I can be tough I can be strong but with you, it's not like that at all

"Out of everyone in the world that could have found me, it had to be you"

There's a girl who gives a shit. Behind this wall
you just walk through it

"You're Welcome, so you glad to see me?" Tony stares at Ziva. His heart is hurting the condition she was in made him angry, made him want to rush to her, but his arms around her. I mean he would have if he wasn't tied to the chair.

And I remember those entire crazy thing you said

"You should have not come" she shakes her head at him. He looks at her "Alright then, good catching up, I I'll be going now" tries to stand up but sits back down.

His hands burn from the ropes as he takes in the pain. "oh yah I forgot" starts to laugh. "Taken prisoner."

you left them running through my head

" You thought I was dead?" Ziva asked Tony Trying to see his eyes, his emotions but it was hard it was dark.

"Oh Yeah" Tony acknowledges the thought. Nodding thinking about it that was the one thought that scared him the most.

You're always there, you're everywhere

" then why are you here?" she tried asking him. It was a question she was hoping she never had to ask. But sitting in front of him, there he was he wish he wasn't there. She cared for his safety, sometimes she cared more about tony then herself.

Tony tried to dismiss the answer; his heart was saying I love you, Ziva that's why I'm here. But in a instant the truth Serum gave in.

"Couldn't Live without you, I can't" Tony expressed to her, showing his true feelings.

"so you will die with me, you should have left me alone" Ziva told him bluntly

"Okay, tried couldn't" he started moving around uncomfortable.

But right now I wish you were here

even though she was telling Tony lies in that moment, just then to make him believe, she didn't need him. She needed him the most, she knew him the best, and he always had her back, her partner friend. She wished and prayed that she would see them someday, he was there and her wish had came true.