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Ten years later with so many things changed and so many things staying the same.

It was dark, sometime near two o'clock in the morning and it was chilly, the wind tickling the hairs at the back of her neck, giving her goosebumps. She smiled as she remembered how much he loved to bite, an erotic manoeuvre she had no problem with. She had admitted to him that seeing the 'line of jewels' his teeth left at her neck and the small of her back always reminded her of the first time he had bitten her. It was scary, but exciting at the same time. He had laughed and called her kinky. She laughed and corrected him that that wasn't kinky. He had given her a raised eyebrow demanding a physical demonstration on exactly what was. She was a Geisha and was therefore happy to indulge him. Hinata soon found herself blushing at the memory.

Silently she made her way up the steps to the second floor. She couldn't see them and she couldn't be bothered to activate her dojutsu and look for them, but she knew that the ANBU were there. They were always there. They came with the job. She looked up to her right and could only see some pinpoint lights of the houses in the village and the imposing trees that framed them. She smiled and waved at no one in particular since she couldn't see them. A glint in the moonlight was their form of acknowledging the greeting. She continued quietly making her way to the second floor of the Hokage Tower, her left hand tapping the metal railing. That reminder her, and she pulled out from her bosom of her elaborate kimono a small, gold band which she slipped onto her finger. She continued tapping her hand, her wedding ring now softly pinging and echoing against the steel. Sometimes, she could hardly believe that she had been married for five years.

The door had been left open. Things were so different in times of peace. Vaguely she remembered when she had jumped in front of Pein to stop him from hurting Naruto. And then there was the war. It wasn't easy being a spy leading up to that war, working as part of Jiraiya-sama's network. The numerous times she was almost caught… And then her role on the battlefield… She dismissed the thought and focused on the opened door, not that anyone would be stupid enough to try to break into the Hokage's home. And besides, he had been expecting her. She had written to tell him that her mission in Kumo had been curtailed by an unforeseen circumstance. He had been ecstatic. To hell with the mission. He had missed her. She stepped into their living room and turned on the light. It was a mess. She shook her head in amused exasperation. There was paperwork everywhere. He had grossly underestimated the amount of paperwork the Hokage had to do. Later, she would help him. Something caught her attention. On the coffee table was a small, opened envelope with the Hyuuga crest on it. She took it up and read the letter. It was a dinner invitation. Father was so formal, she thought as she threw it back down on the coffee table. Then she picked it back up again. It was signed by the Hyuuga heir. Hinata smiled as she shook her head. Correction, she thought, Hanabi was so formal. Nevermind that the invitation was to the Hokage, as far as Hinata was concerned, Naruto was still Naruto and was Hanabi's brother-in-law, not just the Hokage. But she admitted that she liked that Hanabi and Father were finally giving Naruto the respect he deserved. She threw the invitation back down on the table and headed to the bedroom.

He looked up at her from his position at the round table that was at the far corner of the bedroom near the window; the curtains drawn apart, the moonlight streaming in. His feet were cocked up on the table as he went over a report; pen in mouth as he absently chewed it. He was wearing only his boxers. The moonlight hit him just so, highlighting and shading his muscles, so that one half of his toned body was brilliantly lit and the other side of him pitched into darkness. He smiled broadly when he saw her. He had never looked sexier. Again he made her blush and this time he didn't even have to try. Good lord, what was going on her with her! Why was she feeling so horny? Nayako had told her that that was to be expected and she would know.

"Hey," He said as he got up to give her a hug. He kissed her lightly, but she grabbed his face with both her hands and kissed him passionately. He pulled back from her breathless, a bit of white make-up and red lipstick on his face. "Whoo! I uh...I think you sucked out my lung, babe." She smiled guiltily.


"No, no. Not a complaint, but are you okay?"

"I missed you. I haven't seen you in four and a half months."

"You missed me so much you had to go see Sasuke first, huh?" He asked. His eyes had a mischievous, teasing glint in them. She knew that he already knew. He was Hokage. He knew everything that went on in the village. But the mere mention of Sasuke's name was an instant mood killer for Hinata. It was as if someone had dashed a bucket of cold water on her fire.

"I just wanted to see how he was doing."

"He's doing much better. He was bugshit insane, but now he's just insane." He said it lightly as he turned his back to head back to the table, but she could hear the pang of pain for his former friend under his veneer of relative insouciance.

"Hmm," She said distractedly. She made her way to the bathroom, trying to keep Sasuke out of her mind, but it was difficult as she removed the kanzashi from her hair and placed them in her jewel box. He had sent her one every month until he was captured by Naruto. Some of her most beautiful pieces came from him. He had asked her tonight if she ever wore any of them. He didn't react when she told him no. Naruto asked her why she kept them. She could never give him a proper answer.

Like Nayako, his eyes were now useless. But unlike Nayako, Sasuke was not reformed. Hanabi had jokingly suggested that like Nayako, maybe Sasuke was missing the one true love in his life, to make him settle down. "Yeah. Right." Hinata had responded and Hanabi and Nayako had laughed out loud at Hinata's sarcasm. Nayako falling in love was the exception, not the rule. Hanabi thought Sasuke incapable of love, only hate. Hinata knew that she was wrong.

On the surface he looked sane despite the bandages over his eyes and the fact that his hands and feet were forever chained with special metals that sealed his chakra to the barest limit. The chains were a sick and twisted version of a Chinese finger trap – the more he resisted them, the tighter the hold on him and his chakra. He couldn't let his chakra levels rise above ten percent – the kind necessary for a potted plant to survive. Anything more than that and he would kill himself with his own strength. Eventually he gave up resistance. Hinata assumed that he probably got tired of waking up in his own waste after he would pass out for days at a time. The guards were always so kind enough to revive him just before he entered death's door. That was the thing. He would never die instantly. It would be a slow and torturous death filled with humiliation. And the ANBU would never let him have even that.

She hadn't been expecting him to be up, but he was.

"I brought you some tomatoes, all different kinds." He didn't say anything and they ate some in silence. She knew that it bugged him that she knew him so well. After a long while, he said,

"Why are you here? Naruto told me that you had a mission in Kumo and you weren't expected back until October at least." He was calmly sitting up on his cot, not even distracted by the chains that ran like an elaborate pulley system from his hands and feet to the wall. She leaned on the outside bars of his cell.

"I don't think that I'd be suitably qualified for that mission. Something came up. I probably won't be on missions for a while."

There was a pause.

"I see. Congratulations."

She turned to look at him. He was struggling to maintain his usual neutral expression.


"Leave me alone. Leave me alone, Hinata."

"Sasuke –"

"Leave me!" He lunged at her – she didn't flinch – but the chains pulled him back and he fell back onto the floor exhausted as if he had just trained for ten days straight. He started to laugh. She looked at him quizzically, pitifully.

"Do you think," He was breathing so hard that he had to stop and pause, "...that this is a fitting punishment for me?"

"Honestly, for all that you've done...yes." It was hard to forget that he had tried to kill both her and Naruto on multiple occasions, not to mention all of Konoha. And he would never know just how much he hurt himself when he had hurt her. He had stabbed her in her stomach once, after she had left him, after she had used him… He thought that he could have had what she was going to have with Naruto, a friendship, a love, but if only he knew how much he hurt himself when he stabbed her then… If he only knew…he never had a chance.

"And what about your punishment?" She looked at him blankly. "What punishment should you get for making me feel this way? Let me ask you a question. What punishment do you think you deserve for joining my team and manipulating my emotions for you?"

Hinata lowered her eyes. It wasn't her proudest moment in her years as a ninja or as a person for that matter. "I am sorry, Sasuke-san, but I was simply…doing my job."

"Liar. I know you too well. You loved me once."

She couldn't tell what emotion he was wearing now, but she could imagine that in his heart he had for her a hatred worse than that of a million burning suns.

"Get out." He said calmly. "Is this not enough punishment for you? You have to fling your happiness in my face as well?"

"That's not what I came t –"


She hesitated for a moment, but left soon when she realized that he would try to attack her again, with absolute disregard for the futility of it. He loved and hated her in the same way.

Now, now that she had had a bath and rinsed off the bitter memories that encompassed Sasuke, she felt a bit better. She had gone to see him in an attempt to figure out what she felt for him after all these years. She remembered when he had showed up on the battlefield during the War. She nearly had a heart attack. She used to be so scared of him. But now, he was a faint reminder of all the things that she had worked for. She felt not pity, not hatred, not love, but nothing. She felt nothing for him. He was a distant memory and she was glad for it.

She stepped out into the bedroom and saw that Naruto was sitting on the edge of the bed much like he had the first time they had made love in that crummy apartment of his. She came to stand over him and he rested his head on her stomach just like he had done ten years ago, her hair falling like a curtain around him.

"You know you're the only ninja that can report to the Hokage in bed." He said and looked up at her with a cheeky smile. She smiled shyly at him, her face reddening. "What happened? You didn't want to say anything in your letter. I asked Hanabi, Nayako and Kakashi and no one wants to tell me why the mission was aborted. I'm not sure, but I think that's insubordination."

"It is, but I have a good reason." He looked at her expectantly as she stepped back from him a bit and opened her kimono-esque robe to expose herself to him. He looked at her, really looked at her. "Notice anything different?"

"My beautiful, beautiful geisha," he muttered as he looked at her.

Face: smooth and fair with a dusting of a natural flush on her cheeks. Eyes: bright and shining, but made intimate by her lowered lashes. Lips: sweetheart shaped; soft with a tongue that's at once caressing and forceful. Neck: Long, sleek, creamy, bite-able.

Breasts: Excellent; considerably more rounded and fuller than he remembered (but that was not a complaint) with pink and erect nipples, dark red when aroused from him nibbling them softly. Waist: Hmmm. He'd come back to that.

Legs: Not that long as she was not that tall, but still smooth and unmarred by scars or blemishes. Feet: tiny; ankles: slim. Cooch: tight, small triangle of hair, sensitive (no complaints about that from either party).

He was back up at the waist. He always knew Hinata to have a very tiny waist that gradually rounded out to her hips. Her lighter kimonos always clung in to her waist. But now...He didn't know how to bring it up, but it seemed as if Hinata had put on some weight.

"Did you miss me, Naru?"

"Of course I missed you! There's so much to miss." He smiled brightly, unable to take his eyes off of her considerably larger tummy. "You uh, you had something big to eat or something?"

"What do you mean? I...I did eat some of the tomatoes with Sasuke-san."

"Is that all? I mean, did you eat him too?"

"Naruto!" She screamed at him and shut her robe tightly around her.

"What? I'm sorry. I don't mind if you put on weight, but it's kinda odd to put on that much in a specific area in such a short amount of time. I mean, the only people who do that are preg– OH MY GOD!"

"Number one knuckle-headed ninja," Hinata muttered but Naruto totally didn't hear, understandable really since he was busy jumping up and down like an idiot, bubbling over with joy. She was angry with him for all of three seconds until she saw how happy he was. He ran to the window and flung it open.

"I'm gonna be a daddy!" He said in sing-song. He saw Shikamaru quietly stealing a smoke on a nearby rooftop and he shouted to him, "Hey Shikamaru! I'm going to be a daddy! And stop smoking!" He closed back the window before he was able to hear Shikamaru congratulate him and then call him a bloody sell out. He drew the curtains and turned back to Hinata, his smile nearly touching the back of his spine. Her face was hard like concrete.

"I'm not pregnant, Naruto. I've just put on a bit of weight. How insensitive can you be?"

"What?" his expression fell so hard and so fast that it made an audible thud when it hit the floor.

"Ha! I was joking. You should have seen your face. Ha!" Naruto breathed a sigh of relief.

"Oho! You have jokes, huh? Come over here. Let me put a smile on your face." She laughed out loud at that as he pulled her closer to the bed. He backed up and she crawled atop of him as he kissed her gently, sweetly as he cradled the back of her head with his hand. The kiss however, got more urgent and demanding as Hinata could barely control herself, already trying to tug his boxers free from him. He pulled back and looked at her with a knot of confused eyebrows and an intrigued smile.

"Nayako said that my libido would exponentially increase during my second trimester. You okay with that?" She asked shyly.

"I don't know how I'm going to handle all that sex you'll be throwing at me, but I'll just have to tough it out." He said and she laughed out loud. He pulled the boxers off as they were in danger of being ripped off by her. He rose up to kiss her and she rose up too so that they ended up in a sitting position when she wrapped her legs around him. In one fluid movement he slipped off her silk robe.

"I know you're the geisha, Hina, but let me indulge you."

She smiled and he sucked on her bottom lip. She arched her back and he could barely control himself when she exposed her neck to him like that. Her hands were all over him and around him, making smooth up and down motions on him. Her nails scratched his back as he left small red marks on her neck and breasts – fingers dipping in and out of her – so slick that it was difficult to be precise – fingers curling in that 'come-hither' motion that hit her in spots that she didn't even know were there. There was a simultaneous sense of urgency and desperation coupled with that feeling of the world around them disappearing; a strange and erotic mixture of making love and fucking, romantic and sexual. Her hips jolted forward and then pushed upward to him, her eyes rolling to the back of her head. Gently, he removed his fingers and whispered to her,

"The first one."

She was in that delicate stage of arousal called the 'plateau' and he knew that he had to keep her there long enough to just keep tipping her over. He raised her a bit and then lowered her onto him. She gasped, but soon she was controlling the movements. She rose up and down and he mimicked her, thrusting a little bit deeper every time. He kept tipping her over the edge as one hand squeezed her breasts and the other against her clitoral hood – her moans getting louder – her grip on him tightening – his back aching with pain/pleasure from her nails. She was quivering like a strung out guitar, her lips trembling as her orgasms ran into each other. But he was not going to stop until she called his name, the only time his name sounded as if angels were calling it, the only angel he wanted to call his name. She was close to it. She could barely string together a sentence now as every touch felt like her skin was on fire, but she knew what he was waiting for.

"N-n-n-n..." It was the one time he really didn't mind her stuttering. She breathed out "N-n-Naruto!"

He came instantly feeling as if someone had poured lightning into his veins. They stayed like that for a while – sweaty, breathing hard, close. She turned her head to him and whispered, "I love you."

"You know I love you." He said to her as they fell back onto the bed, exhausted, relaxed and satisfied. It was quiet for a few moments before he spoke up and said,

"I think we just made a twin."

He laughed at his own joke and turned to look at her when he found her unusually quiet. She was smiling and blushing heavily as she did that thing with her fingers when she was nervous.

"Well, actually..."

He thanked heavens that he was lying down or else he might have fainted from joy. It wasn't possible for one person to have so much joy, it was almost indecent. And then he looked at her and thought, yeah it is possible to be have absolute joy. She was thinking the same thing.

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