Chapter 4: Don't you mess with this girl.

This time I'm actually dressed when doing my farm work. I'm wearing a gray T-shirt and black shorts, my sandles that look like Vaati's, only brown, black sunglasses covering my brown eyes, my brown hair up in a ponytail, and I wore my red Calgary vintage racing club hat that I got a few years ago.

You know what? I decided to cheat to make all this work a whole lot easier. It's called a DS mate. Yeah, I'm in the world of the game so I should be able to do it. Ha. I'm cheap. Eh, I don't care anywho. anyway I've gone through 4 years game time. but really? It's only been a week or so. man I rock at this game. I did all the hard work on the DS and I'm doing the easy stuff by myself. I am. Darks doing nothing shit.

I'm in the field, currently having a staring contest with the horrid weeds that infested my field. Din, I love how I can just pick them up and throw them back on the ground and they disappear. Gotta love game logic. After finishing up with the weeding I take the ones I didn't throw away and chuck them in the shipping bin.

"Ey, Franny? Who would want to buy weeds anyway?" Dark asked from across the yard. He is currently sitting in a lawn chair.

"I don't know, it's getting me money, so I don't really care."

"That reminds me... Would you like to explain why there are weeds in the cabinet in the house?" asked me while giving me a weird look.

"Their to make failed dish's." I said simply.

"And WHY would you need failed dish's for?"

"To make finest curry" I said while watering my crops, My Turnips, strawberries, Potato's, Cucumbers, cabbage's. With my all the way upgraded watering can. All My tools were upgrade all the way. I should be able to Harvest half of them today. Yay, more money for me!

Dark just raised an eyebrow at me. probably thinks I'm crazy. "Hey, I didn't design this game and it's recipes, so don't you give me that look mister." I said pointing at his face. He just shrugged his shoulders and went back to watching me work from his chair.


A while later, I finished with all the animals. All 13 of them. 8 chicken's, 4 ducks, and a cow. I got sick of giving my chickens real names, so now their called KFC, Crunchy, tasty, yummy, Cucco, Food, Curry. then CHICK-, BEAM.., and .FIRE!. What? I was bored and thinking of Skye! at least that's better then what I named the ducks. I named them after drugs. I'm serious. one of them is called "CRACK". What? I thought it would be funny. It got Dark laughing. Good enough for me.

The cow is the only animal with a real name. It's called Melly. Oh, I have my dog, Reily, who I keep in a pen at all times. A cat, who hangs out in the coops or barn whenever it feels like. Named her Pearl. The dog is stupid. I throw a ball right in front of him, and he runs away. I try to feed him, he runs away. I walk up to him, he runs away. So I was like, "Fuck it" and managed to catch him while his guard was down,(I snuck up on him from behind) and stuck him in a little pen. He's probably scared shitless of me. He should be. You don't want to make girl this angry. I'm even wearing a T-shirt that says, "Danger! Girl with attitude." and ain't dat the truth. Then theres my horse, Serena. it also runs from me. So I don't let it leave the 'horse house' as I call it. I don't remember what's actually called at the moment.

I didn't finish the watering just yet. I got a whole field of crops to still water. I could use Darks help. but no. He's sitting there in his red, relaxing, lawn chair, with a black umbrella/parasol attached to it, drinking lemonade, while reading MY manga. He's like... my best friend, but sometimes he just makes me want to punch him.

I'm bending over, picking turnips, which is hard I might add. All of a sudden I hear a whistle. not one for calling animal, but a suggestive one that's probably from a perv staring at my butt. I turn around and it's. Oh, Din. Rock. I'm immediately pissed. With lightning speed I whip out my hammer out of my bad and threw it at him as hard as I could from across the yard. it hit him dead strait in the face, knocking him to the ground. 'KNOCK OUT!' then I can see from here that theres a pool of blood forming around him.

"Hey, Dark?" I call out to him, who's still lounging in his lawn chair relaxing.

"Yeah?" he asked casually.

"Is he dead?" I said pointing to the unmoving Rock on the ground.

Darky finally got up off his lazy ass and went over to Rock who was bleeding on my lawn. I'm gonna make Dark clean that up later. He nudged him with his foot. Found him breathing. "Nah, he's still alive."

"Then could you take him to the Inner Inn please? I'm already busy, and theres no way I'm touchin him anyway. NOW." Dark sighed, "your a slave driver, you know that?" I smirked. He put on a pear of rubber gloves, grabbed him by the feet and started to drag him off my farm. Eh, he had it coming for whistling at me when I was bending over. He ain't gettin nothing, shit!

After I was done with work for the day I went for a walk around the valley collecting grass for curry. Skye Likes curry, so I'm stocking up on it before I meet him. Dark was supposed to be my helper while we were here. and what has he done so for? friggin nothing. And people call ME lazy. I see Murry, the hobo of the valley walk passed me. I glare at him. I don't like him. He was stealing stuff out of my storage back in 'A Wonderful Life' and the girl version. I also hate him cause if I passed out, he's steal half my money. Same with the mayor of Mineral Town. Thomas. I swear, that they are working together. Stupid idiot keeps bringing that damn ball back every time. just the other day I herd a knock at the door, opened it and found that stupid little ball on the ground in front of the door. I tried so hard to get rid of it. I threw it in the river, ocean, goddess pond, I gave it to people, shipped it. I even gave it back to him once! and you know what! he always bringing it back the next day! At lease he can do what the dog won't. But he doesn't get the hint! I DON'T WANT IT! And neither does the dog! Now I just hide it behind the Inn. It's takes him 4 days to find it every time. Trust me. I've counted.

I'm pulled out of my thoughts when I see Daryl walking towards my farm. suspicious... If he tries to steal my cow, he's got another thing coming. The creeper would be going down. He's the reason I don't even let my animals outside there barn and coops too.

After making sure the creepy scientist didn't do anything I spot Griffin and Gustufa talking. it's the great stand off! Da na na NAAA! I wanna see those two brawl. Yeah, Griffin whips out his guitar, busts it over his head. Ha. Gustafa, just throwing flowers at him. Ah. (snort) That'll be an interesting sight to see. Now I just wanna see them brawl. They should make a Harvest Moon brawl game. Or put Jack or Jill in the super smash bros games. That would be so friggin funny. Pulls out their sickle and cuts Ganon's head off. Heh... This is what happens when yer just playing games for too long. and if ya don't sleep well. Ya go crazy. Deal with it.

Darks trying to keep me away from my vampire hours. As he calls it. What? I like staying up at night!


I'm tired, it's like 7 pm, and my stamina is almost gone, according to my truth bangle. I had to replant more turnip seeds and water more so I could have more crops (got it at the prize shot inside the wisdom tree by the goddess pond.) . So I drag myself to the Blue Bar for water. I'm dying here. I'm getting dizzy. I open the door and colaps to the floor.

"Oh! are you okay Franny?" I herd Muffy ask me, worried. She's fun to talk to.

"She'll live." Darks said. Darks here? Gah. "come over here and help me up already, aren't you supposed to help me out." I look up from the floor giving him the cute face that would make him feel guilty. The guilt trick. And it worked like usual. Ha! It always does. So he picks me up off the floor and sits me down in a chair at the Bar counter.

Muffy looked at us and just shook her head. "Just kick back and relax you two. you both must be beat." Griffin said. Dark? Did work? That's a load of bull. And we both know it.

"Is there anything I can get you two?" Muffy asked.

Darky spoke first "I'll take a Badiaid, please." Huh? guess, he's going cheap

"I'll have water, or orange juice if ya have some."

Muffy looked at me oddly. "Water I understand, but Orange juice?"

"I live off the stuff. Can't get enough of it. But no pulp or ice please." I said smiling.

"Sure, just give me a minute." she came back a minute later with our drinks. my water and orange juice. and his...whatever. "Enjoy. Your really something, Franny."

"Thanks." I said. gulping down my water and orange juice fast. and Darky drank his...whatever it was. The I notice the hippie and Elvis are here. I ignore them in hopes they'd not talk to me. I don't feel like dealing with them. Nyrul, I Hope Rock doesn't show up. He deserved what he got earlier. I just don't want to deal with him anymore today. But I doubt he'd show up anyway, with his new ingerey and all. Was it not nice? Yes. Do I regret it? Nope!

Muffy then turned to Darky "So, Dark? Right?" He nodded. she grinned, "So...are you single?" I groaned. Ugh, do they ever give up? They are NEVER going to get at him. No ones takin my best buddie away from me. "Sorry, he's not interested." she turned to me "How would you know?" "I'm psychic. No, not really, but trust me, I know." Dark was pretty much tuning us out by now. Huh, he learned something from me. Heh.

"I got up, grabbed Dark by the arm, and started dragging him away. "Thanks for the drinks. It really helped."

"No problem sweety." Muffy waved bye to us, I waved bye back to them both and we left.

"Leaving early?"


"May I ask Why?" He looked at me questioningly.

"I have 60 sprites now." I said in a matter of fact.

"Really? Already?" he asked surprised.

"Yeah. Really. But YOU could have helped. And you are going to help from now on dude. Besides, I have something planned for the rest of the evening."

"Like what?" he raised an eyebrow.

"Just gonna give Lumina's mansion a visit." I said, grinning like both an idiot, and evilly.

"Your planning something." He knew me so well. He narrowed his eyes a bit, probably trying to figure out what was going on in my head. And what was going on right now was Skye.

"Yup" I said bluntly. Then I think knew what I was getting at.

"Let me guess, Skye?"

"I'll tell ya later how things go Darky." I said winking at him and playfully slapping his shoulder. Now. Get home!" I'm pushing him towards the farm. he just blinks, surprised. "Now I have work to do! See ya!" and I happily slammed the door in him face once he was in the house. 'Now, I have work to be done. first, find Lumina, talk to her a lease once, and speak with my fave witch, and The Prince of the Stars.'

-To be continued

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