My point of view: as always

As we were nearing the entrance of the valley, I was remembering what we were-I was doing on the way here. The walk was boring, due to no talking from either of us. Well more him then me.



No response

"Oh Ooooh, the silent treatment eh?"

Still no response

"Well I go two words for you, F$%# you"


"Are we there yet?" Dark looked bored.

"Yeah, were here" I say as I look at the big white things that look like pin wheels near Vesta's farm, where I knew you can buy seeds from.

"Finally! Wait…this is the place" It looks" he stopped trying the find the right words to describe it.

"If you say crap or dump, dark powers or not, I will punch you." I threatened, pointing a finger at his face.

"Not that it seems…nice enough." He said looking around.

I just looked at him and thought he's not acting like himself. But I know a way to fix that! Heheheheh. Just then I herd something walking on gravel, so I jerked my head to were the sound came from, I saw Celia walking to the field where their crops were. So I decided to say hello first, since I did not want her or anyone to fall for Dark. That would cause lots of problems for both me, them and him.

"Hiii!" I waved at her with a big smile on my face. She turned, smiled and ran over to us.

"Hi, I'm-"I interrupted her "Celia right? Glad to meet ch'ya. I'm Franny and this is…he really doesn't have a name so I just call him Dark." I said trying to sound convincing.

"Nice to meet you two" she said, and we shook hands. Then frowned a bit "But why the name 'Dark'?" she asked. I wish she didn't ask that, I am so not explaining it, and bet she would not like the fact that he was an x-villain, that I was sure of. "Heheh, long story that leaves many questions that don't need to be answered" I said flatly. Then she spoke.

"Sooo what's your business here in the valley?" she asked in wonder. "Oh, I'm the new rancher here, and dark here is my helper." I blurted out

"Really? That's great! I guess I'll see you later then. Oh and um…Dark? Uh… can we talk some time-"

"Sorry he can't he's too busy!" I yell, and drag Dark towards the bridge and over it. 'Dark, you can't date. Beside's, your not even human." He just lifts an eyebrow at me then rolls his red eyes. And we just leave Celia there wondering why they can't at lest talk. But I know better, I know that would just lead to date. And dating is something we can't be doing now. And I know Dark Link understands that perfectly.

We finally almost made it past the inn when…

"Well it looks like 'The Rock' has found a new fan!"

'Oh for the love of Nayru not him. I don't have time for this moron' I thought still holding on to Dark arm

'This is Rock? Wow, is this guy retarded or what. Now I know what you mean.' Dark telepathically said to me.

I bent over to whisper to him"Dark, if he annoys me for more then six days, you have permission to kill him, got it."

Dark just smirked "Sure that will be no problem. But what will the villager's think of that, hmm?"

"Hello lovely, 'the Rock' is talking to you."

"Scratch that I'll kill him myself. Dark you talk to him before I kill him. I don't need the villagers suspecting anything bad about us. And no complaining!" I whisper back. He sighs then nods; he goes up to Rock and starts using very colourful words. I stand there, watch in amazement as Dark tells him off. I burst out laughing. He was saying things like 'you go near her you die' just as dark was yelling at him with such colourful vocabulary I never really heard from him before; except he's about to kill someone Rock is looking into darks eyes full of fear and he cowers away. I decide that he's had enough and I grab Dark by the shoulders to pull him away, he stops. Then I turn to Rock and give him my psychotic grin, he apologizes then runs of. "good riddance" we both say. Then we walk off to meet everyone else. We met up with Murry. The official 'Hobo' of the valley. I swear he gives me the creeps. We met up with Griffin and Muffy at the bar, then the people at the inn. I look and I see Nami walk down the stairs. 'I think me and Nami are going to be pretty good friends' I thought smiling-more like grinning at her and waved. She waved back in a bored manner. I was on my way to meet mister stalker. Aka Darryl. the creepy guy in the lab coat and frizzy black hair when I ran into the hippy. Gustufa. He's ok, but wouldn't really count him as true friend. I like people that are not afraid of you and will not give up on you. That's what I like in a friend. But I will admit this I like his music, just not his singing. Then we just kept running into random people, interdicting ourselves. Just as we were done, Elvis came up to us. Aka - Marlin. I speed talk him said we would love to chat but we had a farm to get to. To make things short I basically speed talked every one, then grabbed Darks arm then dragged to our farm.


It took us both about an hour and a half just to pick a name for the ranch. We finally decided on "Psycho Farm" But later we decided it was a bit too crazy… so for about a few more hours and hours we spent on trying to pick a good name. Dark finally gave up two hours later deciding to go to bed; and tolled me to just pick whatever the hell I wanted. Wait Dark can sleep? Stupid thought… Now let's try describing this inside of this peace of crap house. I'm lying on the floor looking up at the navy blue ceiling; I turn my head to look at the wall which is yellow with black and purple clouds. I feel the floor with my hands, the carpet, soft and white; which ironic enough has the black Triforce on it. I turn my head to the other side to see dark unpacking my Manga books. I shoot up and race over to him and snatch my Manga from him fast. "My manga, hands off!" I yelled

He just shook his head in amusement. "It's not like I going to wreck them." He said as he sat on his bed

"You never know. Anyway, we had one random day don't ya think- Hey Dark?" I looked over to his bed to find him asleep, I just laughed. 'Might as well go to sleep myself too' I thought to myself.

-Sorry this took a while, I was busy and my computer was crap. I know this chapter was a little rushed. But I'll try better on future chaps.