The Ravaged Bloodlines through Time

By Griffin Raven


The Four Founders of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, prior to its completion made the difficult decision to send their children to safety using Rowena Ravenclaw the staircase of the founders with their most trusted friend Merlin. Due to continually strife ravaging the country through internal squabbling and foreign invaders, and repeated attempts to either kill or kidnap their children. Salazar and his wife, Helga sent their eldest son Silas 15yrs, the triplets Septimus, Severus and Severin 13yrs and their youngest son Godric Junior 7yrs. Whilst Godric and his wife Rowena sent their two children twins Helena and Damien 16yrs, and Lillian 13yrs. Godric and Rowena's youngest daughter Lillian betrothed to Salazar's son Severus.

Despite the anger of Severin the youngest twin, and his repeated attempts to sabotage his brother Severus's attempts at courtship of Lillian. The courtship came to ahead with the agreement of both Helga and Rowena that Severus was the best choice of the twins for the fiery tempered daughter. Salazar repeatedly had to discipline Severin for playing pranks on his brothers, most notably Severus to humiliate him in the eyes of Lillian. Salazar and Godric both believed that Severin was jealous that Lillian chose his brother Severus to bond, coupled with the fact that he always played pranks on her when they were younger. Lillian had an insatiable thirsty for knowledge just like her mother, Rowena but she also adored learning potions from her Godfather Salazar.

The severity Severin's feud with his brother Severus came to his parents attention when he attempted to prank Severus using potions stolen from his father's stores and using magic to hide traces of the stolen potions. This resulted in seriously injuring his youngest brother Godric Junior and Lillian. Godric Junior was left with poor eyesight, impaired damaged to his both his heart and lungs which had left with breathing difficulties and a weak heart. This was on top of the learning difficulties that young Gideon already had. Whereas pretty Lillian was left with short-term memory problems and a terrible scar across her left cheek.

Septimus was an extremely quiet and studious boy who wasn't at all interest in the petty rivalry that was going on between his brothers Severus and Severin. Though the brother's rivalry had reached new heights ever since young Lilian Gryffindor was promised to Severus. Severin felt extremely angry and betrayed that his older brother Silas wouldn't stand beside him in trying to persuade Salazar and Godric to promise Lilian to him, instead of Severus. Severin tried to persuade his older brother that he would make a better husband for Lilian than their brother Severus who spent more time in the potions lab and library.

Just like Silas Septimus had little time or interest for pranks, particularly the malicious ones that Severin often played on Severus. Whereas Silas was extremely interested in potions, but sadly lacked the intuitive skill of his father Salazar, Septimus was only interested in reading and researching new things. This is probably why Septimus spent a great deal of his spare time helping his Aunt Rowena Ravenclaw with establishing the school library.

Silas tried to stay out of what felt was a petty war between his two brothers along with Septimus. But Silas often found himself having to act as peace maker to prevent Severin and Severus coming to blows. Every time that Severin and Severus did come to blows, Silas always got into trouble for not keeping them out of trouble because he was the oldest child and the heir.