Hello, everyone. This fan fic is going to totally different from the ones I normally do. Based on a rpg I'm currently in with some friends, this is basically a alternate retelling of the Final Fantasy X game, with the addition of new characters. The white haired man you see in the opening scene is Dean, the rpg is based on him discovering his past, but he belongs to Protecter212/RubyUria. The white skinned man is a half-Ronso character named Daichi and belongs to Bushy-Brow-1992. The narrator of this story is Lukya, Seymour's thirteen year old half-sibling. Since I am going to explore the idea of Seymour having a sibling, you can bet I have at least a dozen story ideas featuring Seymour and Lukya as the main characters.

Music (to help set the mood of each scene):

Opening Scene: To Zanarkand ( www. youtube watch? v= TSWWyCiX6E8)

Family Breakfast: Guadosalam ( www. youtube watch? v= F4d1iaFtVy8)

Lukya's Explaining to Tromell her dream: Out There ( www. youtube watch? v= 7DCALg2levk) (Just pretend Seymour is Frollo in the beginning then the rest of the song Lukya is Quasimodo)

Seymour telling Lukya Jsycal is Dead: My Father's Murderer: ( www. youtube watch? v= RMTWWT006KM)

Watching the Sending: Con Te Partiro (Time to Say Goodbye) ( www. youtube watch? v= Wdx5nGphnA)

Spending Time Together: Melodies of Life ( www. youtube watch? v= NjqhFoCDHDE)

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Story and characters belong to SquareSoft, changes belong to me as does Lukya and Kari, Daichi belongs to Bushy-Brow-1992 and Dean and Kazuhiro are property of Protecter212/RubyUria.


The crimson light of setting sun almost seemed to set everything within its grasp ablaze, though everything was in ruins. There was a small mount which the weapons that we had used on this journey to mark the spot, I looked at the other people who sat around the campfire. My eyes first drifted toward a pale skinned young man sitting on my right, he had light gray fur that lined his face with a small hint of beastly features, and I looked away before he looked at me. Since I was looking in that direction, my eyes caught sight of the two girls farther down. Though one had brown hair and blue eyes and the other had blond hair and green eyes, if you looked closely enough at their eyes, you could immediately tell that they were Al Bhed. I'm sure most people would find it strange for someone like me of my race and status to be traveling with two Al Bhed, but I won't care because they were my friends.

Next to the blond haired girl was an older woman with black hair and wearing a black dress, some of her hair covered her left eye but she was staring into the fire like the rest of us. Beside her was a man with bright red hair that had strands going up, he wore some kind of blitzball player uniform. Next to him with a man with white hair, wearing some unusual clothes, but I didn't let bother me, everyone in the group was unique. Finally my eyes lay upon a young woman in a kimono and a young man in a uniform. The young man stood up and touched the woman's shoulder before heading to the hill to look at the horizon. I stood up and was about to follow, but the man next to me grabbed my hand and looked at me.

I looked back at the man and smiled, placing my other hand around his hand and kneeling down. I leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek, the both of us had red faces when I leaned back, but the man smiled at me and let go of my hand. I walked to the foot of the hill, but the blond haired man and I both looked out at the horizon. A city of ruins waited before us, a city which held hope for the people of Spira. Where many but a few summoners had survived to obtain that hope. Where the endless of death and rebirth always started. Zanarkand, the holy city of the dead. Ahead was our final battle, or so we believed. Please, listen. I am Lukya Maria Guado, daughter of Jsycal, sister of Seymour. This is my story.


On the day my life changed, I had woken up with a strange feeling in my stomach. I also had a weird feeling something was going to happen today, I sat up in my bed and rubbed my eyes when I heard a voice, "Ah, good morning, Lady Lukya." A man with light green hair stood in front of my door, I smiled and replied back, "Morning, Tromell." Tromell was the servant of my family because my father, Jsycal, was Maester and leader of our people, the Guado. "Lord Jsycal and Master Seymour are waiting for you in the dining room." Tromell told me as I got out of my bed. "I shall tell them you are awake." "Very well." I smiled as he left; I went to my dresser and got dressed. I sighed, wondering about the feeling I had and put it aside for the moment. I left for the dining room and entered.

Sitting at the table were two men, an older man with dark blue hair and a younger man with light blue hair. They turned when I entered the room, the light blue haired man smiled and spoke first, "Ah, sister, we were wondering when you would wake up." "Sorry to have worried you and father, brother." I said back, though we called each other brother and sister, my 'brother', Seymour, was in truth my older half-brother, resulted from father's marriage to a human woman to foster friendship between the humans and the Guado. I had been told it didn't work out too well, because Seymour and his mother were exiled to Baaj Temple. But Seymour returned to Guadosalam ten years ago, and became a priest for the temple of Macalania.

"Come and sit, have some breakfast, Lukya." My father said, I nodded and got my place at the table, eating some of the food laid on the table. Once we were done eating, Tromell came in and asked, "Will there be anything else?" "Yes, Tromell, take Lukya out into the Moonflow and watch her train with her bow for a while. I'd like to speak with father for a bit." I looked at Seymour, confused, and sighed, getting up as Tromell said, "Yes, Master Seymour." Seymour and Father got up as well, I went to my room and grabbed my bow, clipping on my quiver of arrows around my waist. I met up with Tromell at the entrance to the Moonflow and we stepped out. I grasped my chest and hoped everything would be alright with Seymour and Father. Once out in the Moonflow, we immediately came across an Ochu.

Quickly, I loaded my bow and fired an arrow at the fiend. It hit, but unfortunately, I didn't know any fire magic to kill it off properly, so I kept using some arrows until it died. "Excellent work, Lady Lukya." Tromell said, I simply nodded and walked to the edge of the north bank. I looked out into the distance, feeling a slight wind, Tromell asked me, "Is something the matter, Lady Lukya?" "I was just wondering if this is going to be my story." I said. "You know I want to see more of Spira, travel with a summoner and protect them from a fiend, or Sinspawn. Travel to the holy city, Zanarkand. Of course, father and brother say I can't unless the summoner I find says it is okay first." "Lady Lukya, the one who can write the way your story goes is you," Tromell said. "No one else can write your story for you. You know that." I nodded and sighed.

I always knew that I was the only one who could write the way my story went, I just felt that I was going to spend my life doing nothing great. I sighed and ventured more into the Moonflow with Tromell, killing more fiends and improving my archery skills. It was late by the time we returned to Guadosalam, I could smell the scent of blood from somewhere and wondered if something had happened. I ran into the manor and found Seymour covered in blood. He stared at me, who was frozen in shock at his appearance. "I am sorry to say, sister, but father is dead. An Al Bhed snuck up on us and attacked, I killed the Al Bhed but only after it killed father." I felt tears fall down my face and ran to Seymour, crying into his chest. He wrapped his arms around me and held me comfortingly.

Afterwards, after Seymour had cleaned himself, he was immediately announced as Maester and leader of the Guado. He decided for his first act that he would publicly send Father to the Farplane, the resting place of the dead. Everyone gathered behind me to watch, holding his staff tightly, Seymour began to dance upon the water of the north bank. Though I didn't want to watch it, I did and found it sad and beautiful. Pryeflies surrounded my brother as he danced; Tromell was beside me and watched. Seymour seemed focused on his task, as a fountain appeared and lifted him into the air. But I looked away and sighed, as the Sending ended. Seymour walked behind me and placed his hand on my shoulder, guiding me back to the manor.

Only a few days after that, we met another Maester, a mysterious young man named Kazuhiro. I never felt such a mysterious presence before and thought I smelled about him. We prepared to leave to Luca to attend the blitzball tournament that was held there every year, but the night before we left, I stepped out into the Moonflow and stared at the flowers in the water. The fireflies flowed above them, making them look like the night sky above. I sighed and stood there for awhile until I heard a noise and pulled out an arrow, when Seymour appeared. I gasped and put my arrow away. He smiled and walked up beside me. "When Tromell said he didn't see you in your bed, I was worried. Is everything alright, sister? Or are you just nervous about tomorrow?"

"I just can't sleep well, Brother…." I said, Seymour understood immediately. "Father's death still troubled you, huh? I see…" I nodded and sighed, it wasn't that I didn't believe Seymour about how Father died, it was just… it felt as though Seymour was hiding something important about Father's death, what though I didn't know. Seymour and I just stood at the edge of the north bank, staring out at the lit flowers. The both of us smiled, remembering doing this before when we were younger with Father.

But when I began to think about Father, I began to cry, Seymour turned to me and wrapped his arms around me, humming both he and Father used to sing to calm me down. After awhile, Seymour yawned, "We better get back to bed. We're leaving for Luca in the morning." "Right….. Uh, brother, just for tonight, may I sleep with you?" I felt ridiculous asking that and knew both Seymour and I were too old for it, but Seymour smiled and took my hand, saying, "Of course, only for tonight."

I smiled and walked with him back into Guadosalam. As Seymour held me into his arms while we laid in his bed, my thoughts slowly drifted away about if Seymour was actually the one responsible for Father's death and I fell asleep, hoping that a new chapter of my story will written.

I did change a bit, in the rpg, Lukya didn't see the sending, Seymour only told her that Jsycal had been killed and he sent him when he told her. But for the story, I thought it would be better for her to see the Sending. Sorry for the prologue being sorry, I'll make up for it by making the other chapters longer. R&R