Light was dressed up all in black

Not even black shoes he lacked.

He walked up to L and said:

"Where, I pray, my tie you laid?

My tie, the colour of new blood

That just from a neck did flow!"

L looked up, eyes full of fright –

He did not recognise Light!

"Why would you such colours wear

Colours of hate and despair!

Colours of eternal night,

Please answer my question, Light!"

Light gave L a happy smile

"You idiot, you stupid snail!

Had you quite forgotten

(Blinded by the case you'd gotten)

That tonight is Halloween!

The scariest night that's ever seen!"

And so it was, that on this night

You could see a frightening sight:

Light in black clothes, looking evil

One can not run from the devil!

But L is even scarier still:

Dressed up like a big, black mill!

A/N: Um... lol?