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Every Teen's Worst Nightmare

And Promises Kept

Rukia let out a shriek that was half laughter and half protest as Ichigo dumped her lightly on the bed they shared in his apartment. Ten years had passed since the war had ended and they'd been out celebrating with their human friends. It had been part high school reunion, part "We Survived the War," so it wasn't any wonder that some of the Shinigami that they'd come to call friends had tagged along with the violet eyed Kuchiki when she'd come to visit the World of Living.

"What are you doing, baka?" she demanded, trying to sound stern. It didn't phase the daiko one bit. In the years since they'd graduated, Ichigo had become more demonstrative in his affection and now liked to make love to her whenever she was able to come "home."

"What does it look like?" he asked, smirking at her with his trademark expression that spoke of complete confidence with a touch of arrogance thrown in for good measure.

"It looks like you're drunk," she retorted, unable to help the sigh that escaped when he kissed her neck.

"No, Keigo's drunk. I'm just buzzed."

"On two measly cups of sake," Rukia said, poking fun at his seeming inability to hold his liquor. She made a mental note not to let him go anywhere with Matsumoto and her group of drinking buddies. There was no telling what trouble he'd get into if left alone with that group.

"I'm pretty that's not the only alcohol I drank tonight. I think Rangiku-san was conspiring with Mizuiro." The war hero kissed her lightly, teasing her lips with his.

"Baka. You should know by now not to trust those two."

"Yeah, they haven't changed much since I first met them."

"Except for jobs and marriages, no one really has," Rukia agreed. "It was nice getting together with everyone. I miss talking to Orihime and her beau. Chad seems content with traveling the country playing his music and killing the occasional Hollow."

"I can't believe it took Ishida ten years to get up the nerve to ask Inoue to marry him." The archer and healer had announced their engagement at the gathering, both slightly embarrassed.

"Not everyone is as brash and reckless as you," Rukia reminded, putting her arms around a now shirtless Ichigo. At twenty-six he was still as toned as when he'd graduated high school, if not more so. His shoulders had broadened and he kept both his physical body and his spiritual body in shape. While they had enjoyed a long peace, he was determined to remain prepared just in case. "And at least he's in a relationship. I think Asano is going to be alone until he goes to the Soul Society and Kojima is going to be an eternal playboy."

"Sad, but true." Ichigo ran his hands through her hair, liking the shorter cut she'd sported for several years. "Can we stop talking about our friends now? I really want to get back to something a little more private and productive."

"Productive?" she asked, confused.

"Sure, you remember what we talked about the last time you were here."

Rukia blanked temporarily before heat rushed to her cheeks. "Ichigo! We can't get pregnant now! Nii-sama would slaughter you if he found out what you were suggesting." She pointedly ignored the fact that she had been the one to bring up the subject on her last trip to the Living World.

"It's been ten years, Rukia," Ichigo said seriously, lowering his body so that it pressed hers into the bed. "You agreed that we'd have a baby when we were ready," he reminded. "I can't think of a better time than now. My second book was just published and I have a stable income because of that. No one's trying to kill us or take over the universe. Byakuya has even come to accept that we're going to be together forever."

"He still hasn't let us get married," Rukia pointed out. Her brother, as dear to her as he was, was beginning to annoy her on that front. She knew he wanted to make sure Ichigo could take care of her in either world but making them wait until Ichigo had more than a million yen in his bank account had been a little much.

"Come on, Rukia. Our lives, or afterlives, have been peaceful for almost a decade. I want to be able to enjoy your pregnancy, not worry if you're going to get hurt because you have to fight." Sliding to lay beside her, he placed a large hand on her abdomen. Ichigo watched her eyes as she debated within herself. "Look at Tatsuki. She loves being pregnant." That had surprised everyone but the fact that her husband was more like a maid that waited on her hand and foot than a partner was probably the reason.

"You did make a promiseā€¦" Rukia placed one hand over his and sighed. Smiling softly she agreed. "All right, but you're telling Nii-sama."

"Sure, no problem. And I'll even take over your patrols if Ukitake-san sends you out. I'm an author, I have no set schedule."

Grinning suddenly, she tugged gently on his hair so that he would lower his head. "Oh, I'm sure there are plenty of things I can have you do once I am with child."

Looking at mischievous purple orbs, Ichigo had to stop from swallowing. He suddenly realized he had just handed her a whole new reason to order him around. "Within reason, of course," he tried. Ichigo forgot that "reason" and pregnant women didn't always go hand in hand.

"Then fulfill your promise, Kurosaki-kun," she ordered.

"It would be my pleasure," he grinned and set about making what they'd talked about that day a reality.

The time for the Black Sun and the White Moon's family had come.