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Chapter 8

When seven o'clock came around, Allison left her office for the locker rooms to change out of her scrubs. All the while, she had mixed feelings about her upcoming meeting with Thirteen. She still wasn't sure what to think of it all. The last time she checked, she wasn't attracted to women in this sort of way. But as funny as it sounded, Remy Hadley...just had a certain way with the ladies. It was odd how she never imagined that she would feel this way about the brunette. But then again, because she had been with Chase for a while, she never saw her as an option.

While still feeling very uncertain – and to be honest, a part of her felt like chickening out – there was the other part of Cameron that was genuinely curious, that wanted to know what it would be like to get to know and date Thirteen. The woman had always been quite a puzzle to solve, but the blonde felt willing to take on that challenge. And despite all of her own insecurities, Allison couldn't help but find Remy extremely interesting. She couldn't get her off her mind.

When Allison walked through the glass doors to exit the hospital, she mentally held her breath. She had no idea what to expect from Thirteen at all. As she was looking around for the younger woman, she briefly wondered whether this was all some sick joke being played on her, whether the brunette was just fooling around for a bet she made with some of their other colleagues. But when she saw Remy waiting at a nearby bench by the side, those traces of doubt had disappeared. As Allison tentatively walked over, she stood up and met her halfway.



They looked at each other for a moment while butterflies fluttered wildly in their stomachs. Thirteen then decided to lead the way. She tilted her head to the direction of the parking lot, and the both of them began walking.

"Do you have your car here?" she asked.

"...No... I took the bus to work today..."

"Good. We'll take mine."

They walked at a slow, unhurried pace. It was almost forcing Allison to be relaxed, despite her current situation. Thirteen seemed to be deep in thought, with her hands in her pockets and her head down. The sudden and unusual bashfulness she was emitting was surprising to the older doctor.

After a while, Thirteen cleared her throat. "So I... I figured we needed to talk. And... I also wanted to apologize for the other day..."

Cameron looked up with her eyebrows raised, and listened for her to go on. "I know I shouldn't have. It was silly of me to have even proposed such a notion... I really shouldn't have cornered you like that." Remy struggled to put the things she wanted to say into words. Even though she had this feeling that Allison was somewhat attracted to her, she knew she should have behaved, or at least kept her hands to herself. That night, the brunette basically felt her up and got away with it. After much contemplation throughout the day, Remy realized that no matter how much she liked her, that was unacceptable. "So... I'm sorry."

The two of them walked on for a bit in silence. Cameron took a minute to process what she had heard. Doctor Hadley had just apologized for kissing her. Things were just getting more and more confusing. She was completely lost. What was she expected to say? Did Thirteen's apology mean that she regretted it happening? At that thought, Allison found herself feeling disappointed.

Remy watched her colleague carefully, trying to understand the very puzzled expression on her face. But she couldn't blame her – it was a lot to take in and a lot of complicated feelings to sort out. While Cameron remained silent, with a distinctly pensive look, the brunette began to feel increasingly insecure. Her mind began racing with all that the other woman could possibly thinking about, things that she would do, things that she would say...all the 'what if's and certain outcomes... Thirteen then went down this very disheartening train of thought in which she second-guessed all of her previous decisions and anxiously wondered whether Allison was really interested or not in the first place. The woman's lack of response had made her lose confidence in her actions.

"But I do like you," Remy blurted out quickly without a second thought. She had to clarify and make sure she knew. However, she had never planned to admit it to her like that. Remy blushed at how stupid that sounded. God, why was she such an idiot? She was always the smooth talker when it came to women. But right now, she found herself having trouble trying to make things come out the way she wanted them to.

At Thirteen's admission, Cameron felt her cheeks warm up too. Oh boy... What was she going to do? Remy had said her part, clearly, and now it was time for her to speak out hers. Problem was, she still wasn't entirely sure where she stood yet. This was such a spur-of-the-moment thing.

Was she attracted to Remy? Well... if she had to be absolutely honest with herself... then yes. Definitely. No question about it.

Did she like Remy as a person? Hmm. She had always respected her as a doctor and as one of House's high-standing employees. Over the course of babysitting Rachel that Saturday, she had actually learned to like her.

So what was the problem? There wasn't any part of her that wanted to reject Thirteen. She was only a little unsure. She probably would like more time and take things slow. But the fact was, she couldn't find it in her to say 'no'.

"Okay..." Allison said all of a sudden.

As soon as it registered, Remy froze in her tracks, making the other woman do the same.


The blonde nodded slowly and looked up to meet her gaze. "Okay."

Thirteen watched her carefully with anticipation. "Does that mean you're okay with me liking you?"

Cameron bit the bottom of her lip and tried to suppress a blush. Was she okay with Remy liking her? Now that she seriously thought about it, she was. Allison couldn't help but smile a little. "I am," she realized. "I think I am."

Remy soon found herself smiling back too. "Umm... Okay. Good."

They walked on for a bit, before Remy stopped them again. "Does that mean... Does that mean that you might like me too?"

Allison became flustered and stared down at the pavement. She bit back a smile and nodded. And that was all the reassurance that Remy needed. "Good."

Both of their cheeks were pink when they looked up at each other. The grin on Thirteen's face made Allison increasingly willing to accept that she really did like the younger doctor, despite the fact that she was a woman.

"Um.. but..." She looked away shyly. "I think I'd like to take things slow..."

Remy nodded quickly. "It's okay. Anything you want."

Cameron blushed even more at those words and her obvious eagerness. It had been a while since she's been with someone who was so willing to focus their attention on her – to ask what she wanted and to try to please her.

The both of them continued walking to the parking lot. When they reached Thirteen's car, she made the effort to go open the door for her companion first. The contrast in her behavior in comparison to the other night was baffling, so much that Cameron was tempted to ask her about it. And so she did.



Allison noticed that when she called her name, the younger woman turned to face her, offering her full attention. Those bright blue eyes made the butterflies return.

"Uh... I want to ask you about the day we babysat Rachel..."

"What about it?"

"Well..." she began. "I don't really understand... I mean, you were being so difficult and indifferent. And then all of a sudden... I don't know..."

Remy looked away and placed her hands on the steering wheel, staring straight ahead. She took a deep breath and exhaled. "...I... Well... It was kinda hard for me to spend an entire day with you... I've always liked you... I just didn't want to act on it," she said it like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

Allison watched her curiously, getting more and more fascinated by her character by the second. "Why not?"

"I didn't want to get hurt. And back then, you were with Chase..."

"But now I'm not."

Thirteen looked at her to see a shy smile on the older woman's face. She returned in kind. "No, you're not."

They exchanged an intense gaze of mutual interest, and Remy suddenly felt an invisible force pulling her in. She slowly leaned in, lips parted, eyes holding on to blonde's. When she was barely a breath away, Allison closed her eyes and leaned forward as well. But just as they were centimeters from making the much anticipated contact, Thirteen stopped herself. "I'm sorry..." She shook her head a little and leaned back over to the driver's side. "You wanted to take things slow."

They both frowned, feeling immensely unsatisfied. But they also knew that it was the right thing to do, and it would benefit them both if they took things step by step. "Maybe you should buy me dinner first... This time," Cameron teased, referencing the night they shared that passionate first kiss.

Remy rolled her eyes but chuckled in spite of herself. "Okay." She pulled out of the parking lot and drove down the road with a nice restaurant in mind.

When they arrived at their destination, both doctors exited the car, eager to fill their empty stomachs with food after a long day of work. Remy had picked a semi-crowded restaurant, and the waiter seated them at a private spot, which was perfect for the two of them. After placing their orders, they finally were able to concentrate on each other and nothing else.

Even in the dim lighting of the room, Remy looked stunning. Staring into her eyes, Cameron became all too aware of a familiar feeling returning. There was always that subtle nervousness whenever the brunette was around. Something was there, she just wasn't able to put a finger on it, and most likely had repressed it. But now that she's allowed herself to be truthful, to stop all the denial, she realized that her unwavering attraction and fascination with the woman was what made her feel so uneasy in the first place.

"So... How long have me?" Allison asked all of a sudden. She was curious and really wanted to know.

Remy was a little surprised at the question, but answered anyway. "Uh...well... I'm sure it was a while back..." She shrugged. "Probably when I was still auditioning for a place on the team."

"What? That was such a long time ago!"

Thirteen stared at her glass of water and blushed. "Well, I couldn't help it, okay?"

Allison's stomach did a somersault. The both of the grew silent for a while, as they sipped at their drinks and looked around the restaurant. Now that they were alone, they weren't exactly sure what to say to each other.

Before it got any more awkward, Remy spoke up. "I... It's been a while since I've...been on a date," she admitted.

Allison smiled a little. "Actually, me too..."

They looked up at each other and chuckled lightly. "When was your last one?" Thirteen asked, playing with her fork a little.

"Hmm... Half a year ago. With Chase. It was our last one, because I broke up with him later that night."

The brunette laughed, then quickly covered her mouth. "Oh, I meant – I'm so sorry," she teased.

Cameron only quirked an eyebrow at her. "When was your last date?" Because she was observing her companion so intently, she managed to catch the brief flicker of panic across her features. Interesting...

"Oh... I haven't had one in so long, I don't even remember..." Remy lied. When she looked up to meet Allison's gaze, she saw that the blonde knew she was lying. No one said anything for a minute, before Thirteen finally caved.

"It was last month. There was no chemistry at all."

"Who was it?" Allison asked eagerly, smiling at her scrunched up face. Subconsciously, she began to feel more at ease sitting there, talking with Remy. Because she was now concentrated on the conversation itself, some of the previous nervousness had dissipated.

The brunette hesitated to respond. She wasn't sure how personal they should get on their first date... but at the same time, she knew she had been pushing people away for too long, so much that deflecting and refraining to answer altogether had become a habit. Maybe...maybe she should allow herself to connect with Cameron, even if it meant embarrassing herself. She took a deep breath.


The ER attending almost choked on her water. "What?"

"He asked me out. At that time, I didn't really mind... I wasn't thinking..." The sound of Allison's laughter made her snap her head up though. "I know. That's why I hate to talk about it."

"Did you... Did you go out with him again after that?"

"No," Remy responded with emphasis, and a slightly disgusted expression on her face. "We talked about it, and we're okay with being colleagues."

Allison really couldn't stop grinning. When her smile grew wider and she began laughing again, Remy became further embarrassed. Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to be truthful after all. "I know you find my terrible mistake in judgment and decision making hilarious, but please, spare me some dignity at least."

Cameron's chuckling died down a little and she gently shook her head. "I'm not laughing at you... I'm just laughing because you're way out of Foreman's league."

Thirteen's ears perked. "You think?"

The blonde nodded keenly. "Definitely."

"And why would you say so?

"Oh come on, you're–" she stopped herself in time before the word 'hot' slipped out of her mouth.

Remy seemed to have an idea of what she was going to say though. She smirked. "What?"

Cameron fumbled with her words. "Um... You know... You just seem like you're out of his league..."

"Allison, are you trying to say that I'm too attractive for him?"

"...I... Well... I uh..."

Remy chuckled at her lack of response, but figured that she was only being timid. "I hope you're not out of mine though," she said thoughtfully. A brief pause. "Are you?"

"Of course not. I would think that... you would be out of mine..."

The younger doctor laughed. "That's ridiculous." She thought for another moment. "How about we both agree that we're in each other's leagues."

A shy smile and a nod from Cameron. "Okay."

A waiter chose this moment to approach the table with their food.

"Alright, I'm glad that's settled." They smiled at each other as their dishes were served and continued the rest of the evening in light conversation.

"Phew! I'm so full!"

The two doctors walked out of the restaurant into the nighttime breeze of the outdoors. It wasn't too cold, which was nice. They both strolled down the sidewalk, Cameron waiting intently to see what Remy had in mind next, since they were noticeably not walking back to her car.

"You know, you didn't have to pay for dinner..."

"I asked you out," Thirteen stated as a matter of fact. However, the look on Allison's face showed that she wasn't on the same page. "You can pay next time."

Allison smiled. "Depends if I want a second date. I had to subtract some of your points when you knocked over the glass."

Remy blushed intensely at that recollection. She was reaching for the saltshaker when her arm accidentally tipped over her own glass. Luckily, there was only a bit of water left – or else it would've been a complete disaster, and Cameron might not want to see her ever again... though that last part might be a bit of an exaggeration.

"It was an accident..."

"I thought you'd be good at first impressions on your dates."

"I usually am."

"You must be losing your touch then."

"I was nervous. Can't blame me for liking you too much."

Allison bit her lip but failed to suppress a grin, so she looked away slightly to hide her face. Remy still saw it though. They continued walking down the street, neither bringing up the topic of where they were going. It didn't really matter.



"Can I... Can I hold your hand?"

Cameron looked up with some surprise. She never would have expected Thirteen to be the touchy kind of person. It was actually really adorable.

"Um, only if you're okay with it," Remy added quickly. "I mean, we can take things slow... Just... I'm not sure what you mind doing and what you don't–"

Allison silenced her rambling by grabbing her hand and entwining their fingers. The action surprised herself as much as it surprised Remy. But after a while, she decided that she liked it, and didn't mind that they were holding hands in public.

They walked on for a while, enjoying each other's presence and secretly relishing in the fact that there was skin contact, however minimal. Very soon, Cameron found herself walking with her date through a park. She thought of asking Thirteen what they were doing, but felt that the silence between them was too comfortable to break. Although the sparseness of street lamps made it kind of dark, she wasn't afraid. Eventually, the both of them stopped at the top of a hill. One glance at the sky was all it took for Thirteen's motives to be read.


"I know."

Living in a city, it had always been difficult to see stars at night, whether it was because of the light pollution, or the mere fact that people were too busy and consumed with their lives to even step back and try to notice. But now that they were far away from the hospital and the bustling streets, they found it easy to slip into brief isolation. The dark sky consuming them made it all the more poignant. It was breathtakingly beautiful.

They laid down on the grass, fingers still entwined. Allison smiled to herself at the thought of how cheesy and romantic Thirteen was. Never would she have expected this from someone like her. She couldn't complain though – she loved these kinds of outings. This was actually the first time someone had taken her stargazing for a date.

After remaining quiet for a while, Remy spoke up in a whisper. "It's nice that the moon rises later tonight, or else we won't be able to see much."

"There's never anything to see in the city..." Allison commented. "Sometimes there's one star, but that's about it."

"It's called Sirius, the dog star." Remy pointed up to the sky to indicate which one she was talking about. "It's the brightest star in the sky, and that's what we usually see." She chuckled slightly. "More like the only thing we can see in the city."

"You know a lot about stars...?" Allison felt a light tingling sensation in the back of her hand as Remy was stroking it with her thumb.

"A little. I took an astronomy course in high-school."

"Softball and astronomy huh?" Thirteen was actually surprised that she remembered her mentioning that.

"Yep. I loved my astronomy class. My professor was the coolest man ever."

They laid in silence for a while. Allison was well aware of the fact that Remy had chosen to open up to her, and that this didn't happen very often. She moved so she was closer to the brunette, their shoulders touching. "Teach me."

Remy smiled. "Okay. Well, one of the most recognizable constellations is Orion, which is over there... See those three stars? That's called Orion's belt. And that's his bow..." It took a while for Allison to really visualize and connect the stars, but with Thirteen's patience, she eventually got it. "Where's the big dipper?"

"It's over there, see?" She followed Remy's index finger. "It's actually an asterism, which is only a small part of a constellation... The big dipper is part of Ursa Major."

"A bear?"

"Yep." The amount of visible stars in the night sky made their eyes wander ceaselessly. Remy was surprised that she remembered so many of the constellations. "I'm glad I paid attention in class," she remarked. "I always knew it would be useful for charming girls."

Allison laughed and hit her in the arm playfully.

"Is it working though?" Thirteen asked curiously.

Cameron pretended to think for a moment. "Hmm... I think it is."


They stayed like that for another hour, talking about stars.

Soon it was getting pretty late, and they remembered that they still had work in the morning. It was a disappointing realization, but one that they couldn't ignore nonetheless. Remy stood up and stretched out her hands to help Allison do the same. When she pulled the blonde up, she went ahead and closed the distance between their bodies. Foreheads touched, lips parted. Allison stared up into her eyes with anticipation, holding her breath. When Remy moved, she fluttered her eyes shut. But when all she felt was a warm kiss on the cheek, she frowned. She pulled away to see a slight grin on Thirteen's face. "Come on, we should go."

The drive back to Cameron's apartment was way too short for their liking. After parking the car, Thirteen got out and walked her date to the front porch. Allison turned and looked up at the brunette. "Thank you for tonight. It of the best dates I've ever had..." she admitted shyly.

"Let me know when you're free and we'll do it again sometime," Remy said. "That is...if you want to..."

Allison knew she was just teasing. "I want to."

The taller woman smiled genuinely. "That's good to hear."

They stood for a moment longer, looking into each other's eyes. "Alright, well goodnight Doctor Cameron," Thirteen then saluted, the smile on her face never wavering. She turned around to head back to her car. But as soon as she took one step down the stairs, she felt a hand grab onto her wrist. Grinning, she allowed herself to be slowly pulled back up the steps. Cameron knew that Thirteen was playing with her. She tried to shoot her an angry glare, but it ended up failing altogether. She pulled the woman close, with her hands on her shoulders.

"Were you really going to just walk away like that?"

"No." Remy smiled and slid her arms around the blonde's waist, diminishing the gap between them even more. "I knew you'd stop me before I did."

"What if I didn't?"

"Then you don't get a goodnight kiss."

They stood like that for a while, breathing the same air. Cameron studied the look on Thirteen's face for a moment and finally saw that she wouldn't be the one to initiate the kiss. She wanted her to do it. Allison swallowed nervously and hesitated, but eventually had to give in to the urge. Slowly, very slowly, she tilted her head and brushed her lips against Remy's. At this, the brunette gladly reciprocated, and was eager to deepen it as well. Both of them had been practically waiting all night for this moment. Allison felt as if she never wanted to let go.

Eventually, it was a passing car that interrupted their kiss. Suddenly, they realized that were so absorbed, they had practically been making out. Remy shot the blonde a sheepish grin before releasing her grip around her waist and taking a step back. "So... I'll see you tomorrow."

Allison was still slightly dazed, and it took a while before she was able to compose a reply. "Um... Yeah. Tomorrow..."

Remy chuckled a bit, then looked at the blonde fondly. She leaned in and placed one last chaste kiss on her lips. "Goodnight."


With flushed cheeks and a thumping heart, Allison watched her drive away.