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War of the (FanFiction) Worlds by BeatleLOVE

It was only 10 in the morning and Mandy and Nicole were at it again. It started when Nicole woke up to Mandy singing Good Morning, Good Morning. "God, she's obsessed," Nicole muttered, still in a sleepy daze. She through a pillow at the door, indicating that Mandy should shuttup.

When Mandy heard the door close, she knew Nicole was up. It didn't seem like the start of a good morning for them,

Trying to lighten the mood, she grabbed the toast she had just made, perfectly buttered the way Nic liked it, and made her way over to Nicole's room singing Good Day, Sunshine. She opened the door and quickly dodged a pillow thrown with insane accuracy. Yep, definitely a bad morning.

Nicole had never been a morning person. She could get up perfectly fine on her own, but when someone else tried to, she was the opposite of pleasant. Still Mandy put up with her best friend's morning-after-sleepover ritual of throwing projectiles at her head. It had become somewhat of a game for her.

She walked over to Nicole's tired frame. Through the pillow she could hear her groan, "Go away."

"Aw, fine, I guess ya don't want any toast." Mandy enunciated the last word, hoping to wake Nic up.

"Toast!" Nicole lifted her head, suspiciously glaring at Mandy. "What'd you break?"

"Nothing! I just thought it'd get you up!"

Nic sighed, "Fine, gimme it." She could never resist toast.

Mandy smiled. Nic was so easy to please sometimes. "Wanna play Wii?"

The girl munching toast eyed her friend again. "Okay, you did something. What is it?"

Mandy's smile beamed. "Oh, nothing. I'm just happy. My story's got so many great reviews-"

"Okay, really?" Nicole set down her beloved toast.

"What?" Mandy pouted.

"For the last time: I don't care."

Mandy's pleasant mood faded. "Well, you don't have t'be such a bitch about it."

"Well all you talk about is the damn Beatles!"

She stiffened. "I do not. Only when I'm bored!"

"Seriously? Amanda, you're in love with seventy-year-old men!"

"Okay, first off, I only love their early twenty-year-old selves, and two, you really got a problem with that?" she defended.

"Yeah, I do. You're effing obsessed!"

"Ya know what? You're no better! You write stories about Harry Potter all the time!"

"So! Half the Beatles are dead!"

"Well at least they were alive and real!"

"They're music's crap!"

That one stung. "How would you know what real music is! All you listen is Owl City and screamo!"

"I thought you liked that!"

"No! Screamo's my old angry music and Owl City'd dead now!"

"Just like The Beatles!"

"Oh, don't start that again! Besides, you write stories about Harry and Draco being gay!"

"What the hell you told me they were good! And you talk about Paul and Josh, or watever their names are, being gay, too!"

"It's John, god, get it right! And when I say that, I'm completely joking! I never actually write stories about it! I laugh at freaking pictures!"

They glared daggers at eachother. This was probably the most heated..um, debate they'd ever had. If someone didn't stop them soon, it was going to be the start of World War III: The War of The (FanFiction) Worlds.

"You obsess about everything!" Nicole yelled. "First The Jonas Brothers-" Mandy's jaw dropped. "-then Justin Bieber and Naruto-" She opened her mouth to protest. "And now the fricken Beatles!"

Finally it was Mandy's time. "Shuttup! Those were phases! I hate all those now! Well, except-"

"The Beatles, I know!" Nicole threw her hands in the air, toast flying at the wall.

Mandy nursed her hurt pride. "You know what? Sod off! You're being a real bitch!" She marched out the door and slammed it shut. "Ugh, I need some tea.."

"Stupid git," She wispered, tears brimming and threatening to overflow. Nic had never hurt her that badly. She quietly sulked, muttering various profanities, while she waited for her tea to brew.

Nicole slumped against her pillows glaring at the wall. Since when had Amanda thought her HP fics were stupid? I thought she liked them! She always told me how good they were and...UGH EFF THIS SHIT! She then proceeded to punch the life out of her poor pillows.

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