Chapter 9

"Hey... I was looking for you."

Allison entered the Diagnostics office to find Remy alone at the table, with stacks and stacks of folders sprawled over the glass surface. It was late in the afternoon. The other guys in the team were allowed to leave for the rest of the day, while their boss was off somewhere, probably in Cuddy's office.

Thirteen stretched her arms above her head. "Hi..." she mumbled, eyes falling back to the amount of paperwork she had to finish.

"House?" Cameron asked with sympathy. Remy nodded wearily.

It had been over a week since their date, and over a week since House found his new source of entertainment at the hospital – seeing how far he could push his little bisexual duckling to do his work by dangling his cellphone over her head. It was painful for Remy, but she had no choice because Allison wanted to take things slow and wasn't anywhere near ready to be outed yet, especially not at the hospital.

The blonde doctor sighed and took a seat beside Thirteen. Without another word, she put on her reading glasses and began to work beside her.

"What are you doing...?"



"Well, it's my fault that he's making you do all this charting."

"No it's not," she denied, even though they knew that it was partially true. "It's okay, you don't have to do this." Remy placed a hand over Allison's to stop her.

"But I'm the reason why he's been throwing so much work at you lately... It's not fair..."

"Don't you have the entire ER to look after?"

"It's been a slow day," she shrugged off her job, grabbing a pen from her pocket. "I'd much rather come here and help – it's the least I could do," Allison offered sincerely. Thirteen watched her as she read a file with furrowed browns. She chuckled a bit and took a brief glance around to make sure the coast was clear before leaning in and giving her a quick peck on the cheek.


They smiled at each other with flushed cheeks before continuing to work. There was an occasional graze here...a caress of the arm there when they passed the files around...subtle glances at each other... At one point, Remy decided to take a short break and was just sitting there idly while staring at Cameron, watching her work.

"What?" Allison asked without looking up from her folder.

When she got no response, her eyes snapped up. Thirteen surprised her by taking the file, setting it down, and leaning in to invade her personal space. "You look good today," the brunette whispered, twirling a lock of wavy blonde hair with her fingers. She loved it when she had her hair down.

Allison blushed profusely. She has yet to get used to that flustered feeling resulting every time from Remy's proximity. "Thanks... You do too..." she murmured in reply, her eyes traveling down and snapping up again when she realized what she was doing. Remy only smiled wider, before leaning in even more to plant a soft kiss on her lips. Cameron was very hesitant at first, mentally debating on whether she should push her away in order to refrain from being caught. Understanding her timidity, Remy pulled away shortly.

Allison sighed when they broke apart, feeling very lightheaded. It was ridiculous how much Thirteen affected her, now that she had given in. Cameron cautiously looked out into the hallway and watched a couple of people walk by, clearly oblivious to the two doctors in the Diagnostics room. She then turned back to the younger doctor, who was looking back at her questioningly. Failing to resist the urge, Cameron gave her another chaste kiss on the cheek. The huge grin on Remy's face gave her a warm feeling all over. When the brunette leaned in again though, Allison chuckled and moved away. "Let's finish our work first, Rem."

Thirteen pouted. "How about let's not, Cam."

Allison tried to ignore Remy as she tugged at her arm. "Look, we're almost done. Only a few more to go."

"Just one more kiss. For motivation."

The blonde looked up immediately at the proposition. She nervously looked outside through the glass and saw that the hallway happened to be empty at the moment. "Just a quick one," Allison clarified.

"Okay." Thirteen nodded keenly with a smile. She closed the distance between them, giving the blonde a very purposeful kiss on the lips. It went on for a bit more than a couple of seconds like they had planned. Allison opened her eyes and was going to start leaning away, when out of the corner of her eye, she noticed someone approaching the office. Panicking, she almost shoved Thirteen away. When the both of them looked up, they saw Cuddy walk through the door.

"Doctor Cuddy..." they greeted in an awkward tone, all while blushing furiously. Cameron was practically begging on the inside for her boss not to have seen them. However, the somewhat surprised look on the dean's face indicated otherwise.

"Um... hello ladies..." she spoke with her eyebrows slightly raised. The knowing look she sported made the other two doctors blush even more as they were subtly inching away from each other. Cameron had to look away while Thirteen strained to put on a neutral face.

"So..." Cuddy continued slowly, trying not to let the discovery shock her too much. House had been ecstatically telling her about it, but she thought it was only him jumping to conclusions and being a dick. At the back of her mind, she also remembered her boyfriend saying something along the lines of 'catching Thirteen all over Cameron' when she left her office to head up to Diagnostics. She had to admit, though not exactly spot on, he was pretty close.

"I actually came to relieve you of your paperwork. House will do it himself," she announced decidedly. No matter what, she was going to make him do it, despite recalling how much he whined and complained about having to to something he didn't give a damn about. Even if he was Thirteen's boss though, he was in no position to throw all the work on one single employee, and a woman at that. In other places, it could potentially be considered sexual discrimination. In the world of PPTH, they just had to deal with his foolishness and work around it.

Remy frowned a little. "Well, we're practically done. We did most of them already..."

"I'm sorry. If I had known earlier, I would have come to stop you... I came up as soon as House let it slip." The woman rolled her eyes exasperatedly at that recollection.

"Well, I guess we'll leave the rest for him to do... And hope that he'll actually do them," Thirteen said, pushing the files aside.

"Alright, thanks ladies." Cuddy turned around and began to head out, when a sudden thought stopped her in the middle of her tracks. "Oh! One more thing."

Cameron and Thirteen exchanged a glance before looking up at the dean. "Are you two free this weekend?" The two women widened their eyes in realization.

"It's just for half of the day. I have a couple of errands to run on Saturday and I can't find anyone else who's available... Rachel said she loved having you two over," Cuddy smiled at them. Allison and Remy, however, didn't seem too enthusiastic. Thirteen caught the blonde's gaze and raised an eyebrow to ask what she thought. Cameron only shrugged indifferently.

"We'll think about it."

Cuddy sighed and clasped her hands together. "Please. It's only for the afternoon. It would be a huge favor to me."

Cameron and Thirteen looked at each other uneasily. Although they weren't too keen on facing the hyperactive child again, this was their boss and they felt that getting on her good side would benefit them in the future. They both recounted the last time they babysat the girl. This time it would only be half of the day. Perhaps it wouldn't be too bad...

"I guess we could..." Allison spoke up after a moment.

Cuddy smiled at them gratefully. "Thank you so much! I'll let you know when to come over on Saturday."

When she turned to leave though, Thirteen stopped her. "Wait, can I leave for the rest of today, Doctor Cuddy?"

The dean chuckled. "Yes, of course Remy. You may leave." She reached to open the glass door, but was promptly stopped again.

"Can I take the rest of the day off too?"

Both Thirteen and Cuddy looked back at Cameron with a bit of surprise. Remy asking to leave was completely understandable – House's team didn't have a case to work on. But Cameron? The head of the hospital's ER department?

Allison blushed a little as the other two women in the room looked at her curiously. She didn't even think before asking the question. All she wanted to do was to go wherever Remy was going at the moment. It didn't even occur to her that she actually had a job.

"Um... the ER has been slow today... I don't think they really need me down there... I was just wondering..."

Thirteen looked away and covered her mouth, trying subtly not to laugh. Cuddy eyed the two of them and thought carefully. Cameron did agree to babysit Rachel again... 'I guess I could let them off the hook this one time...'

"Well, it's all up to you Cameron. If you think the state of the ER is empty enough to allow less supervision, then you can go." She skillfully threw the task of deciding back at her, knowing fully well that Cameron was responsible enough to make ethical choices herself. She trusted her to do whatever she wished. "Thanks again ladies!"

When the dean finally left, Thirteen turned to face the blonde with a wide grin on her face.

"Shut up..."

"I didn't even say anything!" Remy protested.

"Your look said it all."

Thirteen only laughed and stood up, pulling Allison along. "Come on, I'm hungry. Let's go grab lunch." She looked back to see the older doctor with a worried expression on her face.

"Should I leave?"

"Of course! Cuddy said yes."

"Well, not really... What if something goes wrong and they mess up because I'm not there?"

Remy sighed and placed her hands on Allison's shoulders. "You said yourself that it was a slow day. The ER staff is pretty big. I'm sure they'll be fine." She then tugged at her sleeve a little. "Let's go."

With the puppy eyes that Thirteen was sending her, Cameron couldn't find it in her to resist. She barely made any effort to put up a fight. "Well... Alright... I have to stop by my office first though."

"Meet you outside?"


After letting her staff know that she would be leaving for the day (but also telling them to call her if anything gets out of hand), Allison changed and got her things ready before heading out. It was weird. She rarely put her relationships before work, especially when the ER is so demanding all the time. But lately, Remy seemed to be the only person she wanted to please.

She stepped out of the hospital and walked casually over to Thirteen, who was waiting by a bench.



Together, they walked through the parking lot to search for the brunette's car. As soon as they were far enough from the hospital, away from being noticed by anyone they might know, Remy instantly slipped her hand in Allison's and entwined their fingers.

"So Saturday..." the taller woman began.

Cameron laughed lightly at the choice of topic. "It's just for half of the day. It won't be too bad."

"You do know that by agreeing to watch the kid again, we have officially named ourselves Rachel's babysitters, don't you?"

"No we haven't. We're just doing our boss a favor."

"Along with many more favors to come... in the form of terror," Thirteen muttered under her breath. The comment provoked a playful slap in the arm.

"I'm telling you, it won't be that bad," Cameron assured.

"I dunno. Last time was pretty exhausting."

"I think Rachel likes us. Maybe she'll behave better this time."

"Or maybe she'll give us hell." They stopped in front of Thirteen's car.

"Oh come on. Whatever happens it won't be as bad, because last time, two of you were giving me hell." Remy smirked and narrowed her eyes. She gently guided Cameron so that the blonde was leaning against the door of the car, while she trapped her in between.

"What makes you think I'll be nicer this time?"

Allison grew slightly nervous again as Remy leaned her body against hers, their faces only inches away. It was crazy how much her body reacted to something as simple as the brunette's presence. With her standing so close right now, she felt her knees go weak. The ER attending slowly reached a hand up and began playing with Thirteen's suspenders.

"I just have this feeling..."

Two pairs of bright blue eyes met, then they both leaned in and kissed. Remy moved her lips against Allison's languidly as she felt arms wrap around her neck. She still found it hard to believe that she was here kissing Doctor Cameron, the 'straight' blonde that she had pined after for so long. It vaguely registered in her mind that had she not stayed to babysit Rachel that weekend, they would not have gotten together at all... It was a distressing thought. Thank god she stayed.

When they broke apart, they smiled at each other shyly. For a couple who wanted to take things slow, they sure were moving pretty fast. But they couldn't help feeling extremely attracted to one another.

Unable to stand there idly when she was still so close to Cameron, Remy moved in and placed another quick kiss on her lips. They stared at each other fondly, completely forgetting for a moment where they were.

That is... until they were rudely interrupted by someone passing by.

"Aha!" a familiar voice shouted.

Their heads snapped to the side in absolute horror to find an exultant House standing a few feet away.

"I knew it."

- End -

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