It was a campaign that would go down in history.

Never before had such a force been gathered, for the foe was great indeed.

However history would write that day as the genesis event.

The Emperor and his sons said that we were on the verge of a glorious time.

How unexpectedly true that would turn out.

Opening page of the book, 'Imperialis manifest destiny'

Slowly but surely more and more ships arrived, already three legions had staged with two more on the way. Horus Lupercal's Luna wolves, Rogal Dorn's Imperial Fist, Rouboute Guiliman and his ultramarines had mustered a size able force. They awaited the arrival of Jaghatai Khan and his white scars, Sanguinius's blood angels legion rounded out the Astarte's legions in attendance. All in all 310,000 or so Astarte's would take place in this crusade.

It was not an Astarte's only affair with roughly two million soldiers of the Imperial Army and several hundred titans had arrived to take part in possibly the greatest war in this Great crusade.

The Emperor himself with his Adeptus Custodes special body guard unit known as the companions, at 300 strong it would take a determined force to come close to their charge. Word spread quickly that this was the single largest force to be gathered and that no other enemy faction would warrant such a force.

Taking up a skirmisher position was the ultramarines 12th expeditionary fleet and an Army battle group of four battleships, eight cruisers, ten destroyers and 15 gun boats. Overall a small portion of the total strength available but it would make any enemy think twice about attacking. Thought Sigismund the first captain of the Imperial Fist legion and second only to the Primarch of the VII legion himself.

Arhcamus walked over to his brother captain and slapped him on the back. "Well brother busy sightseeing again, are we? You know if you continue to stare at the window our young brother Pollux will never learn what we can teach him."

Turning his gaze to the two other captains, "Never before have I seen such a force of Imperial might. I almost feel sorry for the ork's". He pauses for a few seconds and then grins, "Almost."

Pollux a young captain newly promoted and given command of the 23rd company, placed himself in a powerful defensive position with his power sword to his left side. Captain Sigismund swung his sword in a figure eight. "Remember during battle you must always adapt and be able to put aside the anger that comes when one of your warriors is killed." He lunged forward, his sword directed at the right side of Pollux.

Quickly sidestepping the attack and taking the hilt of his sword towards Sigismund's hands. Striking hard but not enough for the walking tank of a warrior to lose his grip, and quickly returns to an on guard position. "Very good brother but not enough force behind it." He feints an attack.

Elsewhere aboard phalanx

"Father is everything all right, you seem concerned?" The noble and powerful lord of the Imperial Fist asks with no small amount of confusion.

Rubbing his thumbs together he looks up and to his son. "I feel something odd in this system, I cannot tell whether it is good or bad, and it's so small that whatever it is I can't pin point it." Scratching his head for a few seconds. "Maybe if I had Malcador and Magnus here we could ascertain the truth of it, alas such time we don't have to await their arrival." He spoke with his deep, powerful voice of the ages he had lived through.

Just then two massive figures walk in, on the left a man with close cropped hair and a blue robe like garment. At his side he carries a sword larger than most mortal men. He walked with a cool confidence, and was known as a superior tactician among his brothers. He was the Primarch of the Ultramarine's, and his name was Rouboute Guiliman.

The man on the right was a bit taller than the other; he wore a gray colored robe. He carries no weapons other than his lethal skills at hand –to hand combat. Some say that he is the greatest of all his brothers, others that he was just lucky to be found by their father first. No matter how one looked at it Horus Lupercal held a somewhat greater place in his father's heart.

One that no one could have expected

Both bow before their father before embracing him and their brother Dorn. Horus speaks first, "Father Sanguinius sends his apologies but a matter of honor has occurred and he must handle it personally. He has sent a small contingent of 5,000 warriors to observe and assist if needed. Says that when the planet is in compliance he shall make best speed for here, but aches his heart that he will miss this grand campaign."

On earth centauri slave masters were in a particular upset mood. Another supply ship has been bombed.

Many where thinking that taking over the humans was becoming a mistake, despite the fact that every time a incident of this nature occurred 500 humans would be killed. House mallari in the last three decades had lost over 400 workers, 25 ships and millions worth of credits to these insurrectionist attacks. They had killed over 15,000 humans in retaliation, but were being looked at to change due to the fact it wasn't working.

Some days Londo wondered just why his ancestor had decided to invade this world. Granted the conquest was simple only a few minor losses but it was proving to be very difficult. This was a bad week for him. It started out with a sniper attack on one of house guards. The shot was certainly aimed for him but his guard had walked into the path and unknowingly saved his life. Now a supply ship to home world was crashing to the ground after an internal detonation. Taking another drink then called to one of his aids and ordered that 600 humans be killed instead of 500. The additional hundred would make them stop or so he prayed to the great maker.

Kosh was becoming most upset, something had happened to the circle that made no sense. The narns weren't supposed to be wiped out and the humans were not to be ruled by the centauri. He was devoting every resource he had to discovering the reason behind these drastic problems to the circle.

Three days later the Crusade fleet was fully assembled and all forces new their mission. In twenty minutes the first phase would begin. The white scars, ultramarines and a significant portion of the imperial army forces would launch diversionary attacks to draw the main ork attention away from the prize. Ullanor!

As the order was given and the ships initiated movement a huge wave of energy knocked the Emperor, librarians and navigators out cold. A strange yellow/blue light engulfed the entire force and the shaking began. All systems except life support were shutting down, nothing else worked as crews on all ships tried desperately to get everything working.

Dorn and a custode tried frantically to awaken the Emperor, to no avail as reports came in from all aboard phalanx that every librarian was also incapacitated. A few sparks begun to fly out burning a few unfortunate crew.

After several seconds another custode came and switched out with Dorn. He stood up and yelled, "Status report now!" The strange light made him almost invisible with his yellow armor. His fist balled up and shaking not just from the vibrations which were steadily increasing making it hard for mundane to stand, but his building fury, no response was quickly given.

"Sire all systems but life supports are down. Reports from all over the ship, the librarians are also unconscious, so is the navigator. No way of pinpointing the source. This bloody damned shaking is getting worse." After that last part all those standing were forced to the deck including the Primarch.

Grabbing onto a rail and crushing it with his massive strength. "Uh is it coming from us or outside the fleet?" He would not get his answer as another wave energy hit and the worst shaking occurred and fears of the vessels breaking apart.

In another dimension the home system of the klingon empire Qo'noS . Over a billion Klingon's and 100 war birds were experiencing the same phenomenon. None knew what was happening or the monumental age ahead of them all.

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