Young Love

A Music Man Fan Fiction

Notes: The following is a deleted scene that is set after the Flag Day ceremony when Harold Hill announces forming the River City Boys Band. I own no characters from Music Man. This is a story I started working on two years ago after I was in Music Man with the Amherst PTA that I finally got around to revising. Thank you to Midworfian Greenleaf for your editing expertise!

Zaneeta Shinn could not stand living in River City Iowa. One thing she especially hated was all the gossip. For months there had been people spreading horrible rumors about Marian Paroo the local librarian . She personally liked Marian and couldn't understand why people would spread lies about her all around town.

All throughout the school year and into the begining of the summer rumors were also being spread about Zaneeta and her relationship with Tommy Diljas. School had ended four days after the Flag Day ceremony and the last few days of school hallways were a buzz with talk about the prank Tommy had pulled. They shot pitying looks at Zaneeta which read "Why does she hang out with that loser?" She was very much alone.

As if her social issues at school were not enough of a downer her father didn't have very much support for her relationship with Tommy either. Her parents would much rather prefer to see her with an upstanding gentleman from River City.

" I don't see what you see in that whippersnapper Tommy Diljas." her father was always the one to instigate the conversation.

"Harold Hill obviously saw something worthy in both of us." Zaneeta pointed out.

Her father glowered at her. "Don't try and change the subject."

"George dear, Mr. Hill must have seem something positive in Tommy if he asked him to help lead the band." Eulalie quickly came to her daughter's defenses.

"Are you senseless? There won't be any band! I'm going to put a stop to this malarky if it's the last thing I do!" Mayor Shinn bellowed.

Zaneeta blew her bangs out of her eyes in frustration.

"Tommy's not as bad as you think as he is Papa.""

"What proof do you have of that? That firework that went off in the gym could have injured your mother and dozens of other people."

Zaneeta wavered. "That's true but she didn't get hurt. I did try to tell him not set it off but he didn't seem to want to listen."

"Your mother and I just can't understand why you can't date a more wholesome boy.. any boy who goes to River City High."

Zaneeta's face grew red. " NO ONE IN SCHOOL LIKES ME! Can't you see that?"

Her parents looked at her completely dumb founded. "What?" her mother asked.

Tears sprang to Zaneeta's eyes. "Everyone at school talks about me behind my back... including the boys! Tommy is the only person who understands me and is possibly my only friend."

Her parents started at each other in silence.

"I still do not allow you to see him.. not in the least bit." Her father said.

Zaneeta was silent.

"Young lady, what do you have to say for yourself?"

"Absolutely nothing. Both of you will never understand how I feel about Tommy!" Zaneeta ran out of the kitchen and up to her room.

She passed her sister Gracie in the hallway.

"What's wrong?"

"Just fighting with Mama and Papa about my realtionship with Tommy. They'll never understand how I feel about him!"

"Maybe I will."

"You're too young Gracie."

Zaneeta went into her room and emerged two minutes later a bag of library books in hand.

She peeked her head into her sister's room. "Tell Mama and Papa I'll be at the library. I'll be back before dinner."

Her sister nodded. "Okay."

Zaneeta stomped down the stairs and angrily slammed the front door behind her.

10 minutes later she met Tommy outside the candy kitchen.

"What's eatin you?" Tommy asked noticing his girlfriend looked upset.

"My parents. They don't understand our relationship! They never will!"

Tommy smiled. "Hey, you're with me now. Don't worry about them."

Zaneeta sighed. "I'll try not to."

The two teens entered the Candy Kitchen and snagged a corner booth right away.

"I just don't get why your parents don't approve of us being together."

Zaneeta blew her bangs out of her eyes.. " Well part of is that stunt you pulled at the Flag Day ceremony. I warned you about setting that firework off."

"Was your mother badly hurt?"

Zaneeta shook her head. "She wasn't but she could have been. Other people could have been injured to your know"

"If there's ever a time when you talk to your mom in private apologize to her for me. Your father probably won't appreciate the apology half as much."

Zaneeta's shoulder's began to relax. "Okay."

"Why do you think people don't think we make a good couple?" Tommy asked

"Well think about it.. you're a rebel and I'm the ideal good girl. My father is the mayor of River City. People have tons of respect for him."

"Well the kids at your school don't have a lot of respect for you if they talk about you behind your back constantly and pass judgement on our relationship."

Zaneeta smiled for the first time in the past hour. "That couldn't be more true!"

"I can prove everyone wrong!" Tommy said jubilantly

"Be quiet! I don't want people to stare at us." Zaneeta whispered.

"Let them stare! Once I help Professor Hill with this Boys Band people will see a totally different side of me."

Zaneeta's eyes grew wide. "Do you really think there'll be a band?"

Tommy nodded. "I'm sure of it!"

"I wish Papa would believe that. He's determined to have Professor Hill thrown in jail."

Tonmy squeezed Zaneeta's hand under the table. " Don't worry. Everything will work out."

Zaneeta was not so sure about this. "I really hope you're right Tommy."

Once they finished their ice cream Tommy escorted Zaneeta to the library.

"Should I pick you up later?" he asked

Zaneeta shook her head. "No, people will get suspicious. I'll be done her long before dinner time. I'll be fine by myself."

Tommy kissed Zaneeta's cheek. "I'll see you later."

Zaneeta smiled. "Let's make it sooner rather than later"

Zaneeta hoped it would be sooner rather than later that her father would start to see things her way. As much he enjoyed being with Tommy, one thing she hated the least was sneaking around.