Terra/ earth three days post reclamation

"Well, Milord this is quite the gathering of diverse cultures, is it not?" A rough voice spoke out as one of three out on a hill top overlooking the gathering below.

The other more senior Astarte's simply stares some more before answering as if he is remembering something. "Do you remember the old tale about how ancient terra or Earth had so many different cultures and countries that it was impossible to know all of them? That every single world's uniqueness came from all that variance from here."

A slight chuckle," Aye milord… One can see why with what we have assembling below us now." Taking his magnoculars to focus on the group, "Any idea on how our yellow cladded brothers are doing?"

"No brother. I trust they are lucky it is not our lord Primarch Sanguineous. There is a great deal of religion here. These survivors of the centarui filth will have a tough time letting them go."

The other blood angel dropped the magnoculars and stared at his lord captain, surprised he had not even thought about the implementation of the Imperial Truth here. "Yeah, a cleansing the likes of which they have never seen is coming…

At the bottom of the hill

The gathering of resistance fighters, leaders, spiritual leaders, power driven "business" men and anyone who could make it to the once great city of Rome.

Several of the yellow armored giants were patrolling or pulling security throughout the city for the gathering. In two days the most important event in for the future was about to begin. Some of the Imperials almost felt sorry for how much change was coming to the citizens of terra, yet each new that the same thing had happened in another time.

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