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The magical community needs help in the war against Voldemort. Dumbledore asked me to help. I am number four, and this is my story of being a fifth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

It has been years since we found the other numbers. Sarah was killed before I could go back to her in an airplane crash on her way to take pictures for a magazine company. Now I travel alone. I am now in Scotland at Hogwarts. "Professor?" I asked Dumbledore.

"Yes John?"
"I don't exactly look like a fifteen year old."

"Our transfiguration teacher will take care of that."

Just then an older looking witch walked into the office. "Professor Dumbledore, you asked to see me."

"Yes. I need you to make this young man look like a fifteen year old. He is the protection for Harry."

"Of course sir." She pulled out her wand, waved it around some, and then said. "It is complete. Do you wish for me to take him to headquarters?"

"I will do that myself Minivera, thank you." With that she left. I walked over to a mirror. I looked like a fifteen year old again. I had longish straight blonde hair. My brown eyes still looked like they had seen too much.

"What is headquarters?" I asked.

"It is where you will be staying for the rest of the summer. Now hold onto my arm."

"What about my things."

"All your Hogwarts supplies will stay here. Clothing to last you the rest of the summer and your muggle devices will be in your room at your summer home when we get there." He then made us disappear and reappear in an unfamiliar hallway. Dead heads of a weird creature lined the walls in glass containers. A troll foot was used as storage for some things. Everything was black, walls were all black, the doors, the wood flooring, and even the stair case. "Move along then." I walked down the dark hallway. A door opened and a motherly looking women walked through.

"You must be John. I'm Molly Weasley. Welcome to the Headquarters of the Order of the Pheinox. Your room is the second door to the left. Up you go then."
"Right." I then went up the stairs and entered my assigned room. When I opened the door, there were people about to open my bag. "I wouldn't do that if I were you."

They spun around to see the person that caught them red handed. There was a red head boy with lots of freckles, a boy with black messy hair, lightning bolt scar, emerald green eyes, and round glasses, and a girl with bushy brown hair and carmel coloured eyes. "I told you not to!" The girl said.

"You did not!" The red head said.

"What ever. My name's Hermione Granger."

"Ron Weasley." Said freckles.

"Harry Potter." The last boy said, looking surprised when he didn't get a huge reaction.

"Nice to meet you all. I'm John Smith."

"Alright if you don't want to tell us your real name all you had to do was say so." Hermione said.

"That is my real name."

"Oh. Are you from America?"



"DINNERS READY!" Mrs. Weasley shouted from down stairs.

We all followed her voice like zombies. (AN: I watched Zombie Land recently!) The dinner conversation was animated and reminded me of what I could never have, a family. Tonk was morphing her face into weird animals. Mad Eye Moody's eye was zooming around the room. Harry was talking with Sirius Black about Order stuff, I listened in. It was mainly about what they thought Voldemort was up to. Soon the dinner table was quiet.

"We think he's trying to find something. Something he didn't have last time." Sirius said.

"You mean like a weapon." Harry replied.

"That's enough!" Mrs. Weasley shouted. "The way you're going on about things you might as well induct him into the Order."
"Good! I want to fight!" Harry shouted in reply. Sirius looked quite pleased.

"You cant. You're just a boy."

"I have already faced Voldemort many times face to face!"

"I think he should join." Lupin said.

"What? Remus."
"He has fought Him a lot. It would only make sense he joined."

"In that case you might as well let Ron, Hermione, and Ginny join as well. Along with Fred and George." Harry said. "I'm just going to tell them everything anyway."

"Don't forget about me. I may be new here, but if everyone else in joining then I might as well to." I said.

"I give up." Mrs. Weasley sighed and walked out of the kitchen.

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