Hello, my name is Amu, and here is my warning of the day:

Always, check under your bed.

Date: October 7th,2012, Time: 2009 Week 4 of the infection

I rushed forward, through the thick woods. The scent of burning flesh and rotting corpses lingered in the air, but I had gotten used to that by now. I felt things scratch my legs, hit my face, but I didn't stop, I couldn't stop. I just needed to go, and get away, before they could get to me. Warm tears rolled my blood red cheeks, my pink hair getting caught in the immense amount of trees. Then, I felt something pull me towards it, and I began to scream, but caught myself, a horde of them would definitely come this way if I didn't stop. I hit a tree trunk hard enough for me to see stars.

"Shhh…" A pair of dark azure told me "They haven't heard us yet, so, we need to get to that gun store on 2nd, kay?" He asked in a serious tone. He let me go, causing me to slide violently down the tree. I held my head in my hands, and sobbed silently, thinking about when this all started. Well, I guess even before this started, I sensed something. A sort of, ominous aura. I felt people changing, getting more primal and dark. The crime rate shot up, and so did the amount of people getting sick.

Date: August 5th, 2012 Time: 2409 Week 1 of the infection

I walked quietly down a hall of my rather small Middle/High school, towards the bathrooms, my pink hair flowing as I went, my honey colored eyes bored. I pushed the door that said "Girls" open and found myself falling backwards, the stench in there was unbearable, so I put my arm up to my mouth and nose, and pushed open the door again. I heard crying coming from one of the stalls, curious, I silently walked forward. I peaked under the first stall, nothing, second, nothing, third, nothing, but as soon as I got closer to the biggest stall, the stench got worse. I couldn't handle it so I silently walked back out to the hall.

"What the hell?" I mumbled between coughs

Date: August 5th, 2012, Time: 1804 Week 1 of the infection

I was staring off into space, and holding hands with my amazing boyfriend, Tadase.

"Amu…" I looked at him, coming out of my daze "you've been acting weird today, what's wrong?"

"Nothing…I just, I could've sworn that there was a girl in the bathroom…and that smell." I crinkled up my nose at the thought of it

"But we asked about it, remember?" He patronized "No one came out of there, so there was no one in there."

"Wait, did anyone else go in?" I asked, swiftly turning, causing the table to jump

"What?" He asked

"Did anyone else go into that bathroom?" I gripped his hand so hard that he pulled away and began to massage it

"I don't know we didn't ask…seriously, are you Okay?" He repeated

"Yeah, it's just bothering me a little, I'll be fine tomorrow." I gave him a reassuring smile

"Okay, I'll trust you," He glanced at his watch "Oh, looks like I need to head home. So, let's walk back." He stood up, left a tip for our vegetarian meal on the Perkins table, and walked over to the counter

I sighed and gazed around the small restaurant, it was pretty empty, the waitress looked ghostly and was coughing up a storm. I had been noticing how sick people were getting lately. Thank God I haven't caught anything, need to keep up on my work. Thinking about needing to do work, I decided to call Yaya, she'd been out for a while.

I picked up my strawberry colored cellphone and swiftly dialed her number.

Ring ring ring

Ring Ri-

"Uhm, hello?" She hoarsely whispered quietly into the phone

"Yaya, it's me, Amu, are you Okay?" I worriedly asked "And why are you whispering?"

"So they can't -cough- hear me talking to someone." I heard her shift on the other line

"Who? Are you in prison or the pentagon or something?" I asked, following suit and whispering too

"No, the doctors, uhm, I ha- cough cough-," she coughed awfully on the phone

"Yaya? Are you seriously sick? Dying?" I was nervous, and wondering who she would hide from, of all the shy people I know, she not exactly one of them.

"No, the doctors, uhm…I'm not crazy, Okay?" She clarified

"What's going on?" I got up from the table and slipped into a stall in the restroom

I listened to her attempt to explain what was going on, and I felt like I was in a horror film.

"WHAT? You've gotta' be fucking kidding me, right? Those aren't REAL! you're pranking me again, right? You CAN'T be serious!" I freaked out

"No no, I am dead serious." Noticing how she used a personal pronoun, and how serious her tone was, I knew something twisted was happening around me that I couldn't explain.

And the sogn you should look up today iiiisss…bum bum bum BUUUUUM, Best Friend by Weezer, look it up and enjoy ;) Also, look up Left For Speed 2 on you tube, seriously, DO IT!