretty bad idea now. Ariella agreed.

Other girls cried, though. Robin said that that was natural, but that he didn't cry. I looked at him funny. He told me he wasn't much of a crier. Shrugging, I grabbed my tray-well, Robin handed it to me-and took my position at the door. My heart beat quickly as the light above my head went down, and then came back on. Then I listened as Julia strode onto stage. Leaning my ear against the door, I determined when she was at the window. Then I opened the door, walked out, and didn't drop anything. Opening night had begun.

Opening night had begun, all right, but we ran into a few issues along the way. For one, Georgie lost his ring. He kept flipping it in the air, and finally it landed under the stage. Apparently Robin had to crawl under and get it. I wish I had seen that. But I was on stage at that point, so I didn't. Anyway, Georgie's antics didn't stop there. Next, he was up and running I the gym. Yes, the gym I connected to the theatre, so that's where he went. This meant finding rope, and tying him down into the other wingchair. It was the wingchair we used to have on the stage, but it was too tall, and blocked the Drinks Table. But it was sooooo comfy! I was pretty mad. So was just about everyone else.

Meanwhile, we had found a box of cookies in the storage room. And you know what that means… but I'll let Ariella tell you that. Yes, we were always hungry. Ariella and I continued eating sugar cubes… but it wasn't the same. I really wanted real food now. Candy was one thing, but sugar is just… sugar. My mom was working backstage during intermission one night, and I begged her to bring me something from the snack table. But she knew we weren't allowed to have food in costume… so she said no. I frowned. I was starving!


Opening night, and… Wow.

I looked around me, but we were so tired and sugar – freaked (oh my, were those sugar cookies delicious!) that Natalia and I were sort of doing that thing where you laugh at everything, even the stupidest stuff. I was trying to tap dance in my four – inch heels, which was a disaster, and everyone was cracking up; especially me.

How could I not, when I was almost giddy with relief? I felt so cool, it was like we'd actually done it – the play, I mean. Because we had done it and it was really good, and now we could be crazy because the curtain was down and the audience wouldn't be able to hear us anyway.

Man, if this was the way backstage was on Broadway, I was so having a part of it!

Natalia and I headed to the dressing rooms, where she helped me pull the bobby pins (several million) out of my hair, and we washed the heavy blush (you don't even want to know) off our faces, which took a while. We changed, and when we came back out of the room, a strange scene lay before us:

Robin was turned away from us, his back hunched in concentration, while he stared at the computer screen on Mr. Iceberg's desk. He was sort of shaking his fist at it, and muttering profanities, and our fellow cast members were following suit. I looked at Natalia for an explanation, and she shrugged, looking just as confused as I was.

We came closer, and in a burst of insight, I crouched behind Robin, waving a finger at Natalia so she wouldn't make a sound. I leapt from behind him with a Tarzan – esque battle cry. Robin was sort of paralyzed – looking for a minute, and then he collapsed into hysterics. One by one we all followed, until a few minutes later, the entire cast was unable to speak and in giggle fits.

When I had recovered my voice, I turned toward Robin.

"What're you doing with the computer?" I cocked an eyebrow, trying to look detective-y.

"You have to see this," Julia said from the back of the crowd. Others nodded.

"Obstructing private property is a federal crime," Natalia said.

Robin quickly explained. "Y'see, you press this to "sleep" the computer, right?" He pressed a button. We nodded.

"And this to turn it off?" he pressed another, and the computer went dark. We nodded, and a moment later, the computer's lights began blinking, and it flashed on.

We spent the rest of the evening trying to "exorcise" that computer, using everything from big sticks (Julia's idea) to magic spells (Robin's idea).