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Part 4: Today's The Day

Soul glanced up at the clock in the classroom and sighed. Class was jus starting and his mind was on Maka. He hoped that the visit with her father was going well, however, he knew Spirit too well.

"Soul, where's Maka? She has never missed a class! Is she alright?" he looked up to see Tsubaki. He shrugged. "She has to spend the day with her poor excuse for a father." he growled. Tsubaki only nodded in response and placed her hand gently on his shoulder. "She'll be alright." she assured him.

"Well, it's her loss!" out of nowhere, Black*Star jumped into the seat above Soul. "How can Maka see my awesomeness if she isn't here?" Soul rolled his eyes while Black*Star began to flex and show off some of his moves. Tsubaki smiled. "I know she'll regret not being here to see you."

Soul looked around to see Liz also rolling her eyes and Patty laughing nonstop. "He looks so funny!" she exclaimed. That got everyone laughing. Well, everyone but Black*Star. "You won't be saying that when I surpass God!"

The only one who's laughter wasn't continuous was that of Death the Kid. "Dude, what's up with you?" Soul asked. "The painting at home…it's off. I know it is!" Kid started hyperventilating. This sent Patty into more hysterics. Kid fell to the ground on all fours. "Not symmetrical. I…failed…" Liz picked him up by the collar. "Will you stop this? You're not a failure, but you can't keep having these breakdowns!" She looked at her sister for help but quickly realized that wasn't going to happen.

Dr. Stein appeared in the room and slammed the door behind him. "Everyone in your seats now!" slowly, everyone made their way to their seats. Soul sighed again. This was going to be a very long day. All he could think about was how he wanted to tell Maka exactly how much he truly cared about her. She needed to know. He looked over at her empty seat, and closed his eyes. "Maka, please be alright." he whispered

At the restaurant, Maka had been fairly quiet. "Maka, I know this isn't easy." Spirit started. She quickly looked him in the eye. "It's a waste of time. You won't change. You have gotten worse over time! You betrayed us."

Spirit sat stunned. "You're right." he whispered. Maka gasped softly. Had her father just admitted to this? "I want to change that. I want to change. I want to be a better father and a better man. For me to do this, you have to let me. You have to believe in me. Please let me do this for us."


Maybe it is time for a change." Maka thought. "Mom is traveling, so I don't see her often. So, really, dad is the only one here. But can he change?"

"Okay. We'll try." Maka finally said. Tears filled Spirit's eyes. "Really? You don't know how much this means to me!" the next thing Maka knew, her father had gotten up and had his arms around her. "You won't regret this!" he swore. "I know." she said aloud, but to herself she could only think "I hope not."

Spirit had gone back to his side of the booth and they both started to eat their dinner. "Do you hate, Mom?" Maka asked suddenly. Spirit almost choked on the piece of bread he was eating. "No! Of course not! I love you and your mother. Why would you ask?" Maka looked him in the eyes "Then why did you cheat?"

Spirit felt his breath leave his body. He knew that this question was going to be asked, but he didn't expect it to be this soon. "Well?" he sighed, trying to concentrate. He knew Maka needed this. "Because I was a failure." he answered. "Because I didn't see what a wonderful woman I had in your mother. Because I was selfish and even childish." Maka tilted her head, absorbing this information. He hadn't made excuses. "This is a first." she thought. "He DOES deserve this chance." She smiled. "Thank you for being honest."

They finished their meal in peace and Spirit decided to walk her home. "Thank you for spending these couple of hours with me. I can't tell you how good it was. I love you more than anything" Spirit smiled as Maka stopped in front of her door. "Thank you for being honest. I… I love you too, Dad." Maka threw her arms around her father, just thankful to have him back in her live as a positive force. She didn't realize how much she truly had missed him. Spirit embraced her tightly. "This is a new start, Maka." he said. She nodded in agreement. "Have a good evening!" she let her father go and went to unlock the door. "Goodnight." he whispered as he walked away. He had a huge smile on his face. "Nothing will come between us again! I promise you that, Maka."

Maka looked at the clock once she entered the house and realized that Soul should be home from school soon. She curled up on her bed with a book, trying to distract herself from thinking about him. A couple minutes later, she discovered that she couldn't get into her book. This was a first for her. "Pull yourself together." she thought about the past week and everything that had happened. "Could I be falling for me?" she gasped. She had not really thought of it so bluntly. Picking up her brush, she just started brushing her pigtails. Would it be so bad if her and Soul were in love? Could he actually love her?

Soul was relieved when class was finally dismissed. "Soul! Want to join us for a game of basketball?" Liz asked. He shook his head "I can't tonight! I have something I need to do." he answered. "Soul! You'll miss me kicking Kid's butt with my star power!" Black*Star added. I'm sure I'll get to see it again! Sorry guys! I have to go talk to Maka!" before anyone could utter a word, Soul had disappeared from the classroom.

"Well, it's about time!" Liz said with a smile. "What's about time?" Kid asked. Tsubaki and Patty starting giggling. "Soul likes Maka! Soul likes Maka!" Patty chanted. Black*Star actually went quiet and Kid's jaw dropped. "No way! We would have noticed!" Liz shook her head, still smiling. "Maybe not." Patty hugged Kid "Least they will be symmetrical!" she giggled. "She doesn't how right she is." Kid whispered.

"Basketball court now!" Black*Star took off running and his friends took off after him.

Once Soul made it home, he took a deep breath before opening the door. "Maka, you home?" he asked loudly. Her heart stopped. He was home. "Yeah! In my room." she hurried to put away her brush and remove the book from her bed.

"Hey! How did it go with your dad?" Soul sat next to her on the bed. "It went really well. He was honest. He was like he used to be." she answered with a smile. "So things are okay?" she nodded in confirmation.

"Maka, I have to talk to you. This isn't easy…and it's probably not cool how I'm doing this…" Soul stopped and sighed. He had no clue how he was going to tell her. She smiled gently. "This is my time to tell him." she thought. "I'm just going to be blunt. Maka Albarn, I love you!" he looked at the floor embarrassed. "Wow." she whispered. "I'm sorry…" Soul got up off the bed. "I knew she couldn't love me." he thought to himself.

Maka grabbed his hand swiftly. "Soul, don't go." she stood up to face him. "I feel the same." she wasn't even sure if her words had been audible. Their eyes met, both glowing with revelation and excitement. Soul slowly leaned down close to her and Maka took it the rest of the way, pressing her lips against his. "This is a new start." she said with tears of joy running down her face. Soul wiped them away gently. "And it's a cool one."