Wow, it's certainly been a while since I posted one of these. I've been wanting to post this for a while, and since everyone pretty much knows who our Main Bad Guy is, I figured screw waiting for the reveal, no one reads these anyway! XD Plus I'm proud of myself for writing in the present tense for once.

Summary: Dume is a prisoner inside his own head, and there is nothing he can do about it.

Characters: Dume, Teridax, Toa Metru (mentioned), Lhikan (mentioned), Helryx (mentioned)

Warnings: the general creepiness that is synonymous with Teridax.

Genre: I have absolutely no idea.

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21—No Way Out

"I don't believe in a no-win situation." (Captain Kirk, Star Trek)

He sees. He knows. And he is powerless to stop it.

Every day, Dume looks at the world through his own eyes, but also through the eyes of Makuta Teridax. When his body moves, it is not because of his own will, but because the being using his body wishes it. The words he speaks are not his own—again, they come from Teridax.

Dume is a prisoner inside his own head, and there is nothing he can do about it.

Teridax enjoys this. He taunts Dume with it. While on the outside he's acting, talking and generally being like Dume, inside his head he is providing Dume with footnotes and commentary about how ironic it is that the girl that thanked him for giving her directions will soon be crushed beneath his heel. How amusing it will be when the Toa realize just who it was that hired the Dark Hunters that attacked them. How powerless Vakama will feel once he hands over the Mask of Time. Dume tries not to listen, but there is no way to block out a voice inside your own head—and so Teridax continues his slow torture.

His unwanted guest's acting is so flawless that none of the Toa notice, nor his employees, nor the Matoran. Dume doubts that even Lhikan or Helryx would be able to notice a change. The Makuta acts and reacts exactly the way that Dume would, and it's very convincing. Dume would be impressed if it wasn't such a bad thing.

He occupies his time by sending the angriest thoughts he can in Teridax's direction, but it doesn't affect him very much. If anything, it just encourages him. When Dume struggles to free his mind, however, Teridax clamps down on him so hard it actually causes his spirit physical pain.

"You may as well just accept it, Turaga," Teridax says. "There is no way out of this. Your city will fall, your allies will die, and you are going to be the cause of it all."

As long as I still have my own free will, Dume replies, I will never surrender!

This annoys Teridax the most, as he cannot destroy the spirit of his host or the body will die, and that would destroy any hope of his precious Plan succeeding. Dume prides himself on having found one way to antagonise the shadow, and finds every opportunity to use this against him, even at the cost of physical pain.

You cannot devastate the spirit and faith of a follower of Mata Nui! he cries. Then he screams as a fresh wave of pain courses through him.

What small solace he gets from his rebellion is dampened by the fact that deep in the back of his mind, he knows that Teridax is right. There is no way out of this situation unless Makuta is forced to leave. Dume can't force him out, and no one else knows what has happened.

Dume is finally living up to his name.

He is doomed.