Authors Note: This is A One Shot- That moment in False Witness... that had tony almost in tears. Small Fan Fic with Avrils song: I Love You. I do not own the characters, the script or the song.

You're so beautiful

" And Yet we have a New Tony who arrives early stays late, turns down advances from beautiful women and has not made a single joke in the past what?..."

But that's not why I love you

"Are you sure?" Tony almost whispers to her looking through the glass to the Observation room.

I'm not sure you know

Ziva Looks at him "Well we're in a middle of a case" he grabs the case folder from Ziva's hand.
"It has not stopped you before" Ziva reminded him.

That the reason I love you,

"Well it's stopping me now. I'm sorry if you're losing sleep over it but I can't be responsible for everyone's feelings!" he explained her being annoyed.

Is you
Being you, just you

"Maybe Instead of having a midlife crisis, I'm having a midlife crazy" he tried telling her his thoughts as he remained looking through the glass.

"Look you are not crazy, ok you are just growing up" Ziva Turns to Tony facing him.

Yea the reason I love you

"And some lessons are more painful as we grow older. When the stakes are higher"

"But you need to find balance and yes, yes yes, you need to treat people more respectively especially when it comes to the matters of the heart. But you need to be who you are"

Is all that we've been through

"Who Am I?" Tony asks Ziva trying to hold the tears back. His Voice almost in a whisper.

"You are Tony DiNozzo, the class clown. And that's why we love you"

And that's why I love you

Tony Looks at Ziva with a smile, Ziva's smiling back Tony trying to keep the tears from falling from his Hazel eyes. Hoping Ziva couldn't see it in the dark room.

There alone they stood, in that one moment alone in the observation room. That one thing Ziva had told her best friend, her partner her secret lover; he read between the lines, he knew what she meant it made him realize he had loved her too.

-Fade to Black-

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