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"I said…don't." He looked up at me and I saw his face covered in five things.

Sweat, water, mud…tears and…someone else's blood, and I had an odd feeling I knew whose it was.

Week 2 of the infection Date: August 12th, 2012 Time: 0613

Me, Ikuto, and Kukai held hands as we gazed at the maimed body.

"Wh…what happened?" I asked Kukai, my voice cracking a lot

He looked down, pain sweeping his face.

"She, uhm, being the insane girl she was decided to spilt up, before I could say no, she ran off, leaving me alone. I ran after her, but when I did get here, she was being attacked by that b-…witch, and she got bit…so I…I…I uhm…" Tears filled his eyes again, and he gripped my hand very tight, before he could spit out what he was going to say we heard a disturbance on the stairs.

"Get ready.." Ikuto warned as he crouched down in front of us, machine gun at the ready.

Kukai wiped his nose then turned and faced the door to the stairs, until we heard a very distinctive voice.

"YEE-" A shrill voice echoed

"Shush Yaya, we're going to get killed because of you…no, no, don't cry." A polite voice cooed

All three of us lifted up our guns AAAND…put them away.

"Uh ah ha." A mumbled voice responded



"Shut up, my God…" An exasperated Nagihiko groaned as he pushed the heavy metal door open

They both just kind of stared at us for a second…making sure we were real, I guess.

"A-Amu?" Nagihiko asked

"Nope, I'm a hologram." I said as seriously as possible

"AMU!" Yaya tackled me to ground

"Nng…hi…get off?" I suggested with a half smile

"Heehee, awesome you're all Okay! So are Nagi and Yaya!" She exclaimed quieter

She looked around at Ikuto, then at Kukai, and immediately her face fell.

"Kukai…are you Okay? What's wrong?" She asked, oddly serious

He didn't say a word, he just moved over, exposing her body.

Yaya gasped and Nagihiko froze.

"U-U-U-U…Utau?" She asked the dead body, she fell hard onto her knees

"N-no…but…h-…" She cried loudly

All of us heard a new disturbance on the stairs, we all, the exception Yaya, flipped around and aimed our guns, Ikuto and Kukai falling on one of their knees in front of me and Nagihiko.

"Just stop complaining…" A male voice hissed

"Hmmph.." A female responded stubbornly

We, again, were fooled thinking it was zombies. The door slowly was pushed open, revealing Kairi giving Rima a piggy back ride.

"Oh my God…" I smiled broadly, happy that we were almost completely reunited.

"Rima!" Nagihiko exclaimed

Rima hopped off of Kairi's probably aching back, and immediately was hugged by Nagihiko

"I'm so glad.." She looked scared and really embarrassed in his embrace ", that you're Okay." He leaned down and gave her a huge kiss on the lips.

We all turned around, trying to give the couple privacy.

"Kairi, where have you been?" I asked, attempting to change the subject

"Almost getting killed…and, Amu, I have something to tell you, you may wa-" He stopped as his eyes fell on the body

"Two down.." He mumbled, tears hitting the floor as he looked at the ground

"Wait..what? Two? Kairi…where's Tadase?" I shakily asked

He looked up at me, tears rushing down his face, then he rushed up to me and drapped his arms around my shoulders

"I tried to save him…but, I couldn't before he got bit…I never…he…he's gone…" He sobbed on my shoulder and we both fell to our knees in sorrow, mourning our losses.


"You say this one had a chara?" The man with a cigar loosely hanging form his lips asked the man on the other end of the line

"Yes, sir. He's not turned yet, but he's bitten." A man responded in a monotone

The man laughed hardily

"Perfect enroll him." The balding older man said into the phone

"In which program sir?" The younger man asked him , grabbing a miniature notepad from his breast pocket

"The Guardian program." He then flipped his phone shut menacingly, and stared out of his window and the wreckage he caused "Aaah," He smiled deviously "life is good…"