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As the Anbu arrived they saw scene that could have been direct from a horror movie everywhere was blood of the mob which chased after naruto,it was a blood bath. It took a few minutes until a silver haired anbu began to speak "I will take naruto to the Hokage you two clean the area and notify there belonging about there death." With this walks towards naruto and lift him up bridal style ,t hen he noticed that something seemed of about him a was lighter then the times before but the most significant change were his red hair and the two hornlike bulge on his head.

Red hair where have he saw red hair before he asked himself,then it maked click Kushina was the only person with red hair in konoha. but this would mean that naruto is… his face paled he wanted answers and he know who most likely have them.

(-)(-)-Narus pov-(-)(-)

As I woke up I heard two voice, a old and wise one and one young and lazy voice.

I knowd instantly that it were Jijji and Inu-niisan.

"So you tell me that you henged her gender to defend her?" said niisan in a eager voice.

"Yes, you must understand,think on the things they had done….." he was interrupted by inus voice

"They couldnt have done anything I would have adopt her and quited Anbu to protect her" Inu said angry voice.

"The civilian council would have forbid you to adopt her"

"Bullshit,they couldn't have you are the fucking hokage and you are the ruler of the vilage not this fucking civlian council only the fire daimyo is above you and he wouldn't have said no if you would have tell him who she was" he nearly shouted.

At this moment I decied to signal them that I awake "about which girl are you two speaking" I noticed my voice sounded higher they both answer instinctly both at the same time "about you". I blinked eeped and fainted instantly.